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Re: History of Aural Moon (Part 1)

Davin, I think it's quite cool that you were a user of the Rev's MP3 service. I haven't seen that mentioned in years. I sent him quite a bit of stuff for it back in 1999. I didn't have much dedicated web space at the time so I'm pretty sure I burned and mailed him a CDR. At one point he got concerned about the legality of it (I always considered it "radio"-like what being one song per band, which is why I sent him stuff in the first place) and he took a lot of it down.

I joined Aural Moon in early 2003. Of the current shows I think only Gags predated me. I spent a lot of time ripping stuff from vinyl to MP3; a single two hour show could have as much as 15 hours of prep work. That's the main reason I've had difficulty keeping it going unfortunately, but I would like to improve my attendance over the next few months so I can hit the 5 year anniversary with some momentum.

Someone get me a ladder.
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