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Re: 2020 Work in Progress..ive

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2020 Work in Progress..ive

Fourth Update for my best tracks of 2020

Track Title-Group or Artist-Album

Birds of Passage (Part 2)-Karfagen-Birds of Passage

Drifting-Nektar-The Other Side

Soul And The Sea-Pendragon-Love Over Fear (Disc One)

The Dance Of The Archangels-Marsyas-Emergence

Spectres and Permanent Apparitions-Different Light-Binary Suns

Creando Vacios-Ekos-Instinto

Lilliput Suite-The Samurai Of Prog-Gulliver

Beyond Control-Cody Carpenter-Control

Dreamland-Light-The Miracle Of Life

Silent Genesis-Pure Reason Revolution-Eupnea

The Long Journey-Nicola Denti-Egosfera

The Great Collapse-Inner Odyssey-The Void

Endlessness-Nightwish-Human II Nature

Devils and Angels-Psychotic Waltz-The God-Shaped Void

The Dreaming City-Glass Hammer-Dreaming City

Eternal Return-Zopp-Zopp

Were They Born Like That-Red Sand -Crush The Seed

I Have No Idea-Chris Poland -Resistance

Tharmas-Vespero -The Four Zoas

Salt-Caligula's Horse-Rise Radian

Leap-of-Faith-John Holden-Rise and Fall

The Song The River Sang-Kansas-The Absence of Presence

Machines And Men-Airbag-A Day at the Beach

Old Worlds And Kingdoms-Too Late In The Day-Fragile-Golden Fragments

Fathers-Frost*-Others - EP


Coming Forth by Day-Fatal Fusion-Dissonant Minds

Vinsta Guldklocka-Gösta Berlings Saga-Konkret Musik

Canary Yellow-Haken-Virus

Twin Flames at Twilight-Justin Minasian David Minasian-The Sound of Dreams

My-dark-reflections-of-life-and-death-Green Carnation-Leaves of Yesteryear

Technology Killed the Kids III-Kyros-Celexa Dreams

Space Cowboy-Gazpacho-Fireworker

Lie Back & Think of England-The Tangent-Auto Reconnaissance

Zaini Di Elio-Logos-Sadako E Le Mille Gru Di Carta

The Mighty Fallen-Tiger Moth Tales-Still Alive A Visit To Rockfield 2020

Vacuo senso-La Maschera Di Cera-S.E.I.

Merry Macabre-Wobbler-Dwellers of the Deep

Temple of Helios-Derek Sherinian-The Phoenix

***all tracks added are present on Aural Moon
except Gazpacho-Green Carnation

Gazpacho - Space Cowboy

Green Carnation - My-dark-reflections-of-life-and-death qM1GED_Bz

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