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this weeks playlist (mp3 player)

klaus schultz – Moondawn
Porcupine tree - Prodical
flower kings - Too Late for Tomatoes
spaced out - Magnetzy me Live
tortoise -Crest
tortoise - Lithium Stiffs
Porcupine tree - 3
genesis - Afterglow, Ripples (live version)
moody blues - story in your eyes
flower kings - Devils Playground, lamb lies down on broadway
Cafeďne - hubble
Univers Zero - Dense
bowie - Changes ( thought i'd not have him in here?)
Yes - Siberian Kitaru
Porcupine Tree - Waiting (live), Blackest Eyes
Passport - Eternal Spiral
Phil Manzanera - Diamondhead pt 1 (tommy's show extended play)
Surface of Eceyon - Victory of ice and Magyk
Chris Squire - Hold out your hand, Safe
Yes - We have heaven, Southside of the Sky
Izz - I move
Mahavishnu - Gita
Spock's beard - the great nothing
King Crimson - I talk to the wind

so this carries me to and from work about a 1.5 hour trip each way... and i'll keep it for a week or then change...DAnG! didn't realize it was that long...

oh yeah...and everybody's favorite
GYBE! - The Buildings They are Sleeping, Moya


got new stuff but not loaded on my limited 6G player...need more room got a whole Graaf fest i'm yearnin to hear...let you know what that one looks like soon.
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