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Old 10-03-2008, 02:29 PM
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Cool SEFest 2008 Yorkshire Viewpoint

Summers End Festival 2008 - The Directors Cut

Welcome to Lydney was the start of the weekend. After a 5 hour drive we headed into some great countryside in the forest of Deane and finally found Lydney. I was led to believe that the hotel we were staying at was only 150 yards from the event but they must have been taking the p**s since it was at least 2 miles and as KeithieW and a walking wounded RM indicated far too bloody far!
Our first port of call once booked in the local pub for some great beer, Flowers on draft is a delight but we did not have the confidence to order the local brew of Butcombe until much later!!! I think two blokes in a pub would be very brave to order such suspicious titled ale!
After a decent stroll to the venue we noticed a hive of activity going on in this very rural, sheep shagging part of the country. We were spoilt for choice, we could either go to see the famous farmers delight ‘wurzels’ in concert singing their famous No.1 singles “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester” and “I am a cider drinker”, try out the following utube link for a rare treat! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kAh_A7...eature=related
We could have alternatively visited the annual model railway show or even a glam rock event that was meant to be on, but we didn’t see sight nor sound of that one. Mind you given the Garry Glitter debacle, we brits have gone off Glam Rock to some extent! You would certainly not advertise the fact of being into Glam Rock!!
But no we were here to see the Summers End Festival of 2008. The first nights entertainment was not just to see how many pints you could drink while keeping on your feet, that award went to our illustrious London Headbanger, KeithieW, who we decided spent as much time in the bar as in the toilet trying to bypass his prostate!! We did suggest a set of drain rods which might help to clear the pipes but no-one volunteered to assist in the intimate part of the procedure. Well the pub next to the event was serving another local brew of ‘Merlins Oak’. I nearly took the pledge to give up drinking, I can honestly say it was the worst pint I have ever tasted and it did get its revenge later! After a round of bad taste jokes, my postman pat joke went down a storm for a change – it must have been the beer! We settled down to Seasons End and boy could these guys and gal perform. It was the first ‘line mosh’ I have come across but given the lovely figure of the singer I was quite taken aback. RM had his extension out and taking some great photo’s (boys and their toys!), I am on a promise of a copy, since I left my camera behind, could not get over the Butcombe which had affected my memory that night! Well RM already had explicit instructions from KW for the pic I fancied so check out RM’s photos when they are released. I thought it was the return of ‘Right said Fred’ but then thought the cleavage would make a great set of plate warmers! The music was great and performance of the group was faultless, but not my cup of tea I’m afraid, must be a sign of becoming an old boring fart.
While waiting for Threshold the lead singer, Damian, came out to chat with everyone, what a great guy, even though he was not too impressed with my Eloy T-shirt!! He certainly knew how to lead and develop a great fan base. It is great to see the ‘aloofness’ of some groups go to the wall, they are only human and if they want people to support them they need to get in touch with their audience. Even though I am not a big fan of Threshold’s sound, I became a convert and fan after that gig. They were brilliant and mainly down to the showman abilities of Damian who was a true leader and showman. I have to teach leadership skills to a bunch of students next week and fully inspired by Damian I shall use his example of how to become a good leader – hope the students like the utube footage!!! (It worked and some of the students asked for more!).
The next challenge of the night was to try and walk/crawl home after 10 pints in the pitch dark, still the forever moving curb stones, that was my excuse for stumbling along!, added to the fun. Just to keep us going we decided to try and come up with a new name for a prog group. The best we came up with was ‘Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy’ and the laughter of that one lasted the whole weekend. It was from a UK sitcom from the 70’s which was pure trash and loaded with double meaning jokes culminating around Mrs Slocombe’s pussy! Please find the link for a laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unmkX15AeN8
We at least had the homing device into gear and we found our way back to the hotel armed and dangerous with a Chinese and a pair of chopsticks in a vain attempt to soak up the beer, oh ye of little faith.
5am and my body clock clicked into gear unfortunately, I wish I could sleep in sometimes. One of the best of British ideas for a severe hangover – the greasy fried breakfast – always reminds me of that classic Atomic rooster album nice n greasy just the ticket to line the stomach. The George Inn certainly did us proud in that department.
Well my old mate ‘Normstix’ who keeps telling me he has registered with the Moon but too busy preparing for gigs to sign in, took me on the next stage of the hangover cure, the 8 mile hike through the forest of Dene! Bloody hell what a torture, but I did find that the pain changed from a churning feeling to one of basic chest and leg pain! This place has some great scenery though, definitely worth bringing the mountain bikes another time for some cross country fun.
Well we were told that they would be opening the doors at 12.00, what they didn’t tell us was which doors!! Eventually they let us in!
First up was Overvibe. They played an admirable set of what could be better described as heavy rock, their recorded sound is more prog. I think they would have been better off if they had opened up before Seasons End, they would have been appreciated more by the younger contingent that had just gone for season’s end and Threshold. Still they displayed much talent in the making. The keyboard player did amuse since he reminded us of a Garry Anderson puppet on strings with no expression at all. I thought that if he had had an Adolph moustache and did a little staring at the audience I would have been remembering Sparks in their early days! Jesting apart KeithieW did the right thing by chatting to their manager to praise their efforts – probably the last we will hear of them now! Seriously, they did very well to start off the day. They do have a my space if anyone interested in them, just to sample their stuff http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...did=120 36931
Then came Abarax, a superb German band who like to keep things in the family! I was really looking forward to seeing these guys play and they did not disappoint. They were technically brilliant given the issues with sound that weekend at Lydney. Crying of the whales was such a moving piece, thanks guys for such a wonderful set of classics and for the signed cd. After the set they demonstrated how to put a large dent in the alcohol supply at the venue, equal only by our well renowned KeithieW. I hope to see them again in the not too distant future and look forward to the new cd.
