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My friends play Supertramp

Some of you may have seen my comment last weekend about going to see
my friend's band play. They performed Supertramp's Crime Of The Century
album plus more of their hits. I have known the guitar player Craig since I
was 5 years old (so almost 57 years!), Ted the drummer since high school
and Guy the singer for at least 10 years. Craig and Ted have been playing
together since high school. Guy's older brother actually worked with my
older brother in a record shop way back when.

In my opinion I think they play it really well! The other members of the
band are relatively new. Their previous horn player was a music scholar but
unfortunately moved away, this guy not so much. I'm not winning
any cinematographer awards here, I had one arm braced against a wall and
the bass was shaking it pretty good.

Here's a couple of tracks if you're interested:

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