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"Sucking Wind" nominees

So, someone posted in shout that "SAM has been sucking big wind lately" - and I kinda smiled. While I certainly prefer positive feedback, even I hear something here at times and wonder what I was thinking when I added it

So, post here with any artist/album/song you thought was horrible. Multiple posts are allowed. I may remove a song, an album, an artist, part of an artist's catalog, or not. Telling why it was horrible may be helpful, but not required.

I can save you some energy by saying I am aware of the following artists that are repeat complaint generators - I may or may not remove any or all of the following artists, but none of these are a "blind spot":

Godspeed You Black Emperor; Tarentel; Don Caballero; Magma; Peter Hammill (and I'll edit this post if I think of any more.)

fire when ready!

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