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Old 04-08-2014, 02:19 AM
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Aural Moon website resurrected

If you're reading this, it obvious that the Aural Moon website is back.

The original server was fine but its NIC (network interface card) stopped working. This all occurred the day I was packing for a large rocket launch in Maryland. I did try a reboot or three, and I swapped CAT cables between the server and switch. Nothing! At that point, I had to declare that the server was DOA and I wouldn't be able to resurrect the Moon until after my launch.

Upon return, I was swamped with a couple of other issues and didn't get to the Moon server until yesterday. I unracked the old server and replaced it with a new server. Yes, I have about 6 of the same servers sitting in a swap pile. Heavy buggers which aren't easy to manipulate.

The Moon booted up but there was an error in starting MySql, the database. Oddly, I noted that there were no log files. Late yesterday, Art logged in and looked about. He found a complaint in the syslog about the MySql log files. It was late and I told him I'd address it with a rested brain in the morning. Simple fix. MySql maintains a pointer file to all of the log files it creates. If those pointers don't point to a file, the MySql database refuses to start. Clear out the pointers and voilą the MySql started. I still think it's odd that old logs not existing should preclude the database startup but it's yoo-niks.

Thank you all for your patience and a big THANK YOU to Art who noted the log file error.
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