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Re: YES. The straight dope

Originally Posted by Thor View Post
That Dennis DeYoung guy really annoys me not only with his playing, but his remarks about his peers in the music industry. He outright called Rick Wakeman a poor excuse of a keyboardist in an Rolling Stone Mag. interview once for example. what an ass.
Yeah, he's a tool, and the rest of the band kicked him out. They've got a sound-a-like for him and he's the most dead-on sound-a-like I've ever heard. Benoit David is not Jon Anderson. Steve Augeri and Arnel Pineda are not Steve Perry. But this dude, whatever his name is (too lazy to check wikipedia) is a superb improvement over DeYoung.

But yeah, they kicked him out. It was his braindead idea to do plays between songs. Note that the band, now without him, refuses to play Babe and Roboto. They kicked his butt to the curb because he was more egotistical, self-absorbed, delusional, and domineering than Roger Waters ever even dreamed of being. Roger would have told him to tone it down.

Don't hold it against the current Styx. They've having more fun playing now than ever. I mean there was literal joy in the whole show. They were having a blast playing.
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