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Re: Script-Kiddies, CitiBank and other over the top bs.

Originally Posted by jtmckinley View Post
Hey VAX, sorry to hear of all the shite you're dealing with due to these pinheads. Have you made a complaint to the feds yet? Not that I'd expect much action from them, but what the hell many of us are US tax payers, they work for us, this is clearly harassment, fraud, extortion, cyber-terrorism and prolly 20 other violations. Wait, that's the ticket, call it terrorism that might elicit some action right? No? Oh well. Anyway, if you haven't, I'd report it, just in the off chance that they might be caught and one or more of them would find a new 7 ft. tall boyfriend in some penitentiary. Stranger things have happened...
You forget, I once worked under contract to the DoD in an R&D lab. The only people around me with an IQ were under contract. There's good reason they're called simple-servants.

I have no faith in my gov't... not anymore and even less with the $787B/bbl snake oil spending spree they've gone on. To add insult to the injury, you have attorneys prosecuting and defending people for cyber-crimes and they themselves don't know how to use a computer. The stench of gov't hipocricy and stupidity fills the air like a newly manure fecundated field.
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