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June Poll!

Time for another Moonster vote for DRH Album Feature. The options this time are diverse.

U2 - The Joshua Tree
"Progressive" in the sense that nothing had sounded like it before, except maybe bits of U2's earlier work, this album is phenomenal from the first note to the last, regardless of genre.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly, John Coltrane, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, Bill Evans, and Wynton Kelly combine to create what is widely regarded as the single greatest jazz album of all time. Duane Allman said there was a two year span where it was the only thing he listened too, and that's how he learned to solo.

Radiohead - OK Computer
The masterpiece of 1997, unquestionably. This is where Radiohead truly morphed from grungy alt-rockers into the most progressive non-prog band, into true artists breaking new ground with a vengeance.

Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends
Old friends sat on their park bench like bookends. A newspaper blown through the grass falls on the round toes of the high shoes of the old friends. Old friends, winter companions, the old men, lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sunset. The sounds of the city sifting through trees settle like dust on the shoulders of the old friends. Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly? How terribly strange to be seventy.
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