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Re: History of Aural Moon (Part 1)

Hey, we already have 1 "wild K" around here!

Wow, It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since the party!
Anyone want to play "Name that tune" for CDs ? LOL!

I can say i've been a fixture since before Dot joined...!
Rick, Keithie and i all joined around the same time.
I'm just not nearly as verbose

I have to say, it totally made my day (month, year) when
you added my stuff to the playlist. I listen back now and cringe.
Everything's improved, the equipment, the experience level...
the players...big announcement coming soon regarding
the new project, "Future Kitchens of America".

I'll be playing "mad scientist" primarily on this one, staying out
of the way of some incredible players, including a first chair violinist
from the Catalonian Philharmonic...!

('told you it was big!)

at SongPlanet
available at itunes, toweronline, bestbuyonline,
sony direct, rhapsody, loudeye...
IOMA award winner "best producer"2004
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