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Unhappy Intermittency with the 128k stream

Hi everyone,

I've been a patron for about a year and all this time have been an happy listener of the 128k stream. The whole period I've been using a mobile broadband connection which is supposed to provide me with 256 kB/s downloads. Though mobile, I always connect within the same geographic area, between home and work.

Lately it has became progressively harder to listen to the 128k stream, it goes often intermittent with 10 seconds of music and 3/4 seconds of silence while the media player buffers. During the last few days this intermittency has become permanent.

Watching the system monitor with no other programs connected to the internet, the network usage graph oscillates between 4 kB/s and 20 kB/s. I went checking at my connection speed and got these results:

Download: 1.34 Mb/s
Upload: 0.32 Mb/s

While not spectacular, this figures should be more than enough for the 128k stream.

Any ideas on what can I do further to solve this? Any changes to the Moon lately that may have caused this?

Thank you.
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