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Re: Amin Bhatia

Originally posted by prythm
I'm a big fan of Amin Bhatia's 'Interstellar Suite'.

Great to see it on AM. I believe the album is one of the best examples of analog synthesizer music. It proves that moving orchestral music can be achieved using synthesizers. It proves that to be effective the sounds don't have to be accurate representations (sampled) of real instruments. It proves that analog synthesizers are instruments in themselves and can't be replaced with sampled and digital generators (And I've used the most recent 24bit digital analog emulators and know it doesn't compare).

Anyways thanks for adding it to the request library. Are there any other fans?
I'll give it a listen, pry. I'm a fan of Analog Synth anyway, so I'll give it a rip, so to speak.

Thanks for the pointer!

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