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Re: LMLU doesn't display in FF 4

Originally Posted by emperorken View Post
I see the latest music updates. However, I cannot log out in FF 4.0. have to go to IE to log out.
Ken, I may get scolded, but I never log out. Saves me so much time popping in and out of the site everyday.

A couple of things to try: as with GR8 you may want to check that flash and java are the newest updates. In a state of being logged out, try deleting the moon site cookies, then your bookmark for the site. Reboot (couldn't hurt). Once you're back. go to the site without using bookmark or favorite, sign-in, then create a new bookmark.

Oh, perhaps try this first, go into the forum on our site while logged in and us the log out feature there rather than on the main page.

Good luck and let me know how it works out.


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