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Re: West Coast Concerts

Originally Posted by nadina View Post
Are you in San Jose Enoch? I'm in Sacramento and have managed to see a number of shows. I did travel to NEARfest last summer, but as VAX mentioned there is also CalProg.

I've also been to Sunnyvale to The Quarter Note to see a couple of bands there (Headshear, Fractal, Hazerfan) several times. The Great American Music Hall in SF has some good shows. We had a mini Moonie get-together for the Los Trios Marillios show and Blackfield is playing there in March. Porcupine Tree played in SF in October and that same week, we went to Roger Waters show at the Shoreline in Mountain View.

So, the shows are out there!

Yes, I'm sorry to have missed Waters. Hadn't heard of the Porcupine Tree show! Uhgg! (pulls hair out). But no, I'm actually north of San Jose in Martinez, so I'm within reach of the entire Bay Area. I guess I should look around better. My main thing is just that, when I go to some bands website, it always seems to display tour dates in Bridgeport, Providence, Cambridge, yada yada yada....
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