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2021 Work in Progress..ive

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Hi friends

2021 Work in Progress..ive

The best tracks in 2021 as the new albums come out

only one track per group or artist ...

which can change over the 12 months and which can also

be replaced from better tracks than other artists

at the end of the year it will be easier to create

your own favorite playlist

participation is welcome ...

positive things always arise from confrontation

...... here is a selection of some album releases

that we will be able to listen to in the first period of 2021

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Geof Whitely Project "Luna Ad Insanian Convertant"
(Progressive Rock)


1. When the Moving Finger Writes (6:32)
2. Secret Messages (4:56)
3. Digital Dream (7:12)
4. Outside the Line (4:42)
5. Frozen Innocence (5:42)
6. Awaken (5:34)
7. Necromancer (6:55)
8. Not Enough Time (5:48)
9. Don't Make Waves (6:43)
10. Dream Theater (10:46)

Total Time 64:50

Arny Wheatley

Like Wendy "The Fisher"
(Progressive Rock)


1. The Fisher (Part I) (15:40)
2. Stormbound (3:07)
3. The Cross (9:53)
4. The Fisher (Part II) (14:10)
5. Brand New (2:17)

Total Time 45:07

Bert Heinen

Steven Wilson "The Future Bites"
(Progressive Rock/Pop)


1. Unself
2. Self
3. King ghost
4. 12 things i forgot
5. Eminent sleaze
6. Personal shopper
7. Man of the people
8. Follower
9. Anyone but me

Steven Wilson
Other performers are unknown at the moment

Needlepoint "Walking Up That Valley"
(Retro Prog, Canterbury, Jazz-Rock, Fusion)


01. Rules Of A Mad Man
02. I Offered You The Moon
03. Web Of Worry
04. So Far Away
05. Where The Ocean Meets The Sky
06. Carry Me Away
07. Another Day
08. Walking Up That Valley

Bjørn Klakegg : lead vocals, guitars, violin, flute, cello
David Wallumrød : hammond organ, clavinet, fender rhodes, harpsichord, upright piano, prophet-5, arp odyssey, arp solus, minimoog
Nikolai Hængsle : electric bass, backing vocals, guitars on Rules of a mad man and So far away
Olaf Olsen : drums
Erik Nylander : percussion
The Carry Me Away choir: Indra Lorentzen, Camilla Brun, Maria Vatne, David, Nikolai, and Bjørn

Asia Minor "Points Of Libration"
(Progressive Rock)


1.Deadline of a lifetime
2.In the Mist
3.Crossing in Between
5.The Twiste
6.Melancholia's Kingdom
7.Urban Silk
8.Radyo Hatırası

Setrak Bakirel - vocals & guitar
Eril Tekeli - flute & guitar
Evelyne Kandel - bass
Micha Rousseau - keyboards
Julien Tekeyan – drums

Lucas Lee "Síndrome de Estocolmo"
(Instrumental Progressive Rock)


1. The Final Insurgence
2. Power Trip Career Aspirations
3. Talking Points
4. Dangerous Game of Escalations (Justice Injustice pt. 2)
5. Where is the One
6. Hollowing Defeat
7. Inevitable Union of Contentious Factions
8. Stockholm Syndrome Symptoms

Lucas Lee - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Voice over (1), Choir (1, 8)
Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally)-Drums
Jordan Reynolds - Voice over (4)
Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) - “Cymbow” (end of track 8)

Eyesberg "Claustrophobia"
(Progressive Rock)


1. Claustrophobia (11:01)
2. Strange Boy (5:00)
3. Walking In Storms (9:35)
4. Salamander Tree (3:10)
5. Sacrifice (6:31)
6. We Want You Out! (3:43)
7. Into The Asylum (6:27)
8. Final Ride (3:21)

Georg Alfter: guitar, bass
Norbert Podien: keyboards, additional drum programming
Malcolm Shuttleworth: vocals
Jimmy Keegan (Spock's Beard, Pattern Seeking Animals): drums, percussion
Emma Edingloh: backing vocals

Transatlantic "The Absolute Universe"
(Progressive Rock)


The Breath of Life (Abridged version)
1. Overture (5:53)
2. Reaching For The Sky (5:40)
3. Higher Than The Morning (4:32)
4. The Darkness In The Light (5:43)
5. Take Now My Soul (3:31)
6. Looking For The Light (4:04)
7. Love Made A Way (Prelude) (2:13)
8. Owl Howl (5:26)
9. Solitude (4:24)
10. Belong (2:22)
11. Can You Feel It (3:17)
12. Looking For The Light (Reprise) (4:57)
13. The Greatest Story Never Ends (2:57)
14. Love Made A Way (9:02)

Total Time 64:01

Forevermore (Extended Version)
1. Overture (8:11)
2. Heart Like A Whirlwind (5:11)
3. Higher Than The Morning (5:29)
4. The Darkness In The Light (5:43)
5. Swing High, Swing Low (3:48)
6. Bully (2:11)
7. Rainbow Sky (3:19)
8. Looking For The Light (3:59)
9. The World We Used To Know (9:21)

Total CD1 Time 47:12

1. The Sun Comes Up Today (5:38)
2. Love Made A Way (Prelude) (1:25)
3. Owl Howl (7:05)
4. Solitude (5:41)
5. Belong (2:49)
6. Lonesome Rebel (2:53)
7. Looking For The Light (Reprise) (5:12)
8. The Greatest Story Never Ends (4:17)
9. Love Made A Way (8:02)

Total CD2 Time 43:02

The Absolute Universe: The Ultimate Edition -
contains all tracks from The Breath of Life (Abridged version)
and Forevermore (Extended Version)

Mike Portnoy
Neal Morse
Roine Stolt
Pete Trewavas

Illuminae "Dark Horizons"
(Progressive Rock)


The Lighthouse
Blood on Your Hands
Edge of Darkness
Heretics and Prophecy
Black Angel
Sign of Infinity
Dark Horizons

Ian Jones (Karnataka, Chasing The Monsoon): bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, string arrangements
Agnieszka Swita (Caamora): vocals
Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson): drums
Luke Machin: guitars
Steve Hackett (Genesis)
John Helliwell (Supertramp)
Troy Donockley (Nightwish)
Gonzalo Carrera (Karnataka)

Mahogany Frog "In The Electric Universe"
(Psychedelic, Electronica, Fusion)


1. Theme From P.D.
2. Psychic Police Force
3. Floral Flotilla (Sail to Me My Love in Your...)
4. CUbe
5. Octavio (Including: The Ascension of the Moonrise Children)
6. (((Sundog)))

Graham Epp: Guitar & Keyboards
Jesse Warkentin: Guitar & Keyboards
Scott A. Raizenne Ellenberger: Bass Guitar & Synthesizers
Andy Rudolph: Drums, Synthesizers, Sampling

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