On came Quidam, another outfit I was really looking forward to seeing and in my opinion stole the day for an excellent and most memorable performance. They were just brilliant and the flute work brought a tear to the eye. Bartosz was a great front man equally impressive as the Damian Wilson (Threshold). What a show of classic contemporary prog rock at its best. If you have not listened to them yet get in the requests or itunes and enjoy. Again, they need to tour here a little more. I would have loved to see them in the top slot of the night. My quote of the night was that they were the ‘Dogs Bollocks’, say no more!
Magenta was in my view Magenta. I like their albums but find something missing from their live performance. KW agreed and we tried to ponder it over a few pints during the interval but all we could come up was p**s. Sorry guys and gals but following Quidam at their best was probably your difficulty.
Time for a curry before IQ. Wow what a great curry/balti house we found. Having lived in Southall (London) and near Bradford (Yorkshire), the two curry capitals in the UK and sampled many a delight of the chilli, I can honestly say it was one of the best curries I have tasted. Mind you the two pints of Kingfisher draft did help in the assumption (pint number 8 of the day!!). We hurried the curry and dashed back to the venue only to find IQ needed an extra hour for sound checks! They kept us outside in the chilly night air and I very nearly left for the hotel, we were that P****d off. Still we waited in the hope of brilliance. I had seen IQ back in the 80’s and was looking forward to their set. To my surprise they had not changed one bit, even with the expressionless stares from Peter Nichols. Their set was very good, but still feels that Quidam should have been top of the bill for me. I think the hour in the cold might have had a part in that decision!
One of the most querky issues about Lydney was the fact that all the taxi firms seem to stop at 9pm, leaving us all to walk back to our hotels in neighbouring villages – some as much as 8 miles away! The walk was again fun since there were no street lights, this time I did stumble and still have the swollen ankle to prove it!
Day 3 arrived and both Normstix and I had a problem, it was the after effects of the curry! In the immortal words of Ewan MacGregor in ‘Long Way Down’ we were not farting with confidence today!! Thankfully by lunch time we had settled down a little just in time a little more Butcombe! It was a wonderful beer, just a shame about the name!
To my shock and horror we found this vision, looking something like a cross between Reservoir Dogs and a Geriatric day out, no no seriously it was our Mooning star KeithieW drinking a can of diet coke! And I have the photo to prove it!! I thought the world had stopped spinning and we were living in some kind of nightmare (wondered if it was too much Butcombe that did it!).
First up was GLOW. I had a copy of their only cd ‘nearly live’ and was reasonably impressed but not had much time to listen to it before the festival. On they came with this hybrid with Ozric tentacles / Steve Hillage / Hawkwind overtones. The band were worried that their music would not fit the event and after seeing Seasons end and Threshold I can appreciate why. They started out with their classic track Ooh Yeah which have me and many others cavorting around the floor superb stuff and I did notice the bar was empty – the only time over the whole weekend! Their set was full of fun, humour and delight. They had as much fun as we did and were received with rapturous applause. Well done guys, one of the best sets in my opinion, but I am only a lowly Eloy fan! What would I know!! KeithieW bought a copy of their cd and has promised to send into the library so look for it coming up in the next few months. Check these guys out:
During the break we decided to get back to alternative prog rock band names and Decided on two – ‘fucknose’ kindly modelled by Normstix in the photo if you get a chance to see on the Flickr account. Yes, I did remember the camera on the last day! Please enjoy my pics from today, but judging from the appendage of RM I feel decidedly inferior! But can hardly wait for RM’s pics.
Thieves Kitchen were up next and what an excellent contrast to GLOW. They were excellent, as good as I had hoped they would be. Their Water Road album is a classic and wonderful live. Try and give these guys n doll a hearing sometime and would highly recommend looking out for them on the touring circuit. KW agreed with me – a mightily impressive performance lets head to the bar to celebrate their genius.
Abel Ganz followed and unfortunately had a lot of issues with the sound, it did them an injustice. I knew they could have sounded so much better and they played their hearts out. A great set of tracks and the new guy Stuart on vocals was very impressive. He seemed a laugh a minute in his banter with the crowd and rest of the group. He even took the time for a chat after the show, good man. I love Abel Ganz’s music and will catch up with them again, hopefully the sound will be better for them.
Frost was up next, another group I was looking forward to seeing. I love milliontown and hoped they could pull it off live. They just did not pull this off to me. KW was full of it for them, but not for me, sorry guys I don’t know why. Left a little early for the Chinese! We sampled another local pub, but had to hurry up since it was obvious we were strangers! It was like the pub scene in American Warewolf in London! Then one of the female of the species went mad and started throwing glasses. In the immoral words of Rush Exit stage left!
After a lengthy delay again, along came the highlight of the whole event, The Tangent, with special guests Beardfish in support. I love these guys, I suppose it is the Yorkshire humour and banter between Guy and Andy that hold this group together. Well, once Andy’s computer had finished it’s Adobe upgrade they could try to begin again! Excellent set lads, Lost in London is my firm favourite. Beardfish played a blinding support but they seemed a little lost behind Guy and Andy, plus we all got lost due to the overactive smoke machine. The bass player was amazing how he moved around the stage. All you needed to do was fit some cleaning mops to his feet and he could have polished the stage as he went! Thanks to the lads for an excellent performance, a highly enjoyable nights entertainment. I cannot wait to see them again.
At least tonight I had remembered my torch to get us back to the hotel!
The last morning and it was time to reminisce about ‘The Sweeney’ (a 70’s detective series):
A little lost on RM but Normstix and KW seemed to be on great form remembering all the classic phrases!
Time to head for home, a big thanks to all who produced a great event, Steve and Huw, plus all the backroom and bar staff. The George Inn for their kind hospitality (next year we will organise a shuttle bus to and from the George in between sets to sample their beers and meet their 8 pint challenge for a free fleece! A big thanks to RM and KeithieW for their company and putting up with us Yorkshire folk, great to meet like minded folk. Last but not least my best friend Norm for putting up with all my bad habits for a weekend!! Looking forward now to 2009.
I have included the photo’s from the Sunday showing on flickr:
Hope you enjoy them!
A cause du soleil, we're living here, we suffer dear, let's start new life today.
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Old 10-03-2008, 03:26 PM
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Re: SEFest 2008 Yorkshire Viewpoint

