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Old 12-05-2008, 12:33 PM
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Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Hello everybody,
the 5th Aural Moon Album of the Year Poll is now officially open!

The community chooses the best progressive rock recording of the year. To cast your vote, you need to be a registered Aural Moon member and send me the private message (http://auralmoon.com/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=490) with maximum ten 2008 albums ordered from no. 1 (which will be given 10 points) to no. 10 (one point).

The poll closes on Christmas. As I strive to count everything up and record a show quickly this year (we plan to announce the results on 3rd January) I won't be able to count any late votes. So let's say that Boxing Day is absolutely the latest possible date to cast a valid vote.

In your vote you can include:
- 2008 prog rock studio albums
- 2008 prog rock live albums (released on audio CD's)
- 2008 non prog albums of prog rock musicians.

These are things we don't include in our votes:
- non 2008 albums
- DVD's
- reeditions
- compilations consisting of pre-2008 music

Soon we'll post a list of many 2008 albums that might be helpful while reviewing what happenned in progressive rock during last 12 months.

- don't post your votes in the forums and don't email your votes to Aural Moon administration
- send your votes with ordered albums without some places shared by two or three recordings. Such votes with a comment like "Woj, I didn't know which one was better" always mean confusing situation for me while counting the points. Thanks.

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Old 12-15-2008, 03:53 PM
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Here are some links with 2008 album lists you might find helpful while casting your vote:



And the list provided below is something we received from Tom (Gagliarchives). Thanks a lot, Tom!

