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No Plagious…. Definitive



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Hi friends

a few weeks ago I read this news and I wanted to listen
to Spirit's Taurus for the first time to see if they had
actually copied Stairway to Heaven…. I have to say
that apart from a few notes in the initial part and
a few notes within the song I can't understand why
it took 5 years to establish that Stairway to Heaven
is not plagiarism

The American Ninth Court of Appeals closed the lawsuit
started by journalist Michael Skidmore and the heirs
of Spirit singer Randy Wolfe in 2014 for plagiarism
against Led Zeppelin for their song Stairway to Heaven.
The judges ruled that the led zeppelins did not copy
the Taurus song brought to success by the Spirit in 1968,
that is, two years before the Led Zeppelin song was published.

Here a video of comparison between the two songs

And the 2 songs by Spirit and Led Zeppelin

Spirit - Taurus

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven


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