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Re: History of Aural Moon (Part 1) -- The View from Dr. Dot

A VERY interesting thread. I'm glad it was asked. This place as a rich history that I managed to glom on to the first time I spotted it.

I stumbled upon Aural Moon in mid 2001, but didn't really become involved with the community until 2003, right as CNN was 'right-sizing', and I DESPERATELY needed something to keep my mind occupied. I initially started as a listener, along with being the occasional shoutbox poster. I was in the Chat box when Avian and ProgDirJim were talking. It became obvious to me that another set of hands was necessary to help things along. I wasn't in the best of places financially, but one thing I *COULD* do was offer up my 1337 teqnikl $k1llz up as needed. Davin gave me a brief tour of the station (as it were), and showed me some of the intricacies involved with SAM the Elder (including the evil CPU munching bug that nearly drove me to drink). Library cleanup was necessary, and work needed to be done. Avian showed a lot of faith in what was essentially a stranger offering to take care of his Baby(TM). I like to think that his trust was in no way misplaced.

Anyway, I took on the job of making sure that the new music was installed, that it played right, sounded good, and played well with the web page. Then I graduated to general tech support for the user base, assisting people in doing what they wished without bringing the system down, etc.

As time went on, and I took on a graveyard shift job, I was able to do a lot of the after hours work. But such blessings(?) rarely last (fortunately or unfortunately will be left as an exercize to the reader). I knew I was gonna need a hand, and I knew where to find it. We'd been trading various anti Microsoft barbs, and I, being a geek through and through, am always looking for better ways of operating computers (VMS being one of them).

The rest, as they say, is history.

I've enjoyed most of the time I've spent around these hallowed rooms. There are definitely exception, but those are VERY few and widely disbursed.

Avian's managed to pull together one hell of a team here.

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