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Hello perjenson, and welcome to the Moon. You walked right into the line of fire on this one. No one at AM has a problem with TFK. It just that a knucklehead out there, who's probably not a forum reader, constantly requests the long Flower Kings songs daily. For a long time, every day we'd hear "I am the Sun" and two hours later "Devil's Playground," two hours later, "Driver's Seat," two hours later, "Big Puzzle," then "Love Supreme," then "Stardust We Are,".... This was EVERY DAY. To fight back, some members have begun requesting the short ones all the time. See, there's a built-in buffer time so that an individual artist can't play all day. The limit was two hours, which means if a TFK song started at 8, 10, 12, 2, 4, etc. and was on average 20minutes long, well, it's pretty much a TFK marathon. by reqesting short ones, this moved the long ones out.

There's also been request abuse with Transatlantic, but nowhere near as bad as with TFK. Again, there's been abuse of certain songs. "Rome" by Blue Shift has been pulled from the station because some superfan was requesting it twice a day everyday. Currently, Marillion's "Grendel" and The Appleseed Cast's "Blind Man's Arrow" are starting to get that way. The regular chatters and forum-folk ask them to stop, but it's likely the offender(s) aren't forum readers.

Hope that catches you up, and welcome to the Moon! Feel free to request away, just not the above mentioned songs!!!
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