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Old 02-09-2022, 03:50 AM
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Re: 2021 Work in Progress..ive


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H.E.X. will be the last album from which I will take the last track of 2021
still an Italian Progressive Rock Group, in this year there have been many Italian groups and artists that I have selected
Lanzetti, Rustici, Pipini, Noisy Diners, The Watch, Inner Prospekt,
The Mad Lab, Raven Sad, Corvaglia, Karmamoi, Blacksmith Tales
A Group that was born in Rome in 1994 as a cover band
of King Crimson Genesis Banco
John Wetton also participated in some concerts where tracks
by King Crimson play
They collaborated with the mute aid desk and participated in some
of their concerts Francesco Di Giacomo and Rodolfo Maltese
H.E.X. it is their fifth fully instrumental album and consists of only
2 tracks both 26 minutes… a mix of experimental progressive rock…
alternative rock and psychedelic rock
a formation of three people: the soul of this group is undoubtedly
Andrea De Luca (bass, guitars, synthesizers), then there is Filippo Brilli (Sax) and the good Davide Guidoni (drums, percussion),
together they create a dense interweaving of atmospheres always keeping the listener's attention high and the 26 minutes pass quickly….
The track I chose to be included in My Show 2021 is HENG

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Hi friends

2021 Work in Progress..ive

These are my best tracks of 2021

Track Title-Group or Artist-Album

The Pilgrim Suite -Andrew Stone-The Pilgrim

Discworld - Projector - Glass Kites -Glass Kites II

The Trial of the King - Chromatic Aberration -The Trial of the King

4Th Dimension - ProAge-Wymiar


Rainy Sunday-Maxxess-Reactivate

Colorbox-Raven Sad-The Leaf And The Wing

Bit By Bit-Syrinx Call-Mirrorneuron

Power Trip Career Aspirations-Lucas Lee -Sindrome De Estocolmo

The Darkness in the Light-Transatlantic-The Absolute Universe: Forevermore

Soul_Of_Hundred_Lives-Inner Prospekt-Canvas Two

Flare_2-Richard_Barbieri-Under a Spell

Cosmic Krautrock-Stephan Thelen-Fractal Guitar 2

Rite_Of_Accession-Elephant9-Arrival Of The New Elders

In Discipline And With Love-Kerrs Pink-Presence Of Life


Alice_Krige_Parts_1_and_2-Heard Of Istinct-Unravel



Sailing_To_Byzantium-Nad Sylvan-Spiritus Mundi

Halo_Drive-Corrado Rustici -Interfulgent

Tiresias-Noisy Diners-The Princess of the Allen Key

Alice-The Mad Lab-Design of Experiments

The Real History Of Tom Wheel, Pt. 1 (The Curse)
-Fabricio Pipini(feat.Platinum)-Phantasicah (A Dreamer's Tale)

Walk_Away-Bernardo Lanzetti-Horizontal Rain

Broken Windows-Zygon-Earth And Sky

The Ascent-The Emerald Down-To Touch The Sky

Connecting_The_Dots-Confusion Field -Disconnection Complete

Day_And_Age-Frost* -Day And Age

Haunted_House-Joe_Bailey -Ghosts

Winter-Resistor -The 5th Season

Book Of Coming Forth By Day-Blacksmith Tales-The Dark Presence

Iron John-The Samurai Of Prog -The Lady And The Lion And Other Grimm Tales

Go Viral-Sylvan-One to Zero

Room 101-Karmamoi-Room 101

Hidden Land-Daniel Eliseev Project -Lost Humanity

Apollo-Big Big Train - Common Ground

Dissolution-Smalltape -THE HUNGRY HEART

Dark World-Metamorphosis-I'm Not A Hero

White Ghosts-Alessandro Corvaglia-Out Of The Gate

Beyond the Years-The Neal Morse Band -Innocence & Danger

Shanghai_to_Samarkand-Steve Hackett -Surrender Of Silence

The_Cashectomy-Benjamin Croft -Far And Distant Things

Red-The Watch-The Art of Bleeding

In Disequilibrium, part 3-Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill-In Disequilibrium

Megalopolitana-Monarch Trail -Wither Down


A View From The Top Of The World-Dream Theater- A View From The Top Of The World

Invisible Killer-Andrew Roussak- Crossing the Line

Guts-Spherical Agenda-Arcane Wisdom

The Further We Go The Deeper It Gets Pt. 1​-​6-Giant Sky-Giant Sky

Forsaken Innocence (Part 1) ​-Drifting Sun-Forsaken Innocence


Heng-Nodo Gordiano-H.E.X.

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Heng-Nodo Gordiano



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Old 03-09-2022, 08:49 AM
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Re: 2021 Work in Progress..ive

Hi friends

2021 Work in Progress..ive

2021 is over ... putting the best tracks aside month after month

it's a great idea and makes the task a lot easier if you do

you want to create the best playlist and if you want to insert it

in the thread that will be used to make your show

My Show 2021


and restart the collection of songs for 2022
in ...
2022 Work in Progress..ive

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