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Re: June Poll!

Originally Posted by Mike413 View Post
I own kind of blue but actually have not listened to it yet.

Ok computer is in my opinion rather over rated. There are a few great tracks but several that don't do much for me. It would have made a great ep.

I'm not familiar with that S&G album so that would be cool to hear.
Oh, wow, you have to listen to Kind of Blue. If the first time you hear it is on DRH, that'd be cool. It's currently winning.

Oh, wow, I couldn't disagree with you more on OK Computer. There's not a bad note on that album - eleven masterpieces (and one throwaway noise track, analogous to Revolution 9 on The White Album).

Oh, wow, Bookends is the best S&G album.

Eventually, I'll end up playing all four of these, of course.

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