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24 February 1975-2020

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Today it is 45 years since "Physical Graffiti"

was published on February 24, 1975

it is the first Led Zeppelin album to be released for their new record label, the Swan Song.

"Physical Graffiti" has sold eight million copies in the United States,

It is also Robert Plant's favorite Led Zeppelin album

This album contained songs that had been excluded

from the previous 3 albums and some new recordings

It remained in the top positions of the British and American charts for a long time and they brought

the group's reputation to the highest level so as to bring all 5 previous albums back to the charts ...

Below, in my opinion, some of the best songs on the album

Custurd Pie go

In The Light go

Kashmir go

Bron Yr Aur go

Ten Years Gone


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