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Tunes from the Gnome Home at the mo:
Jaga Jazzist - "A Livingroom Hush" - Love the jazzy,funky prog combinations.
Hatfield & the North - "Hatwise Choice" - To have another Hatfield album after all these years, especially one so excellent and thoughtfully put together from archive material, is just a joy.
Porcupine Tree - "Deadwing" - The 5.1 surround is excellent, though like sharc I'm not as hooked as with In Absentia. Favorite track is definately "Arriving Somewhere (But not Here)". I think PT's vocal harmonisations are in a class of there own.
Steely Dan - Any album - 'tis a medical necessity in order to see the week through.
Grandaddy - Excerpts from the diary of Tod Zilla - the latest offering from these spaced Californian guys. Great songs - touching and funny.
Also the new singles from Kate Bush and Franz Ferdinand.
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