D.F.A. ~ 4th
(Fallen) Black Deer, The ~ Requiem
{{{Sunset}}} ~ Bright Blue Dream
15 Degrees Below Zero ~ New Travel
18th Dye ~ Amorine Queen
5ive ~ Hesperus
65daysofstatic ~ The Distant and Mechanized Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties (EP)
7 For 4 ~ Diffusion
7 Ocean ~ The Mysterious Race of Strange Entities
A Weather ~ Cove
Aarni ~ Tohcoth
Abate, Maurizio ~ Silence
Abel Ganz ~ Shooting Albatross
Ablianitis, Makis ~ Kismet
Abrahams, Leo ~ The Unrest Cure
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO ~ Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness
Ad Ombra ~ Rites of Genesis
Adamson, Barry ~ Back to the Cat
Adasiewicz, Jason ~ Rolldown
Aethenor ~ Betimes Black Cloudmasses
After ~ Hideout
Agalloch ~ The White (EP)
Agebjorn, Johan ~ Mossebo
Ahmed, Ilyas ~ The Vertigo of Dawn
Ainur ~ Children of Hurin
Airey, Don ~ A Light in the Sky
Akahum ~ Electwistery
Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble ~ President Dey Pass
Alarm Will Sound ~ Michael Gordon / Van Gogh
Albatros ~ Pentadelia
Albert, Jeff / Quartet ~ Open Ears Music Series, 19 March 2008
All My Faults ~ neo.NřiR
Allá ~ Es Tiempo
Alma ~ Sobre Fantasias
Almora ~ Kýyamet Senfonisi
Alperin, Misha ~ Her First Dance
Amaseffer ~ Exodus - Slaves for Life
Ambarchi, Oren / Z'ev ~ Spirit Transform Me
Amber Light, The ~ Play
Amygdala ~ Complex Combat
Angel ~ Kalmukia
Antenne ~ #3
Anti-Depressive Delivery ~ Chain Of Fools
Antiklimax ~ Aurora Polaris
Antripodean Collective, The ~ The Massacre of the Egos
Aphelion ~ Franticode
Apples In Stereo, The ~ Electronic Projects for Musicians
Arborea ~ Arborea
Arcana ~ Raspail
Arcticology ~ Deep Spring
Armik ~ Barcelona
Arnalds, Ólafur ~ Variations of Static
Aron ~ Djćvlens Horn
Art Cinema ~ Art Cinema
Art Zoyd ~ La Chute de la Maison Usher
Artefact ~ Ruins
Arthur, Joseph ~ Crazy Rain (EP)
Ascension of the Watchers ~ Numinosum
Ashley, Robert ~ Tap Dancing in the Sand
Asia ~ Phoenix
Aslan, Ahmet ~ Meleklerin Dansi (Dance of the Angels)
Astrďd ~ & (And)
Atakoglu, Fahir ~ Iz
Atavist / Nadja ~ 12012291920 / 1414101
Atilla, Can ~ Efsaneler
Atlas, Natacha / The Mazeeka Ensemble ~ Ana Hina
Atma ~ Atma
Atomic Rooster ~ Homework
Ättestupa ~ Ättestupa
Au ~ Verbs
Audiocracy ~ Revolution's Son
Aufgehoben ~ Khora
Auspex ~ Resolutio
Autechre ~ Quaristice
Autumn's Grey Solace ~ Ablaze
Avarus ~ Kirppujen Saari
Ávila, Felipe ~ Quase Tudo
Awesome Color ~ Electric Aborigines
Ayreon ~ 1011001
Azeda Booth ~ In Flesh Tones
Babayof, Noa ~ From a Window to a Wall
Bacio della Medusa, Il ~ Discesa Agl'inferi D'un Giovane Amante
Bad Statistics ~ Static
Badu, Erykah ~ New Amerykah Part 1: 4th World War
Bailey, Steve ~ So Low...........Solo
Bailiff, Jessica / Annelies Monseré ~ Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monseré (EP)
Baja ~ Wolfhour
Baker, Aidan ~ The Sea Swells a Bit
Baker, Aidan ~ Book of Nods
Baldwin, Matt ~ Paths of Ignition
Balmorhea ~ River Arms
Baltic Fleet ~ Baltic Fleet
Bang on a Can ~ Brian Eno: Music for Airports Live
Bar Kokhba ~ Lucifer: Book of Angels, Volume 10
Barbieri, Richard ~ Stranger Inside
Bardo Pond ~ Batholith
Bardo Pond ~ Circuit VIII
Bärtsch, Nik / Ronin ~ Holon
Bass Communion ~ Molotov and Haze
Bass Communion ~ Pacific Codex
Bass Communion / Pig ~ Live in Mexico City
Battle of Land and Sea, The ~ The Battle of Land and Sea
Bauhaus ~ Go Away White
Beach House ~ Devotion
Beardfish ~ Sleeping in Traffic pt. 2
Beat Circus ~ Dreamland
Beaudreau, James ~ Fresh Twigs
Becker, Walter ~ Circus Money
Beger, Albert / The New Quartet ~ Big Mother
Believe ~ Yesterday Is a Friend
Belle, Beady ~ Belvedere
Bendian, Gregg ~ Research
Benea Reach ~ Alleviat
Benevento, Marco ~ Invisible Baby
Bernstein, Steven ~ Diaspora Suite
Bersarin Quartett ~ Bersarin Quartett
Beyond Sensory Experience ~ No Lights in Our Eyes
Bezar, Emily ~ Exchange
BF (Beggars Farm) ~ Kumoon
Bhattacharya, Debashish ~ Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey
Big Block 454 ~ Bratislava
Big Eyes Family Players, The ~ Donkeysongs
Bigelf ~ Cheat the Gallows
Birchville Cat Motel ~ Curved Surface Destroyer
Birds and Buildings ~ Bantam to Behemoth
Birds of Maya ~ Volume 1
Bishop, Alan & Richard Bishop ~ The Brothers Unconnected - A Tribute to Charles Gocher & Sun City Girls
Bishop, Jeb ~ Tiebreaker
Bitcrush ~ Epilogue in Waves
Bjork, Brant ~ Punk Rock Guilt
Björkenheim, Raoul / William Parker / Hamid Drake ~ DMG @ The Stone, vol. 2
Bjřrnstad, Ketil ~ The Light
Bjřrnstad, Ketil / Terje Rypdal ~ Life in Leipzig
Black Crowes, The ~ Warpaint
Black Devil Disco Club ~ Eight Oh Eight
Black Hollies, The ~ Casting Shadows
Black Mountain ~ In the Future
Black Noodle Project, The ~ Eleonore
Black Sash ~ Fungus of Terror (LP)
Black Sun Ensemble ~ Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden
Black To Comm ~ Fractal Hair Geometry
Blackmore's Night ~ Secret Voyage
Blackshaw, James ~ Litany of Echoes
Blade, Brian ~ Season of Changes
Blink ~ The Epidemic of Ideas
Bloc Party ~ Intimacy
Blue Effect, The ~ Beatova Sin Slavy: Live and Life (1966 - 2008)
Blue Effect, The & Hosté ~ Live
Blue Mambo ~ Blue Mambo
Boddy, Ian / Mark Shreeve ~ The Circle Is Not Round
Boiled in Lead ~ Silver
Bonnie Prince Billy ~ Wilding in the West
Bonnie Prince Billy ~ Lie Down in the Light
Boris ~ Smile
Borko ~ Celebrating Life
Born Again Floozies ~ Street Music (13 Rebellions and a Song of Consolation)
Borstlap, Michiel ~ Eldorado
BossaCucaNova / Roberto Menescal ~ Brasilidade
Boudreux, Robin / Group ~ Open Ears Music Series, 4 June 2008
Boudreux, Robin / NOLAstic Large Ensemble ~ Open Ears Music Series, 9 April 2008
Box ~ Studio 1
BoxDeserter ~ TwoRevolutions
Bragg, Billy ~ Mr. Love & Justice
Braintoy ~ Vehicles
Brainville 3 ~ Trial by Headline
Brasil and The Gallowbrothers Band ~ Hi Brasil Is Where We Are
Brederode, Wolfert ~ Currents
Brigada Internazionale e Daniele Sepe ~ Nostra Patria e Il Mondo Intero
Brighteye Brison ~ Believers & Deceivers
Brother Ape ~ III
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood ~ The World Is at War
Brotzmann, Peter ~ Born Broke
Brown, Rob ~ Crown Trunk Root Funk
Bruce, Jack/Robin Trower ~ Seven Moons
Budd, Harold / Clive Wright ~ A Song for Lost Blossoms
Build ~ Build
Burning Star Core ~ Challenger
Bushwhack ~ Bushwhack
Butcher / Müller / Van der Schyff ~ Way Out Northwest
Byrne, David & Brian Eno ~ Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
Caamora ~ She
Cables, George ~ You Don't Know Me
Cailyn ~ New World in Blue
Caldera ~ Mist Through Your Consciousness
California Guitar Trio ~ Echoes
Cambre, Rob and Justin Peake ~ Open Ears Music Series, 19 March 2008
Camille ~ Music Hole
Campbell, Isobel / Mark Lanegan ~ Sunday at Devil Dirt
Campbell, Neil / Collective ~ Particle Theory
