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Re: My Show 2020

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Hi friends

My Show 2020

This is my first step towards composing My 2020 Show.

The following list of tracks has been extracted from

the tracks accumulated during the year in the thread

"Work in Progress..ive 2020" ...

for now it is in alphabetical order of the groups or by the artist

it will later take the form of a playlist for a show the list may undergo

further cuts or some additions before its final form.

the theme song of the show remains that of last year

and to which I am particularly fond of for previous experiences.

*** This is Last Year's Show

My best tracks of 2020

in alphabetical order of the groups or by the artist

Track Title-Group or Artist-Album

Machines And Men-Airbag-A Day at the Beach

Distant Land-Built For The Future-Brave New Word

Salt-Caligula's Horse-Rise Radian

I Have No Idea-Chris Poland -Resistance

Beyond Control-Cody Carpenter-Control

Man Alive-Deep Purple-Whoosh

Temple of Helios-Derek Sherinian-The Phoenix

Spectres and Permanent Apparitions-Different Light-Binary Suns

Echo (feat. Connor Kaminski)-Distant Dream Connor Kaminski-Point of View


Old Worlds And Kingdoms-Too Late In The Day-Fragile-Golden Fragments

Fathers-Frost*-Others - EP

Space Cowboy-Gazpacho-Fireworker

The Dreaming City-Glass Hammer-Dreaming City

Canary Yellow-Haken-Virus

The Great Collapse-Inner Odyssey-The Void

Leap-of-Faith-John Holden-Rise and Fall

Osiris-Juan Ricardo Weiler-Ojo de Horus

The Song The River Sang-Kansas-The Absence of Presence

Hunter-Karfagen-Principles And Theory Of Spektra

Technology Killed the Kids III-Kyros-Celexa Dreams

Vacuo senso-La Maschera Di Cera-S.E.I.

Dreamland-Light-The Miracle Of Life

Zaini Di Elio-Logos-Sadako E Le Mille Gru Di Carta

The Passage-Lunatic Soul-Through Shaded Woods

The Dance Of The Archangels-Marsyas-Emergence

Drifting-Nektar-The Other Side

The Long Journey-Nicola Denti-Egosfera

Endlessness-Nightwish-Human II Nature

Soul And The Sea-Pendragon-Love Over Fear (Disc One)

Pan-Plini-Impulse Voices

Devils and Angels-Psychotic Waltz-The God-Shaped Void

Silent Genesis-Pure Reason Revolution-Eupnea

Solex Agitator-Pymlico-On This Day

Islands-The Flower Kings-Islands

Dark Skies-The John Irvine Band-The Machinery of the Heavens

Lilliput Suite-The Samurai Of Prog-Gulliver

Lie Back & Think of England-The Tangent-Auto Reconnaissance

The Mighty Fallen-Tiger Moth Tales-Still Alive A Visit To Rockfield 2020

Tharmas-Vespero -The Four Zoas

Merry Macabre-Wobbler-Dwellers of the Deep

Eternal Return-Zopp-Zopp

I would like to invite You to enter Your Show

with the best tracks of 2020

participation is always welcome ...

positive things always arise from confrontation

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