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Re: 2020 Work in Progress..ive

I like to point out 2 things about my fifth update

the vitality of deep purple despite over 50 years of activity
with 3 elements of initial training
Roger Glover Ian Paice and Ian Gillan and
2 elements included Steve Morse and Don Airey
which I think contributed to this lively but not too much less hard sound

I had appreciated their new musical direction in the previous 2 albums
and I like to highlight them to those who have not listened
to them for many years

Ring Van Möbius - The Seven Movements of the Third Majesty

a 3-player formation, it has characteristics and tools very similar to the legendary EL&P

- Thor Erik Helgesen / Hammond L100, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet D6, Moog Satellite, tubular bells, theremin

- Håvard Rasmussen / bass, effects

- Dag Olav Husås / drums, timpani, percussion, effects

I had listened to their first album very shouted with interesting ideas
but not the height of this second album which seems like a real change of pace

In the longest piece selected by me there are many notes
that bring us back to keith emerson some very similar if not the same
and others in his style….

For someone like me who considers himself an orphan of keith emerson
to hear something that goes in that direction and a good omen….

I hope that on the next album it will continue with these classic 70's Synphonic Prog sounds….
Maybe with a few less screams
and a lot of good music they are capable of

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