Campbell, Roy ~ Akhenaten Suite
Cancer Conspiracy ~ Omega
Canvas Solaris ~ The Atomized Dream
Caprice ~ Kywitt Kywitt
Caribbean Jazz Project ~ Afro Bop Alliance
Caroline ~ Monaco
Carter, Daniel ~ Chinatown
Carter, James ~ Present Tense
Carter, Tom ~ Skyline Grinder
Cartoon ~ Estribo
Cast ~ Originallis
Cat Power ~ Jukebox
Catasto Elettrico ~ Gas (MP3)
Catasto Elettrico ~ Radio (MP3)
Catasto Elettrico ~ Micro (MP3)
Cave ~ Hunt Like Devil
Cave, Nick / The Bad Seeds ~ Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Celer ~ The Everything and the Nothing
Celer ~ Discourses of the Withered
Chandeen ~ Teenage Poetry
Chant, The ~ Ghostlines
Chaz Of Esad ~ And Some Other Very Bad Men
Chet Nuneta ~ Ailleurs
Chicha Libre ~ ˇSonido Amazonico!
Chief Secrets of a Bungling Empire Unexpectedly... ~ Pornopera (artist cont: Hidden in General Patton's Tomahawk Museum)
Cinematic Orchestra, The ~ Live at the Royal Albert Hall 02.11.2007
Cirrus Bay ~ The Slipping of a Day
Citriniti ~ Citriniti - Feat. Fabrizio Leo
Cloudland Canyon ~ Lie in Light
Coffin, Jeff / Mu'tet ~ mUtoPIA
Cole, Bill / The Untempered Ensemble ~ Proverbs for Sam
Coleman, Gloria ~ Sweet Missy
Collapsible Model ~ Apollogy
Collections of Colonies of Bees ~ Birds
Collective Bargaining Agreement ~ Open Ears Music Series, 28 May 2008
Collins, Simon ~ U-Catastrophe
Colour Haze ~ All
Colour Revolt ~ Plunder, Beg, and Curse
Cooder, Ry ~ I, Flathead
Copperhead Trio ~ Labyrinths
Coral Caves ~ Metopiesi
Corea, Chick / Gary Burton ~ The New Crystal Silence
Corea, Chick / Hiromi Uehara ~ Duet
Correction ~ Correction
Corvus Corax ~ Cantus Buranus II
Coryell, Larry / Organ Trio ~ Impressions
Cosmic Trip Machine ~ Lord Space Devil
Cosmics ~ The Cosmic Year
Cosmologic ~ Eyes in the Back of My Head
Cosmosamatics, The ~ Free Within the Law
Costello, Elvis & The Imposters ~ Momofuku
Course of Nature ~ Damaged
Cousins, Dave ~ Secret Paths
Cowboy Junkies ~ Trinity Revisited
Crispell, Marilyn ~ Vignettes
Crow Tongue ~ Ghost: Eye: Seeker
Crow Tongue ~ Prophecies and Secrets: The Red Hand Mark in Dub
Crow Tongue ~ The Red Hand Mark
Crystal Antlers ~ EP
Crystal Stilts ~ Crystal Stilts (EP)
Crystal Sun, The ~ Landscape
Current 93 ~ Birth Canal Blues (EP)
Cyberchump ~ Our Wizards of Earth
Cyrenic ~ The Whites of Our Lies
D Project, The ~ The Sagarmatha Dilemma
Danava ~ UnonoU
Daniels, David Karsten ~ Fear of Flying
Dans les Arbres ~ Dans les Arbres
Dark Suns ~ Grave Human Genuine
Darla Farmer ~ Rewiring the Electric Forest
Datashock ~ Datashock
Datashock & Shivers ~ Vol IV
Daturah ~ Reverie
Dave Corp ~ The Sweet Life
Dawn ~ Lonliness
Daysleepers, The ~ Drowned in a Sea of Sound
Dead Congregation ~ Graves of the Archangels
Dead Man ~ Euphoria
Dead Meadow ~ Old Growth
Death Cab for Cutie ~ Narrow Stairs
Death in June ~ Black Angel Live
Death in June ~ The Rule of Thirds
Ded Ringer ~ Humdinger
Deerhunter ~ Microcastle
Défilé des Âmes ~ Lust 'n' Stone
Delta Saxaphone Quartet ~ Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening…The Music Of Soft Machine
Demians ~ Building an Empire
Dengue Fever ~ Venus on Earth
Department ~ Bombs in High Places
Descarga Boricua ~ Salseando
Destination: Oblivion ~ Winter Solstice
Destroyer ~ Trouble in Dreams
dEUS ~ Vantage Point
Deus Ex Machina ~ Imparis
Devil and the Sea, The ~ Heart vs. Spine
Devillac ~ Three Hours to Coma
DeVotchKa ~ A Mad and Faithful Telling
Dewar, Andrew Raffo ~ Six Lines of Transformation
Di Castri, Furio ~ Zapping
Diabate, Toumani ~ The Mandé Variations
Dialeto ~ Will Exist Forever
Die Form ~ Bach Project
Diego el Cigala ~ Dos Lágrimas
Diesel Combustion Orchestra ~ Open Ears Music Series, 26 March 2008
Direction ~ Est
Dirtbombs, The ~ We Have You Surrounded
Dixon, Andy ~ The Mice of Mt. Career
Dixon, Bill ~ 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound
Dixon, Bill ~ Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra
Do Make Say Think ~ The Whole Story of Glory
Dominici ~ 03 A Trilogy - Part 3
Don Caballero ~ Punkgasm
Don Juan Matus ~ Don Juan Matus
Donelian, Armen / Trio ~ Oasis
Dot Tape Dot ~ Tomavistas
Dowland Project, The / John Potter ~ Romaria
Dr Hasbeen ~ Signs
Dr. John and the Lower 911 ~ City That Care Forgot
Dream Machine ~ The Castle of a Thousand Universes
Dressy Bessy ~ Holler and Stomp
Drift, The ~ Memory Drawings
Dubowsky, Jack Curtis / Ensemble ~ Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble I
Dungen ~ 4
Durand, Werner ~ Remnants from Paradise
Durutti Column, The ~ Sunlight to Blue... Blue to Blackness
Dust Galaxy ~ Dust Galaxy
EAQuartett ~ Electroacoustiquarett
Earth ~ The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
Earth / Sir Richard Bishop ~ Earth / Sir Richard Bishop (split)
Earthling Society ~ Beauty and the Beast
Eaten by Tigers ~ Solstice (EP)
Ebu Gogo ~ Worlds
Eden Express ~ Que Amours Que
Eden, Jeff ~ From the New Path
Edensong ~ The Fruit Fallen
Eels ~ Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased
Ef ~ I Am Responsible
Eick, Mathias ~ The Door
Einsturzende Neubauten ~ The Jewels
Elbow ~ The Seldom Seen Kid
Eleanoora Rosenholm ~ Vainajan Muotokuva
Elephant9 ~ Dodovoodoo
Elf Power ~ In a Cave
Elias, Eliane ~ Something for You: Eliane Elias Sings and Plays Bill Evans
Ellingsen, Haakon ~ The Plum Album
Ellis, John & Double Wide ~ Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
Elster Silberflug ~ Von Damals Bis Heute
Embryo ~ Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2007
Embryo ~ Freedom in Music
Embryonic Devourment ~ Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy
Emeralds ~ Solar Bridge
Emeralds ~ Planetarium (EP)
Empty Cage Quartet, The ~ Stratostrophic
EnjoyLive ~ You Can Lie
Enocksson, Erik ~ With Its Dark Tail Curled 'Round the Garage (EP)
Envy / Jesu ~ Envy / Jesu (split)
Ephrat ~ No One's Words
Erev, Ari ~ About Time
Errorhead ~ Modern Hippie
Esagono ~ Apocalypso
Eskelinen, Senni / Stringpurée Band ~ Senni Eskelinen & Stringpurée Band
Esoteric ~ The Maniacal Vale
Evergrey ~ Torn
Evolve iv ~ Decadent Light
Ex Reverie ~ The Door into Summer
ExCubus ~ Memoires Incubussiennes
ExhiVision ~ Overexposure
Expedition Delta ~ Expedition Delta
Expo '70 ~ Black Ohms
Extra Life ~ Secular Works
Eye The Ear and The Arm, The ~ Paths
Ez3kiel ~ Battlefield
Factory of Dreams ~ Poles
Fairport Convention ~ Live Across the Centuries
Farflung ~ A Wound in Eternity
Faun Fables ~ A Table Forgotten (EP)
Faust, Maria / Group ~ Bitch-Slap Boogie
Fear Falls Burning ~ Frenzy of the Absolute
FeedForward ~ Barefoot & Naked
Fern Knight ~ Fern Knight
Fernwood ~ Almeria
Festival ~ Come, Arrow, Come!
Fields, Scott / Freetet ~ Bitter Love Songs
Fieldwork ~ Door
Fiery Furnaces ~ Remember
Finn, James ~ Great Spirit
Fire Room ~ Broken Music
Fish ~ 13th Star
