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Originally Posted by sharcnorris
What do you think of the new....Fill in the blank
What can't you stop playing?
What disc has held your interest for awhile?
Which Tracks knock you out?
And of course, What new CD's disappoint, good at first then forgotten later, and finally, what discs are just bad
So enter often! Tell us What you think updated for the years to come
The new Opeth "Ghost Reveries" is stunning. It has a point in most tunes (all but one vocal track, one or two others are instrumental) where they growl, but it's not that prevalent. They finally found the balance. Once I get the new Salem Hill and the Djam Karet I may revise this.

I have a ton of discs like that. My problem recently is that when my show airs I'm usually present. So I hear the songs twice, and they're in my head all week.

I have certain CD's, like XTC's "Oranges & Lemons", Dada's records, "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" that always hold my interest. Good power pop never gets old to me....

Most "prog metal" is ok at first then I lose interest. I like my metal more simple and straightforward.

Michael Sadler's "Clear" is a real dog!
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