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Old 03-11-2016, 04:48 PM
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Library Corrections


A library the size of Aural Moon's will inevitably have errors in it. This is a place where you can post those corrections so that they can be fixed.

If you find an error, please report it here in the following fashion.

1. Start a new thread for each error.

2. Be specific in the report. For example, don't say, “The album Masque has some title errors.” Okay, which Masque? The Morrigan? Kansas? King Crimson? Brand X's Masques? And which songs? Which titles? What's wrong with them?
3. Finally, please put a link to a source for verification. Wikipedia, AllMusic, Prog Archives, and Discogs are fine examples.

The reason for a separate thread for each error is simple. I am running this forum like a living, breathing to-do list. You, the AM listener, add a thread for each mistake. When I fix a mistake, I will delete the thread. The goal is to keep the forum as small as possible.

What is an error?

1. A song title with a spelling error.
2. A track with the incorrect title.
3. An album with the incorrect title.
4. A track listed on the wrong album.
5. An album with an incorrect year.
6. An album with incorrect album art or poor quality art.
7. Dead air at the end of a track.
8. Tracks that should be combined.
9. A track with skips in it or an otherwise bad rip.
10. A track that is terrible quality.
11. A missing track.
12. A duplicate track (for example, a track on a compilation and on its original album).
13. An album with no track number or incomplete track numbers.
14. An incorrect or missing country code.
15. Any other legitimate error.

Be aware that while some things are facts (The White Album was released in 1968), some things are opinions (That album should be called “The Beatles” instead of “The White Album”). Meaning, if you feel it's a mistake or error, post it, but there's a chance it will be deemed not to be an error and not changed.

Last, be aware that library tweaking is no priority. I get to it when I get to it, so please be patient.

Thanks! I look forward to sating my obsessive-compulsive tendencies and look forward to your helping me do so. Together, we can clean up what tiny amount of messes there may be in the huge music library.

Thanks! Spaz out.
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