Flashbulb ~ Soundtrack to a Vacant Life
Fleet Foxes ~ Fleet Foxes
Flesh Consumed ~ Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate
Fleur ~ Euphoria
Flyin' Ryan Brothers, The ~ Totality
Foals ~ Antidotes
Folkearth ~ Father of Victory
Forest City Lovers ~ Haunting Moon Sinking
Forestier, Louise ~ Ephemere
Fossil ~ Insônia
Foster, Josephine ~ This Coming Gladness
Four Tet ~ Ringer
Fradkin, Les ~ One Link Between Them
Fragments de la Nuit, Les ~ Musique du Crepuscule
Free Form Funky Freqs ~ Urban Mythology Volume 1
Free Jazz, Bruh! ~ Open Ears Music Series, 18 June 2008
Freilich / Gillet / Albert / Peake ~ Open Ears Music Series, 23 April 2008
Freilich, Jonathan / Peter Harris / Dave Cappello ~ Open Ears Music Series, 21 May 2008
Friedlander, Erik ~ Broken Arm
Friedman, Marty ~ Future Addict
Frigg ~ Economy Class
Fromuz ~ Overlook
Fruchter, Yoshie ~ Pitom
Fujii, Satoko / ma-do ~ Heat Wave
Fujii, Satoko / Orchestra Nagoya ~ Sanrei
Fujii, Satoko / Orchestra NY ~ Summer Suite
Fujii, Satoko / Trio ~ Trace a River
Fulminate Trio ~ Fulminate Trio
Fursaxa ~ Kobold Moon
Galas, Diamanda ~ Guilty Guilty Guilty
Galbraith, Alastair ~ Little Boat (CD
Garaj Mahal ~ Woot
Gardony, Laszlo ~ Dig Deep
Gardot, Melody ~ Worrisome Heart
Gargantua ~ Kotegarda
Gaslamp Killer, The ~ I Spit On Your Grave
Gasparyan, Djivan / Michael Brook ~ Penumbra
Gates of Winter ~ Lux Aeterna
Gato Libre ~ Kuro
Gatto Marte ~ Sogni di Bimba
Gatto, Roberto ~ Omaggio al Progressive Rock
Gauthier, Jeff / Goatette ~ House of Return
Genio, Il ~ Il Genio
Geomatic ~ Blue Beam
Ghost Circus ~ Across the Line
Gilbert, Paul ~ Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar
Gilmour, David ~ Live In Gdansk
Gjerstad, Frode ~ A Sound Sight
Glaze of Cathexis ~ The Holographic Universe
Glowworm ~ The Coachlight Woods
Golden Jooklo Age ~ I
Golden Jooklo Age ~ Tropical Trip
Goldfrapp ~ The Seventh Tree
Golgatha / Dawn and Dusk Entwined ~ Sang Graal
Gonzalez, Dennis / Jnaana Septet ~ The Gift of Discernment
Gordon, Michael / Alarm Will Sound ~ Van Gogh
Gordon, Wycliffe ~ Boss Bones
Goto, Tadashi ~ Innervisions
Graal ~ Tales Untold
Graham, Alex ~ Brand New
Grails ~ Take Refuge in Clean Living
Grails ~ Doomsdayer's Holiday
Grand Magus ~ Iron Will
Grand Pianoramax ~ The Biggest Piano in Town
Grass Magic ~ The Grass Magic
Green, Adam ~ Sixes and Sevens
Gregor Samsa ~ Rest
Gregory, Rex / Chamber Ensemble ~ Open Ears Music Series, 9 April 2008
Grimaud, Dominique ~ Les Quatre Directions
Grimes, Henry / Rashied Ali ~ Going to the Ritual
Grindlestone ~ One
Grouper ~ Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Growing ~ Lateral (EP)
Guapo ~ Elixirs
Guincho, El ~ Alegranza
Gunn, Trey ~ Music For Pictures
Gunslinger ~ Earthquake in E Minor
Gurth ~ Tormentes
Gutter Twins, The ~ Saturnalia
Guy, Buddy ~ Skin Deep
Hackett, Steve ~ Tribute
Haino, Keiji / Tatsuya Yoshida ~ Uhrfasudhasdd
Hammock ~ Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow
Hands ~ Strangelet
Hannah ~ A Life in Rock Minor
Hanson, Paul ~ Frolic In The Land Of Plenty
Harn, Tony ~ Loops
Harvey Milk ~ Life... The Best Game in Town
HATR Project ~ Hearbeat Against the Reason
Have a Nice Life ~ Deathconsciousness
Headlights ~ Some Racing, Some Stopping
HeatdeatH ~ II
Heaven And ~ Sweeter as the Years Roll By
Hello, Blue Roses ~ Portrait Is Finished and I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty
Her Name Is Calla ~ The Heritage
Hercules & Love Affair ~ Hercules & Love Affair
Herd of Mers ~ Aurora Caught Napping
Hermelin ~ Hermelin
Hermetic Science ~ These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins
Herwig, Conrad ~ The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter
Hevoset ~ Hevoset
Hewitt, Frank ~ Out of the Clear Black Sky
Hidria Spacefolk ~ Live At Heart
High Mountain Tempel ~ The Glass Bead Game
Higuma ~ Haze Valley
Hille, Veda ~ This Riot Life
Hills Like White Elephants ~ Himalaya
Himalaya ~ Namaste
Hiromi's Sonic Bloom ~ Beyond Standard
Hoffman, Amos ~ Evolution
Hollmer, Lars ~ Viandra
Horvitz, Wayne / Gravitas Quartet ~ One Dance Alone
Horvitz, Wayne / Sweeter than the Day ~ A Walk in the Dark
Hostsonaten ~ Winterthrough
Hot Chip ~ Made in the Dark
Howe, Greg ~ Sound Proof
Howe, Steve / Trio ~ The Haunted Melody
Howlin Rain ~ Magnificent Fiend
Hulk ~ Rise of a Mystery Tide
Human Bell ~ Human Bell
Human Zoo ~ Over The Horizon
Humi (Hugh Hopper / Yumi Hara Cawkwell) ~ Dune
Husky ~ The Sea King
I Heart Lung ~ Interoceans
Imahoritsuneoyoshidatatsuya ~ Dot
Imazawa, Quagero ~ Bassist, Electric
Improvisational Arts Council ~ Open Ears Music Series, 5 March 2008
In Flames ~ The Mirror's Truth (EP)
In Ruin ~ A Ghost To Be Forgotten
Inca Ore ~ Birthday of Bless You
Infadels ~ Universe in Reverse
Inquiet ~ Inq Beyong
Instigations, The ~ Soundtracks for Alternate Realities
Interférence Sardines ~ Spot De Rue
Intronaut ~ Prehistoricisms
Invisigoth ~ Narcotica
Iota ~ Tales
Ira De Dios, La ~ Cosmos Kaos Destruccion
Isik, Ugur ~ Cello Invocations
Islaja ~ Blaze Mountain Recordings
Iyer, Vijay ~ Tragicomic
Jacaszek ~ Treny
J'Accuse ~ Abbandono del Tempo e Delle Forme
Jack or Jive ~ Kakugo
Jackson, Joe ~ Rain
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey ~ Lil Tae Rides Again
Jade Warrior ~ Now
Jambang ~ Connecting
James, Jose ~ The Dreamer
Jam-Lab ~ Gain
Jarboe / Justin K. Broadrick ~ J2
Jeavestone ~ Spices, Species and Poetry Petrol
Jeck, Philip ~ Sand
Jellyfiche ~ Tout Ce Que J' Ai Reve
Jimbo, Akira ~ Get Up!
Joan of Arc ~ Boo! Human
Johnny Commode ~ Open Ears Music Series, 11 June 2008
Jones, Percy / Scott McGill / Ritchie DeCarlo ~ Debut
Joshua (2) ~ Where's My Hat?
Journey ~ Revelation
JPL (Jean Piere Louveton) ~ Retrospections Volume 1
Judas Priest ~ Nostradamus
Juglans Regia ~ Visioni Parallele
Junk Box (Tamura / Fujii / Hollenbeck) ~ Cloudy Then Sunny
Jupiter Society ~ First Contact / Last Warning
Jurado, Damien ~ Caught in the Trees
Kaizers Orchestra ~ Maskineri
Kalmah ~ For the Revolution
Kancheli, Giya ~ Little Imber
Karcius ~ Episodes
Karmakanic ~ Who's The Boss In The Factory
Karmanov, Pavel ~ Re-Music
Kastinen, Arja ~ Ani
Kataya ~ Canto Obscura
Katz, Darrell / Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra ~ The Same Thing
Kauhukakara ~ Taistelu Pahoja Kelloja Vastaan
Kawabata, Makoto ~ Unanswered Love, Private Sound Drawings, Vol. 4
Kayak ~ Coming Up for Air
Kayo Dot ~ Blue Lambency Downward
Kazuki Tomokawa ~ Blue Water, Red Water
Kelley Polar ~ I Need You To Hold On While the Sky Is Falling
Kemialliset Ystävät ~ Harmaa Laguuni
Killick ~ The Amplifucker
King of Agogik ~ Aleatorik System
King, Kaki ~ Dreaming of Revenge
Kingfisher Sky ~ Hallway of Dreams
Kings of Leon ~ Only by the Night
King's X ~ XV
Kishi, Linnko ~ Tetra@Party
Kitayama, Makoto ~ Practical Encyclopedia of Kingdom Plantae