I had to get my bottlebottom glasses out to read that - a marathon.

I've started work on the pix but the famous line moshing revealing photo Eloy refers too I haven't published simply because the light was too bad. There were no spots on the first bands as they were busted so it was tricky.

We kept clear of the curry - I had strict instructions of hitting KW on the head with my camera case if he said yes to Eloy's curry suggestions, but we did end up eating Chinese as the fish and chip shop was closed on the Sunday.

But this was a typical Yorkshire view of the preceedings - Beer first music afterwards but it was fun just the same
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Old 10-03-2008, 04:19 PM
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Re: SEFest 2008 Yorkshire Viewpoint

Thanks Steve....that was a hoot!!!!!

As Jack Reagan would say "Shut it!!!, you're bleedin' nicked son".
Nous sommes du soleil
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Old 10-04-2008, 11:18 AM
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Re: SEFest 2008 Yorkshire Viewpoint

Thanks Eloy for the Tales from SEfest
Ah Music. A magic beyond all we do here
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Old 10-04-2008, 06:28 PM
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Re: SEFest 2008 Yorkshire Viewpoint

Thanks Steve, that was very funny and well done
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Old 10-08-2008, 03:19 AM
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Re: SEFest 2008 Yorkshire Viewpoint

Thanks for your kind comments guys. Wish you could have been there to witness a great festival. Already been given the go-ahead for next year. Still working on the ROSFest trip!
A cause du soleil, we're living here, we suffer dear, let's start new life today.
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