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Smile Re: Tales from Topographic Oceans.

Originally Posted by progdirjim
Argh! What is it about Awaken? That is easily the worst "epic" Yes has ever put out. Argh!!!!!!

Boring, boring, boring. Put that and "Echoes" together, and you've got enough material for a good 5 minute song...

i really love Awaken like many ones in here. The fact that Rick Wakeman said he doesn't like this album would somewhere mean that he loves it. He is a 70s artist. It's just like an improvisational album and he doesn't like it to be shown as an album i guess. That's why he always try to add many stuffs each time he plays one of the 4 songs.
this album is a prog rock fight among many prog rock listeners and critics. Some are adoring it as i do, some hate it. we're all Rick_Wakemen...
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