Kiuas ~ The New Dark Age
Klabautamann ~ Our Journey Through the Woods
Klez Dispensers, The ~ Say You'll Understand
Klimt ~ Jesienne Odcienie Melancholii
Klotet ~ En Rak Höger
Kolkhöze Printanium ~ Vol. 1 - Kolkhöznitsa
Kormorany ~ Miasto
Kraus, Sharron ~ The Fox's Wedding
Kravitz, Lenny ~ It Is Time for a Love Revolution
Kshatriya ~ The Dream
Ksiz ~ Sandcrawler
Kucharz, Larry ~ Blue Drawings and Text
Kurmann, Stephan / Strings ~ Play Hermeto Pascoal
Kyte ~ Kyte
Laboz, Jamie ~ The Green Album
Ladytron ~ Velocifero
Lafcadio ~ Kibosh
Lagrene, Bireli ~ Electric Side
Lang, Peter ~ Testament
Lanzetti, Bernardo ~ Eclecticlanz
Laramee, Pete ~ Childhood Memories
Last Shadow Puppets ~ The Age of the Understatement
Lau Nau ~ Nukkuu
Lava ~ Lava
Leandra (Ophelia Dax) ~ Metamorphine
Legendary Pink Dots, The ~ Plutonium Blonde
Leila ~ Blood, Looms & Blooms
Leimer, Kerry ~ Lesser Epitomes
Lettuce ~ Rage!
Little King ~ Legacy of Fools
Little Tragedies ~ Cross
Lloyd, Charles ~ Rabo de Nube
Loosers ~ Natives Are Restless
Low ~ You May Need a Murderer
Lucky Dragons ~ Dream Island Laughing Language
M83 ~ Saturdays = Youth
Mac Con Iomaire, Colm ~ Hare's Corner - Cúinne an Ghiorria
Machinefabriek ~ Ranonkel
Machinefabriek ~ Dauw
Magenta ~ Metamorphosis
Magic Malik Orchestra ~ Saoule
Magnum ~ Wings of Heaven Live
Maguire, Alex / Sextet ~ Brewed in Belgium
Mahanthappa, Rudresh ~ Kinsmen
Maheux, Martin / Circle ~ Requiem Pour un Vivant
Mahogany Frog ~ DO5
Make a Rising ~ Infinite Ellipse and Head with Open Fontanel
Malibran ~ Trasparenze
Man Man ~ Rabbit Habits
Manning Jr., Roger Joseph ~ Catnip Dynamite
Marcoeur, Albert ~ Travaux Pratiques
Margin of Safety ~ Best Possible Weather
Marillion ~ Happiness Is the Road
Mars Volta, The ~ The Bedlam in Goliath
Mateen, Sabir / Quartet ~ Other Places, Other Spaces
Matmos ~ Supreme Balloon
Mats / Morgan Band ~ Heat Beats Live
Mattsson (Lars Eric) ~ Dream Child
Maupin, Bennie / Quartet ~ Early Reflections
Mazur, Marilyn / Jan Garbarek ~ Elixir
McCaslin, Donny ~ Recommended Tools
McIntyre, Kalaparusha Maurice ~ Extremes
McLaughlin, John ~ Floating Point
Medeski, Martin and Wood ~ Zaebos, Book of Angels, Vol. 11
Medeski, Martin and Wood ~ Let's Go Everywhere
Mehldau, Brad ~ Brad Mehldau Trio Live
Melodyguild ~ Aitu
Melvins ~ Nude With Boots
Mensa ~ Midlands
Mercury Rev ~ Snowflake Midnight
Meshuggah ~ ObZen
Metheny, Pat / Christian McBride / Antonio Sanchez ~ Tokyo Day Trip
Metheny, Pat / Christian McBride / Antonio Sanchez ~ Day Trip
Mezei, Szilárd ~ As You
Microscopic Septet, The ~ Lobster Leaps In
Micus, Stephan ~ Snow
Midnattsol ~ Nordlys
Migraine ~ 52 - Grasshopper
Miles from India ~ Miles from India
Mile Marker Zero ~ Out Of The Ground: Into The Fire
Miller, Marcus ~ Marcus
Mirabilis ~ Sub Rosa
Mirage ~ Borderline
Mirrorthrone ~ Gangrene
Mitchala, Mounira ~ Talou Lena
Mitchell, Nicole / Black Earth Ensemble ~ Xenogenesis
Miusha ~ Strings Theory
Moe. ~ Sticks and Stones
Mogwai ~ The Hawk Is Howling
Molvaer, Nils Petter ~ Re-Vision
Monade ~ Monstre Cosmic
Monk, Meredith ~ Impermanence
Monochrome Set ~ The Independent Single Collection
Mooch ~ 1967 1/2
Moon Safari ~ Blomljud
Moonbound ~ Confession and Release
Mooncake ~ Lagrange Points
Moongarden ~ Songs from the LightHouse
Moonsorrow ~ Tulimyrsky (EP)
Moore, Thurston ~ Sensitive / Lethal
Moose Eats Leaf ~ Adrift
Morcheeba ~ Dive Deep
Morones, Eric J. ~ About Time!
Morse, Neal ~ Lifeline
Mosher, Rob / Storytime ~ The Tortoise
Moss ~ Sub Templum
Mostly Autumn ~ Glass Shadows
Mostly Other People Do The Killing ~ This Is Our Moosic
Moth Vellum ~ Moth Vellum
Motis ~ Live
Motorpsycho ~ Little Lucid Moments
Mould, Bob ~ District Line
Mount Eerie ~ Black Wooden Ceiling Opening (EP)
Mt. Helium ~ Faces
Muallem, Yinon ~ The Way It Is
Mueller, Jon ~ Metals
Mueller, Jon / Jason Kahn ~ Topography
Muller, Peter ~ The Flow
Murple ~ Quadri di un'Esposizione
Muse ~ Haarp
Music Tapes ~ Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes
Music, The ~ Strength in Numbers
Musica Ficta ~ A Child and a Well
My Education ~ Bad Vibrations
My Morning Jacket ~ Evil Urges
Mystery Jets ~ Twenty One
Nachtmystium ~ Assassins: Black Metal Pt. 1
Nadja ~ The Bungled & the Botched
Nadja ~ Skin Turns to Glass
Nadja ~ Thaumoradiance
Nadja / Black Boned Angel ~ Christ Send Light (EP)
Naked on the Vague ~ The Blood Pressure Sessions
Nalle ~ Siren's Wave
Nash, Ben ~ The Seventh Goodbye
Nation Beyond ~ The Aftermath Odyssey
National, The ~ The Virginia EP
Natural Snow Buildings ~ Laurie Bird
Nektar ~ Book of Days
Németh ~ Film
Nemezis ~ Nemezis
Neto, Jovino Santos ~ Alma do Nordeste
Never Enough Hope ~ The Gift Economy
New Language Collaborative ~ Unified Fields
Newman, Randy ~ Harps and Angels
Nits, The ~ Doing the Dishes
Niyaz ~ Nine Heavens
No Machine ~ A Terrible Thing
No Man's Land ~ No Man's Land
No-Man ~ Schoolyard Ghosts
Nomo ~ Ghost Rock
Nosound ~ Lightdark
Notwist, The ~ The Devil, You + Me
Novalis Deux ~ Ghosts Over Europe
Nurse With Wound ~ The Bacteria Magnet (EP)
Nurse With Wound ~ Huffin' Rag Blues
Nurse With Wound ~ The Funktion of the Hairy Egg (Code Scramble) (EP)
Oaks, The ~ Songs for Waiting
Obshchezhitie ~ Ya Prosnulas'
Octopus ~ Coda (EP)
Octurn / Magic Malik ~ _XPs (live)
Odd Clouds ~ Odd Clouds
Odin's Court ~ Deathanity
Ohm (L.A.) ~ Circus of Sound
Oho ~ Bricolage
Oldfield, Mike ~ Music of the Spheres
O'Leary, Mark / Han Bennink ~ Television
Olio Wolof , El ~ A Tedious Task
Oliva's Pain, Jon ~ Global Warning
Olive Mess ~ Cherdak
Olivieri, Luca ~ La Quarta Dimensione
Om ~ Live at Jerusalem
Omit ~ Interceptor
On Travel ~ Remove Your Head from That Lonely Crown
One Ring Zero ~ Live at Barbes
One Ring Zero ~ Ten Years of Extra Stuff
One Shot ~ Dark Shot
Oneida ~ Preteen Weaponry
Opeth ~ Watershed
Opeth ~ The Roundhouse Tapes
Orb, The ~ The Dream
Ordorika, Ruper ~ Hamar T'Erdietan
Oresund Space Collective ~ Inside the Head
Orlova, Alina ~ Laukinis Suo Dingo
Orme, Le ~ Live in Pennsylvania
Orsi, Fabio ~ Before Long, Before Anyone, The Stars Will Be Walls in My Mind (EP)
Orsi, Fabio ~ Find Electronica
Orsi, Fabio ~ Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines
Osada Vida ~ The Body Parts Party
Ours ~ Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)
Out Circuit, The ~ Pierce the Empire with a Sound
Overhead ~ And We're Not Here After All
Oz Knozz ~ 10,000 Days and Nights
Ozone Player ~ Orange Apples
Ozric Tentacles ~ Sunrise Festival
Paavoharju ~ Laulu Laakson Kukasta (EP)
Pacific UV ~ Longplay 2
Padden, Daniel ~ Pause for the Jet
Padilla, Craig ~ Below the Mountain
Pandora ~ Dramma di un Poeta Ubriaco
Panic Ensemble ~ Panic Ensemble
Panic Room ~ Visionary Position
Pantaleimon ~ Heart of the Sun
Panther ~ 14kt God
