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Re: History of Aural Moon (Part 1)

2002, broken leg, bicycling race, and I remember those days after surgery, boring, I found AM in was a big surprise to listen music that I was listening for years but bigger than that it was found new music., new musicians.
Never visited AM site until 3 or 4 years after that, main reason maybe I could see what is on air through iTunes window. Can 't believe, almost ten years ago.
Still I asking myself why did it take me too long to visit the site. Just late 2006 I started to follow it, news and more music..with a small notebook, still it is, and looking at shyly those nicknames talking. Early 2007 I guess I had my kind of prog baptism with my nickname and first hello in speakeasy.
Phenomenal project, addictive, great music, great people, friends, life is better, richest here. Thank you so much.
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