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I'm working on a few different scenarios that will hopefully help rectify this distressing situation. One of the possibilities includes swapping Ikea by Night and Driver's Seat or I Am The Sun (part I or II, which ever gets overrequested so much). That way whoever's overrequesting both gets the other.

Yes, I can be a right bastard sometimes.

On a more serious note, I'm getting very close to pulling the entire FK collection. I don't WANT to do this, and I won't be doing it on a permanent basis, but that seems to be the only alternative to the daily Ikea By Night and Driver's Seat showing that we've all been subjected to for the past couple of months. Maybe a month long yank or something like that.

Or maybe just the ones that have been requested repeatedly over the last week or so.

Or maybe songs that are < 2:00 and > 10:00 (or whatever arbitrary limits I decide to set (varying on a number of factors (including bribes (ahem)))).

Gah. I look like a lisp programmer.

Anyway. The short of it is that I'm working on a viable alternative. And rest assured, there's nothing going to be done that doesn't get bounced off of Jim.

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