Panzerballett ~ Starke Stücke
Parker, Evan / Transatlantic Art Ensemble ~ Boustrophedon
Parker, William ~ Double Sunrise Over Neptune
Parmenter, Matthew ~ Horror Express
Parodi, Claudio ~ A Ritual Which Is Incomprehensible
Parsons, David ~ Surya
Paster, Bennett / Gregory Ryan / Grupo Yanqui ~ Grupo Yanqui Rides Again
Pattern Is Movement ~ All Together
Patton, Mike ~ A Perfect Place (OST)
Payne, John ~ Different Worlds
Pelt ~ Dauphin Elegies
Pendragon ~ Pure
Pennelli di Vermeer, I ~ La Primavera dei Sordi
Pentemple ~ O))) Presents...
Perelman, Amir ~ New Song of Jerusalem
Peters, Steve ~ The Webster Cycles
Phantom Orchard ~ Orra
Pia Fraus ~ After Summer
Pineapple Thief, The ~ Tightly Unwound
Pinhani ~ Zaman Beklemez
Pinhas, Richard / Merzbow ~ Keio Line
Pivot ~ O Soundtrack My Heart
Planeta Imaginario ~ Biomasa
Plančte Sauvage ~ Plančte Sauvage II
Plants and Animals ~ Parc Avenue
Plastic Crimewave Sound ~ Plastic Crimewave Sound
Plastic Parachute ~ Elephants & Giraffes
Poets of the Fall ~ Revolution Roulette
Pooh, I ~ Beat Regeneration
Poolplayers ~ Way Below the Surface
Porra, Lauri ~ All Children Have Superpowers
Portinh Trio / Jay Ashby ~ Vinho do Porto
Pre-Med ~ The Truth About Us
Preminger, Noah / Group ~ Dry Bridge Road
Presto Ballet ~ The Lost Art of Time Travel
Previte, Bobby / The New Bump ~ Set the Alarm for Monday
Prieto, Dafnis / Sextet ~ Taking the Soul for a Walk
Prince, Mark ~ Fraction of Infinity
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers ~ The Horse from Hell
Prophexy ~ Alconauta
Proscriptor ~ 726
Prurient ~ And Still, Wanting
Psychatrone Rhonedakk ~ Early Free-Form Waveforms
Pure Reason Revolution ~ Live at NEARFest 2007
Push-Pull Quartet, The ~ At the Stroke of Twelve
Pyramids ~ Pyramids
Qntal ~ VI: Translucida
Quadro Nuevo ~ Antakya
Quantum Fantay ~ From Herzberg to Livingroom
Qui ~ Qui
Quiet Earth Orchestra, The ~ The Quiet Earth Orchestra
Rĺberg, Bruno ~ Lifelines
Rabotnik ~ Rabotnik
Raconteurs, The ~ Consolers of the Lonely
Radio Massacre International ~ Rain Falls in a Different Way (CD
Ragnarök ~ Path
Railton, Simon ~ Here It Is
Rajna ~ Duality
Random Conflict ~ A Long Time Coming (EP)
Random Touch ~ A Box and a Word
Random Touch ~ Duologue
Rare Blend ~ Live
Ratatat ~ LP3
Rava, Enrico / Stefano Bollani ~ The Third Man
Ray, Rick ~ Violence Marred by Peace
Red Masque, The ~ Fossileyes
Red Sparowes ~ Aphorisms (EP)
Reich, Steve ~ The Daniel Variations
Residents ~ Smell My Picture
Residents ~ The Bunny Boy
Resplandor ~ Pleamar
Return of the New Thing ~ Alchemia
Reverie ~ Shakespeare, la Donna, il Sogno
Revolutionary Snake Ensemble ~ Forked Tongue
Revue Noir ~ Anthology Archive
Reynolds, Ben ~ Two Wings
Rhythm Section / Fred Van Hove ~ Hear Here Now
Ribot, Marc ~ Exercises in Futility
Ribot, Marc / Ceramic Dog ~ Party Intellectuals
Rich, Robert and Ian Boddy ~ React
Rigoni, Alberto ~ Something Different
Riley, Terry ~ Keyboard Studies 1 - 2 / Tread on the Trail
Rissi / Mazzola / Geisser ~ Herakleitos
Riveryman ~ Magic World
Roach, Steve ~ A Deeper Silence
Roach, Steve ~ Arc of Passion
Roach, Steve / Vidna Obmana ~ Revealing the Secret
Robbins, Pete ~ Do the Hate Laugh Shimmy
Robinson, Jimmy ~ Vibrating Strings
Roberts, Hank ~ Green
Roberts, Matana ~ The Chicago Project
Rodríguez, Alfredo ~ Oye Afra
Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar / Jeremy Michael Ward ~ Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Jeremy Michael Ward
Rome ~ Masse Mensch Material
Roots, The ~ Rising Down
Rosaly, Frank ~ Little Hell Vol. 1: Apathy of a Cow (EP)
Rose Hill Drive ~ Moon Is the New Earth
Rosenwinkel, Kurt ~ The Remedy - Live at the Village Vanguard
Roth, Uli Jon ~ Under A Dark Sky
Rousseau ~ One Step Up... Two Back
Royal Hunt ~ Collision Course
RPWL ~ The RPWL Experience
Rubalcaba, Gonzalo ~ Avatar
Rubber Universe ~ Parliament Of Fooles
Rubin, Harold ~ A Mono Musical Suite for Three Manic Musicians
Ruby Suns, The ~ Sea Lion
Rudolph, Adam / Moving Pictures ~ Dream Garden
Ruiz, Hilton ~ Song Book
Ruiz, Hilton ~ A New York Story
Rusalnaia ~ Rusalnaia
Rush ~ Snakes & Arrows Live
Russian Circles ~ Station
S/T ~ Und So Weiter...
Sacred Dawn ~ Gears Of The Machine
Sacrum ~ Cognition
SADO (Societŕ Anonima Decostruzionismi Organici) ~ Holzwege
Saena ~ Saena
Salle Gaveau ~ Strange Device
Sanchez, David ~ Cultural Survival
Sannhet ~ Different Words, Different Meanings
Satriani, Joe ~ Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock
Scared Bunny ~ Rockwood
Scars on Broadway ~ Scars on Broadway
Schackinger, Steffen ~ Electriguitaristry
Scheinman, Jenny ~ Crossing the Field
Scheinman, Jenny ~ Jenny Scheinman
Schelhaas, Jan ~ Dark Ships
Schissi, Diego / Doble Cuarteto ~ Tren
Schizo Fun Addict ~ Fruits De Mer: Volume I
Schulze, Klaus / Lisa Gerrard ~ Farscape
Schulze, Klaus / Pete Namlook ~ Dark Side of the Moog XI: The Heart of Our Nearest Star
Scorces ~ I Turn Into You
Scorch Trio (Björkenheim / Flaten / Nilssen-Love) ~ Brolt!
Secret Chiefs 3 ~ Xaphan: The Book of Angels, Vol. 9
Secret Oyster ~ Live in the USA 2007
Segue ~ A Glass Darkly
Senza Nome ~ Senza Nome
Sesler, Selim ~ Cirpik Bacakli Gelin
Seven Mile Journey ~ The Metamorphosis Project
Seven That Spells ~ Black Om Rising
Sexsmith, Ron ~ Exit Strategy of the Soul
Sfogli, Marco ~ There's Hope
Shapiro, Paul / feat. The Ribs and Brisket Revue ~ Essen
Sharp, Elliott ~ Octal - Book One
Sharpe, Avery ~ Legends & Mentors: The Music of McCoy Tyner, Archie Shepp and Yusef Lateef
She Wants Revenge ~ Save Your Soul (EP)
Shearwater ~ Rook
Shepherd, Ben ~ Double Play
Sherwood, Billy ~ At the Speed of Life...
Shift-F7 ~ Crimson Diablo
Shim ~ Feel Like a King
Shipp, Matthew ~ Un Piano
Shipp, Matthew ~ Cosmic Suite
Shipp, Matthew /Rob Brown /Joe Morris /Whit Dickey ~ Right Hemisphere
Shurdut, Jeffrey Hayden ~ City Living
Shurdut, Jeffrey Hayden ~ New Text
Shurdut, Jeffrey Hayden ~ Humanity
Shurdut, Jeffrey Hayden ~ 1+1=3
Sian Alice Group ~ 59,59
Sic Alps ~ US EZ
Sickafoose, Todd ~ Tiny Resistors
Siena Root ~ Far from the Sun
Sigur Rós ~ Med Sud Í Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orch. & Tra-La-La Band ~ 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Silver Summit ~ Silver Summit
Silverman, The ~ Blank for Your Own Message
Simon, Alan ~ Excalibur II - The Celtic Ring
Simon Says ~ Tardigrade
Singularity ~ Of All The Mysteries
Skaters ~ Physicalities of the Sensibilities of Ingrediential Stairways
Skrzek, Josef East Wind ~ Tryptyk Petersburski
Skullflower ~ Desire for a Holy War
Sleepmakeswaves ~ In Today Already Walks Tomorrow
Smith, Wadada Leo / Golden Quartet ~ Tabligh
Snake Oil ~ Uppercut Attitude
Snarling Adjective Convention ~ Bluewolf Bloodwalk
Snöleoparden ~ Snöleoparden
Solal, Martial ~ Longitude
Soma Planet ~ Bholenath
