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Old 07-23-2012, 01:23 PM
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Yes: Boston, July 21, 2012

Yes: Boston, July 21, 2012

Yours is no disgrace
Tempus fugit
All good people
Steve solo -second initial, leaves of green
Fly from here
Wondrous stories
Heart of the sunrise
Encore- roundabout


Julie and I went to the show with another couple on Saturday night.

First impression -- pleasantly surprised.
After the last couple shows which included Oliver and Benoit. I was so disappointed by what I saw that didn't care if I saw them again.

Second impression "Steve Howe with Yes"
Steve absolutely CRANKED all night. I am glad the other guys found the time to back him up.

Third Imprression
- the Singer-- did OK. Approve.
The guy playing Jon this tour was good. He was clearly comfortable singing in that (Jon's) range. And, although he is no Jon Anderson, he did an admirable job being himself, singing Jon's vocal parts. I am now convinced he comes from the same Elven tribe as Jon.

The show:
Yours is no Disgrace - Steve. need I say more?...
The band was tight and The Professor shone as the guitar master he is.

Tempus Fugit - Oh the Drama
Good song played moderately well. Expected better keyboards from Downes Downes Downes Downes he just didn't seem to have it.

All Good People
Good rendition-- nothing spectacular to note.. no glaring failures to report

America - Steve!
After the intense opening number who would have thought they would subject the 65 year old guitarist to another shredder. Steve tore through America like a blistering assault.

Steve Solo spot
Interestingly enough the only Band member to get a solo during the Steve Howe with Yes tour.
Second Initial and then Leaves of Green. (sung nicely by Davidson --Damn you ;-) )

Fly From Here - Flies on this
I did not enjoy the 20 minutes of this song. As much as i listen and want to like it... there is just nothing there for me. not a recognizable lyric, hook or melody that makes me say "Hey!" It did give me the opportunity to look around and check out the crowd. There were a few people grooving to the tune... but most were sitting quietly.

Wonderous Stories
This song was good. Davidson did a nice job.

Heart of the Sunrise - Good Times, Bad times
An oldie but a goodie. A lackluster performance by Downes made this a poor performance of HOTS. Many times, Squire used the intro part to really showcase his Bass skills... This time... not so much. A bit of the usual Spinal Tap looking poses and then into the body of the song.

Awaken - Awaken another Keyboard player
This is one of my favorite Yes songs. Some of my best Yes Concert experiences have been during this Epic.
This night, I could tell by the tripping finger train-wreck keyboard intro that I was in for a disappointing ride.
Davidson did a fine job and Steve was brilliant. In the mid section, Davidson played the 'harp' part on a keyboard. (Good job being yourself) and Downes tried to play Wakeman's part and only accomplished about 80%. Rambling, muddled keyboards made this part unimpressive.
But wait.. coming up is the most impressive, goose-bump inducing, chest rumbling pipe organ ever put in a Yes song. Here it comes... keyboard run right up to.... Pedal steel?
What? They took out the GIANT organ part! (Listen to 12:29 on the original GFTO Awaken)

Also, WTF with playing this song/part slower and slower?
Someone asked Chris one time and he said something about it enhancing the Grandeur of the song.
No, it sounds like you are old and can't play the song correctly.

Roundabout - ComminBackOut
A usual, unremarkable of the inconcert version of Roundabout.

End - House lights up and time to go.

Really?... one song for an encore? no StarShip Trooper? ... no Jamin solos in Wurm? No... just no.
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Old 07-24-2012, 06:04 AM
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Re: Yes: Boston, July 21, 2012


Thanks for the review. Sounds like it was worth the time... especially if you are a Steve Howe fan!

Wonder if they will come this way? I think ASIA is playing here in Nov. Maybe my shot at seeing Steve & Carl.

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Old 07-24-2012, 06:15 AM
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Re: Yes: Boston, July 21, 2012

Good review Peter, thanks... They are scheduled for Pittsburgh but I'm not interested in going since tickets are about $100. or more and I did see them twice with Beniot and didn't like it either time... I'm sure the new Jon is better but its just not worth over $100. for a ticket..... but sounds like you a julie had a good time so that was good.... So Skelator (Steve) is carrying Yes and Asia both these days..good for him at 65 years old!!
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Old 07-25-2012, 08:07 AM
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Re: Yes: Boston, July 21, 2012

Thanks for the review Peter... It was just as I imagined it would be and I knew I wasn't going to miss anything by not going. and yes, Steve Howe is carrying the entire band these days [all on those spindly little legs of his]. He is still doing some of the finest guitar work out there. Still not enough to make me go see the band, and I'm a huge Yes fan. btw... I didn't know Downes played keyboards ;-p

om namah shivaya
om gan ganapataye namah
om aim saraswataye namah
om shrim mahalaxmaye
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Old 07-25-2012, 08:17 AM
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Re: Yes: Boston, July 21, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised...but as I said to Peter, if you set your expectations low...
I thought Jon was really good...he has a great singing voice and I didn't feel he was trying to 'be' JA, as Peter said.
Steve was phenomenal and we were fortunate to be seated on his side of the stage.
I am really bummed out they did Wondrous Stories and Awaken. I love those two pieces and Geoff Downes just doesn't have the chops to do either justice.
Play stuff off Drama for chrissake....
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