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Deadwing is very good, the 5.1 version rattles the senses with all out audio assaults from all sides, Not as hooked as I was with In Absentia but I like the Visceral feel it gives

the new JOHN WETTON W/ G. DOWNES Icon.Not arty like Crimso, not as simple as ASIA. Tidy tunes with A powerful voice and primo harmonies, Nice duet ends it with Annie Haslum. Great Choirboy Rock

Isle of Eight by COLIN MASSON,I was turned on to this recording by Mossy and find it enchanting. Mild bass and drums, this is Oldfieldish in tone and hark ens Mikes early day in a bright , New Aggy way about it

I'm still have KINO and GLASS HAMMER in Heavy rotation(Shadowlands & Lex Rex) I haven't opened the new one yet, I like to savior a Disc for a while before I start the next one

Finally I always have a quiet, New Age recording at hand to play while reading or taking NAPS! Atlantis by DAVID ARKINSTONE is a fantastic instrumental journey that has both wonder and peace. I highly recommend this New Recording

Keep Posting when you get New Tunes!!

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