Sons & Daughters ~ This Gift
Sosa, Omar ~ Afreecanos
Souljourners ~ Mind Control
Sound of Choice & IXI String Quartet ~ Invisible Correspondence
Soundborne ~ Hallucinations
Sousa, Tiago ~ The Western Lands
Space Debris ~ Elephant Moon
Spaced Out ~ Evolution
Spalding, Esperanza ~ Esperanza
Spiraling ~ Time Travel Made Easy
Spires That In The Sunset Rise ~ Curse the Traced Bird
Spirits Burning / Bridget Wishart ~ Earth Born
Spiritualized ~ Songs in A&E
Spock's Beard ~ Live
Spring Heel Jack ~ Songs & Themes
Srinivas, U. ~ Samjanitha
St. Pierre, Melissa ~ Specimens (EP)
Stassinopoulos, Chris & Friends ~ Light in the Dark
Stebmo ~ Stebmo
Stenson Trio, Bobo ~ Cantando
Stereolab ~ Chemical Chords
Stevens, Steve ~ Memory Crash
Stewart, Al ~ Sparks of Ancient Light
Stills, The ~ Oceans Will Rise
Strangers Die Every Day ~ Aperture for Departure
Strawbs ~ Lay Down With The Strawbs
Strawbs ~ The Broken Hearted Bride
Stray Ghost ~ Losthilde
String Planet ~ Songs From The Home PlaneT
String Trio of New York ~ The River of Orion: 30 Years Running
Suishou No Fune ~ Prayer for Chibi
Sun Domingo ~ The World's Alive
Sun Kil Moon ~ April
Sunburned Hand of the Man ~ Locked / Loaded (MC)
Sunchild ~ The Gnomon
Superimposers, The ~ Harpsichord Treacle
Surman, John / Howard Moody ~ Rain on the Window
Suspyre ~ When Time Fades
Swell, Steve / Rivers of Sound Ensemble ~ News from the Mystic Auricle
Sword, The ~ Gods of the Earth
Sylvan ~ Leaving Backstage
System 7 ~ Phoenix
Talisma ~ Quelque Part
Talking Trees ~ Revolation (EP)
Tamura, Natsuki / Satoko Fujii ~ Chun
Tangent, The ~ Not As Good As the Book
Tanger ~ Mundos Paralelos
Tape ~ Luminarium
Tate, Darren ~ Moon Lit (CD
Tate, Darren / Ian Holloway / Banks Bailey ~ Summerland (CD
Tau Emerald ~ Travellers Two
Taunus ~ Harriet
Taylor, Otis ~ Recapturing The Banjo
Tearwave ~ Different Shade of Beauty
Telescopes ~ Infinite Suns
Teliof ~ Is It?
Tempano ~ Selective Memory
Tempus Fugit ~ Chessboard
Terco, O ~ Ao Vivo
Ternheim, Anna ~ Halfway to Fivepoints
Terracid ~ Skies
Textures ~ Silhouettes
Thanh, Huong / Nguyen Le ~ Fragile Beauty
Thee Oh Sees ~ The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In
The-Quartet ~ Shattered
Thieves' Kitchen ~ The Water Road
Thing, The ~ Now and Forever
Think of One ~ Camping Shaabi
This Will Destroy You ~ This Will Destroy You
Thisquietarmy ~ Unconquered
Thollem McDonas ~ BoxDeserter - Two Revolutions
Thrall, Ure ~ Ure Thrall Comes Apart!
Thunderbolt Pagoda ~ Thunderbolt Pagoda
Tickley Feather ~ Tickley Feather
Tiersen, Yann ~ Tabarly
Tiger Lillies, The ~ Seven Deadly Sins
Tiles ~ Flypaper
Time Traveller ~ Chapters I & II
Timesbold ~ Ill Seen Ill Sung
Tindersticks ~ Hungry Saw
Ting Tings, The ~ We Started Nothing
To Blacken the Pages ~ None
Tobin, Amon ~ Taxidermia (EP, MP3)
Todd, Mia Doi ~ Gea
To-Mera ~ Delusions
Top, Jannick ~ Infernal Machina
Transit ~ Whitewater
Trank Zappa Grappa In Varese? ~ More Light
Transitional Phase ~ Transitional Phase
Travis, Theo / Robert Fripp ~ Thread
Trem do Futuro ~ O Tempo
Tricky ~ Knowle West Boy
Trinity ~ Harmadkor
Trio Curupira ~ Pes No Brasil, Cabeca no Mundo
Trio Da Paz / Joe Locke ~ Live at Jazz Baltica
Triosence ~ When You Come Home
Trix ~ Style
Tsabropoulos, Vassilis ~ Melos
Tu Fawning ~ Secession (EP)
Tuatha ~ Invocation
Tucker, Alexander ~ Portal
Turcio, Phil ~ Signals
Turre, Steve ~ Rainbow People
TZGIV (Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?) ~ More Light
Tzolk'in ~ Haab
Uehara, Hiromi / Hiromi's Sonicbloom ~ Beyond Standard
Ufomammut ~ Idolum
Ullmann, Gebhard ~ New Basement Research
Unifaun ~ Unifaun
Unitopia ~ The Garden
Universal Totem Orchestra ~ The Magus
Uphill Work ~ Never Gonna Lose (EP)
Uriah Heep ~ Wake the Sleeper
Us ~ Climbing Mount Improbable
Uw Hypotheekadvies ~ Nature or Nurture
Valentin, Bobby ~ Evolution
Valet ~ Naked Acid
Vampire Weekend ~ Vampire Weekend
Van der Graaf Generator ~ Trisector
Van Hove, Fred ~ Journey
Vanishing Point ~ The Fourth Season
Vandermark 5 ~ Beat Reader
Various Artists ~ The Essence of Swedish Progressive Music (1967-1979)
Various Artists ~ A Reflection
Various Artists ~ Big Blue Ball
Various Artists ~ Giallo! One Suite for the Murderer
Various Artists ~ In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2
Veirs, Laura ~ Two Beers Veirs (EP)
Versace, Gary ~ Outside In
Versus X ~ Primordial Ocean
Vespero ~ FOAM (CD-
Vibravoid ~ The Politics of Ecstasy
Ville Emard Blues Band ~ Live au FMPM 2007
Vindictiv ~ Vindictiv
Vintskevich, Nick ~ Songs from the Black Earth
Viola, Fredo ~ The Turn
Virgin Black ~ Requiem - Fortissimo
Vitalis, Roz ~ Compassionizer
Von Garcia ~ I Think A Think
Von Himmel ~ Von Himmel
Votchi ~ Unicorn
Voyager ~ Univers
Wainwright III, Loudon ~ Recovery
Wainwright, Martha ~ I Know You're Married but I've Got Feelings Too
Waldorff, Torben ~ Afterburn
Wall of Sleep ~ And Hell Followed with Him
Walton, Cedar ~ Seasoned Wood
Wasilewski, Marcin / Trio ~ January
Watson, Bobby ~ From the Heart
Weber, Windy ~ I Hate People
Weird Weeds, The ~ I Miss This
Werkraum ~ Early Love Music
Weston, Matt ~ Not To Be Taken Away
Wheeler, Kenny ~ Other People
White, Glenn ~ Sacred Machines
Whoopgnash ~ Lack Of Education
Why? ~ Alopecia
Wild Beasts ~ Limbo, Panto
Willis, Larry ~ The Offering
Willits, Christopher / Ryuichi Sakamoto ~ Ocean Fire
Willowglass ~ Book of Hours
Wilson, Cassandra ~ Loverly
Winchester Club ~ Britannia Triumphant
Windsor For The Derby ~ How We Lost
Winona ~ Rosebud
Winstone, Norma ~ Distances
Wire ~ Object 47
Within Temptation ~ Black Symphony
Wolf Parade ~ At Mount Zoomer
Women ~ Women
Wooden Shjips ~ Volume One
Woods Family Creeps ~ Woods Family Creeps
Wooten, Victor ~ Palmystery
Woven Hand ~ Ten Stones
Wright, Lizz ~ The Orchard
Wrong Object, The ~ Stories from the Shed
Xenitia ~ La Scoperta
Xiu Xiu ~ Women As Lovers
Yacoub, Gabriel ~ De la Nature des Choses
Yamamoto, Eri ~ Duologue
Yedid, Yitzhak ~ Oud, Bass, Piano Trio
Yeti Rain ~ Nest of Storms
Yilmazyildirim, Murat ~ Adsiz
Yoav ~ Charmed & Strange
Yonder Mountain String Band ~ Mountain Tracks, Vol. 5
You Slut! ~ Critical Meat
Young Gods, The ~ Knock on Wood
Zamir, Daniel ~ I Believe
Zappa Plays Zappa ~ Zappa Plays Zappa
Zappa, Frank ~ One Shot Deal
Zed ~ You Are Here
Zelda Pinwheel ~ Our Diamonds So Quiet
Zenon, Miguel ~ Awake
Zeroesque ~ Multipick Technique
Zero Hour ~ Dark Deciever
Zing! ~ Open Ears Music Series, 30 April 2008
Zingale ~ The Bright Side
Zombie Zombie ~ A Land for Renegades
Zorn, John ~ Filmworks XIX: The Rain Horse
Zorn, John ~ The Dreamers
Zorn, John ~ Filmworks XX: Sholem Aleichem
Zorn, John / Lou Reed / Laurie Anderson ~ The Stone: Issue Three
Zubzub ~ The Powers That Beep...
Zvoncheck, Tommy ~ ZKG
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

