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Re: 2021 Work in Progress..ive


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I live permanently in my ProgLand, I feel great and sometimes I like to make some visits to the border where I always find Dream Theater very happy or go to more distant lands such as electronic music or go to the territory of great jazzrock-fusion instrumentalists. ... today I chose to breathe the sound of this band that is classified as progressive metal but in many songs definitely metal but always very far from the metal of only noise of many groups ...

The Dream Theater were born in 1985 from the meeting of JOHN PETRUCCI , JOHN MYUNG
and MIKE PORTNOY who attended the same prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston

Taking into account only the current components

in 1991 he joins the group JAMES LABRIE who responds to an announcement from the DT who were looking for a singer and finds himself in a club with 200 other aspirants and wins the challenge that has consecrated him a decisive component of the group's success, very generous in performances live just to make comparisons with the due differences what Robert Plant and Ian Gillan were for Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple

in 1999 he joined the group JORDAN RUDESS which certainly contributes to adding a more prog and less metal sound and this thanks to his admission of being influenced by artists such as Keith Emerson, Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman and Patrick Moraz and having among the his favorite bands Gentle Giant, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Autechre, and Aphex Twin ... also very interested in any new devilry applicable to his keyboards in order to always generate new sounds.

2 Videos to learn more about the thousand facets of Jordan Rudess
a guarantee why the sound of the DT does not turn towards only metal sound

in 2011 MIKE MANGINI last joined the band to replace Mike Portnoy's exit
it's been 10 years now that the line-up hasn't changed and not only do I think it's the best ... but I also hope this remains

returning to MIKE MANGINI I think JAMES LABRIE suggested his entry, who had him in his 3 albums only but apart from this possible recommendation, the biography of this drummer speaks of a child who at the age of 2 and a half was already having fun with a drums and at 9 he trained from 2 to 4 hours a day and then joined the DT with a 360 degree drum set, seeing him live in his percussion cage is a show.

I am pleased to read many positive comments that recognize its value in the following video in which MIKE is training to face the World Tour and he does it with a reduced battery in the same configuration as the recording of the album but uses the base of the excellent ALIEN sent at a speed of 10% higher than the original this to find everything easier in live performances

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And here we are finally at this umpteenth Dream Theater album with 2 excellent tracks inside, the first opens the album .. "Alien" and the last "A View from the Top of the World" both very suitable to open their next show on the world tour that are about to start in February 2022 ... both tracks have a long instrumental introduction with a strong impact that when it returns to the initial chorus opens the scene at the entrance of LaBrie ... we will see which song they choose to open the concert

Taking a step back I like to insert the genesis of this album
as told by the DT themselves

From their Official Site
__________________________________________________ ____________
Dream Theater – comprised of James LaBrie, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, John Myung and Mike Mangini - was in the middle of a sold-out world tour in support of their last release Distance Over Time and the 20th anniversary of Scenes From A Memory when a Global Pandemic brought the world to a stop. The musicians found themselves at home with LaBrie in Canada and the rest of the group in the States. As fate would have it, they’d just finished construction on DTHQ (Dream Theater Headquarters) —a combination live recording studio, rehearsal space, control room, equipment storage, and creative hive. With LaBrie in Canada, he initially wrote with the band via ZOOM on a monitor in DTHQ. In March 2021, he flew down to New York, quarantined, and recorded his vocals face-to-face with Petrucci. The album ultimately threaded together lean and uncompromising hooks with tried-and-true technical proficiency.
“We just love to play our instruments,” observes Petrucci. “That never goes away. I love to be creative, write, and exercise that part of my mind. We’ve been able to do this for a long time, and we don’t take it for granted. Whenever we get together, we know we can’t disappoint ourselves or our fans, so we manage to try even harder.”

“We approach every album like it’s our first,” adds LaBrie. “It’s been such a great ride, but we’re not going to stop.”
__________________________________________________ ____________

I have chosen for my best tracks of 2021 "A View from the Top of the World" a suite consisting of 3 parts
i. The Crowning Glory
ii. Rapture of the Deep
iii. The Driving Force
which takes place with many variations of rhythm for a duration of over 20 minutes…. The long tracks of the DT are the ones that I like the most and are those in which they manage to enhance the qualities of all the members of the group and where it is also easier to identify them as a progressive metal

Long live Dream Theater

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Hi friends

2021 Work in Progress..ive

These are my best tracks of 2021

Track Title-Group or Artist-Album

The Pilgrim Suite -Andrew Stone-The Pilgrim

Discworld - Projector - Glass Kites -Glass Kites II

The Trial of the King - Chromatic Aberration -The Trial of the King

4Th Dimension - ProAge-Wymiar


Rainy Sunday-Maxxess-Reactivate

Colorbox-Raven Sad-The Leaf And The Wing

Bit By Bit-Syrinx Call-Mirrorneuron

Power Trip Career Aspirations-Lucas Lee -Sindrome De Estocolmo

The Darkness in the Light-Transatlantic-The Absolute Universe: Forevermore

Soul_Of_Hundred_Lives-Inner Prospekt-Canvas Two

Flare_2-Richard_Barbieri-Under a Spell

Cosmic Krautrock-Stephan Thelen-Fractal Guitar 2

Rite_Of_Accession-Elephant9-Arrival Of The New Elders

In Discipline And With Love-Kerrs Pink-Presence Of Life

Marcha_De_Sonidos_Parte_2-Black Expression-Regreso A Casa


Alice_Krige_Parts_1_and_2-Heard Of Istinct-Unravel



Sailing_To_Byzantium-Nad Sylvan-Spiritus Mundi

Halo_Drive-Corrado Rustici -Interfulgent

Tiresias-Noisy Diners-The Princess of the Allen Key

Alice-The Mad Lab-Design of Experiments

The Real History Of Tom Wheel, Pt. 1 (The Curse)
-Fabricio Pipini(feat.Platinum)-Phantasicah (A Dreamer's Tale)

Walk_Away-Bernardo Lanzetti-Horizontal Rain

Broken Windows-Zygon-Earth And Sky

The Ascent-The Emerald Down-To Touch The Sky

Connecting_The_Dots-Confusion Field -Disconnection Complete

Day_And_Age-Frost* -Day And Age

Haunted_House-Joe_Bailey -Ghosts

Winter-Resistor -The 5th Season

Book Of Coming Forth By Day-Blacksmith Tales-The Dark Presence

Iron John-The Samurai Of Prog -The Lady And The Lion And Other Grimm Tales

Go Viral-Sylvan-One to Zero

Room 101-Karmamoi-Room 101

Hidden Land-Daniel Eliseev Project -Lost Humanity

Apollo-Big Big Train - Common Ground

Dissolution-Smalltape -THE HUNGRY HEART

Dark World-Metamorphosis-I'm Not A Hero

White Ghosts-Alessandro Corvaglia-Out Of The Gate

Beyond the Years-The Neal Morse Band -Innocence & Danger

Shanghai_to_Samarkand-Steve Hackett -Surrender Of Silence

The_Cashectomy-Benjamin Croft -Far And Distant Things

Red-The Watch-The Art of Bleeding

In Disequilibrium, part 3-Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill-In Disequilibrium

Megalopolitana-Monarch Trail -Wither Down



A View From The Top Of The World-Dream Theater- A View From The Top Of The World

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The 2022 World Tour Dates

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Here also the prices for the concerts with conspicuous differences
between them most likely in relation to the seats available

.... here the youtube version of the track

A View From The Top Of The World-Dream Theater


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