....and I was struggling to come up with 10 !?!
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Originally Posted by eloy1964 View Post
....and I was struggling to come up with 10 !?!
Not to worry - many on the list bend the definition of prog (but I like that). Once you pare down those, then eliminate the ones you haven't heard, hopefully it will fall into place. I had nine right off the bat and made the others fight over # 10. I often have strange personification fantasies like that.
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

It is much easier when you only have 11 cd's from 2008, with one not played much!!
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Heh ... I selected a few albums that aren't on that list. And they're from 2008 and all PROG !!
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Originally Posted by ErikM View Post
Heh ... I selected a few albums that aren't on that list. And they're from 2008 and all PROG !!
That can be quite possible, Erik. None of these lists is all inclusive and we can't say we didn't leave someone off. Please feel free to show those bands you feel were left off so others may consider them. Please list them alphabetically so as present them neutrally.

Now, did you check all three lists? The two links in the posting as well as the Gagliarchives list? If not, check those, they may contain those groups.

Thank you for voting!!!

And Thanks to Wotjek for hosting the poll.

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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Just to put this thread again on the the top!!

Don't forget to vote, deadline is Christmas!!
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Has to be on the top of the Forum again...You still have only 3 days to vote!!!!
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Vote indeed. We'll probably have less votes than last year but still let's make it fun.
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Originally Posted by Wojtek View Post
Vote indeed. We'll probably have less votes than last year but still let's make it fun.
Last year was a light turnout too! So that means your vote DOES count, even Wojtek's! Observe:


Woj, after you're done throwing darts at me send me a message via myspace about when you want to air the shows and we'll make arrangements for me to copy the file.

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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

The material creators forgot I could have voted not for Obama too.
Holy crap... 0:46 reaction is sick
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Originally Posted by Wojtek View Post
The material creators forgot I could have voted not for Obama too.
I was thinking that, but what the heck
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Moon O'Poll replays on my show, please see my thread...
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Re: Moon O'Poll 2008 Is On

Yep. And we'll publish the results after the last replay so those who want aura of mystery while listening, get it even on Monday.

Some warm comments from the bands to the Moonies have already come and I'll be quoting some of them during next days.
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