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Old 07-31-2019, 05:12 AM
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The first IQ concert
Name:  IQ010682ab.jpg
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Intelligent Quotient tour 2019
Name:  66592744_10touriq2019.jpg
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Finally I can attend an IQ concert

I bought the ticket very early.
In promotion for the new double album Resistance released on September 7th, IQ will start for a series of concerts around Europe ... 2 dates for Italy ... one near Rome and one near Milan ...
I would have liked to attend one of their concerts in a structure suited to their value…. And so much bigger and instead they will play in a club where you can dine before the concert ... .. if on the one hand I don't understand the choice ... on the other there is the advantage of having them a few meters away and being able to appreciate them more comfortably seated ... ..
I IQ (before The Lens) I met them with a bit of delay compared to their first albums although I also listen to a lot of music from groups that publish their albums even in very few copies….
I didn't understand at least 3 things about the IQ and I took advantage of this next concert to find information that
They covered the following points ...

1) The cause of the abandonment of Martin Orford co-founder of the IQ
2) The many years between an album and the next
3) Their concerts in micro structures

The first 2 points I clarified them by reading 3 interviews one with Martin Orford, one with Peter Nicholls and one with Mike Holmes

Name:  interviews012001.jpg
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The abandonment of Martin Orford co-founder of IQ

I was curious to understand why martin had abandoned the iq ... and holmes gave me the answer in an interview
Mike holmes is certainly fundamental for iq music as it was orford ... but 2 very similar characters eventually end up colliding and so it was ... Holmes claims that everyone has to present himself to the realization of an album with some realized music (for Resistance that will come out 120 minutes) and then through the meeting from the various loops or short tracks to give birth to the song…. Orford, on the other hand, presented himself with the complete piece and hence the clash that led to the separation.
practically Holmes disassembled the piece he had produced and at the end of the structure that had built Orford little remained and the piece took another form
Holmes, however, is sick of perfectionism and the apparent will to make everyone participate in the realization is only an illusion ... It is he who, after making a song, does not listen to it again for 2 months to see what his reaction to a new listening is and if he needs tweaks… .. he is always the one who inserts pieces of new songs in concerts to see the audience reaction and to understand if that song will be presented in the next album and the list of songs of the new album has been announced a few days ago, but the official length of the songs is not yet known and this is the yet another proof that holmes still has some doubts, we only know that it will be a double album and that in the second disc there are two tracks of about 20 minutes
To confirm the fact that it is difficult to get out of the iq something that holmes does not approve of ... .. in a new song has forced the drummer Paul Cook to try 30 solutions of rhythm for a song ... .. but to Mike Holmes as to Steven Wilson you can forgive similar behavior if as a result they give us excellent progressive music.

From the interview with Martin Orford I also learned why he will never again have personal albums ... ..
Martin Orford never make the mistake of asking him why he doesn't record more personal albums ... You risk being treated badly ... I read his interview where he lists the pounds spent on making his 2 albums and goes into the details of the expenses for the artists who collaborated ... to the expenses for the rehearsals .... to the expenses for the registration and recording of the album ... I expected the total amount to be higher, but Martin had not got what he hoped for from the sale. He lashes out against the Internet and therefore against the digital that allow you to easily listen to and download music and always with a poisoned tone he swears he will never again record a personal album…. Because he does not intend to spend pounds that could be better used for his family.
Sorry that Martin Orford has made this decision because his two albums are very beautiful and he would surely have recorded others of the same level or higher ... we will agree to follow him in JADIS when he decides to be there .... but you have to understand its reasons ... even if times have changed, with vinyl sales were assured ... but since it went digital ... groups or artists have to bet a lot on live shows

Their concerts in micro structures

.... And it is here that I do not understand the IQ that I consider of the same value as the great ones who made the history of the prog. But they do their concerts almost exclusively in clubs with places ranging from 1000 to almost 3000 ... for example in Italy they take place in two clubs that they want to have dinner before the concert ... If one takes into account that my ticket has cost a very low figure of only 25 euros and takes into account the expenses of the Club that hosts them and the costs of the band…. At the end of gain, some ridiculous figures come out…. And I can understand Mike Holmes when in another interview he says that before a live show they try to limit the tests of the lineup because they come to cost £ 600 a day for a single artist ... And here my question remains open ... Because they make few concerts and in small structures when it would be in their possibilities to fill much larger structures and increase profits ... Maybe it will be me, that by putting them at the top of my preferences I overestimate them but for their excellent music I find it hard not to put them on the same level as the big Progressive groups.
This curiosity of mine will somehow be able to remove it or ask them directly through their website or after the concert if they will do as on other occasions by talking to the public.

The many years between an album and the next

I've always wondered why we had to wait so long between one album and the next and I found 2 answers to this question ...
One is that Intelligen Quotient is not the only activity of these artists ... But they have another business activity, they love to live normally and this has allowed them to continue being together for many years .. apart from the incompatibility of character and art between Orford and Holmes
The second is that with the passing of the years Holmes has worsened considerably (as I have already explained in another part of this document) in creating more and more careful songs in the search for perfection being careful also to the fact that they can also be appreciated by the public and this of course is not easy to develop in not long times.

**** One last thing ... if I could have decided on the replacement of Martin Orford ... I would have confirmed Mark Westworth who gave us his contribution in the excellent album Frequency ... having decided to focus on Neil Durant didn't convince me much but I hope that contradicts me in this new album ... another thing that Neil Durant has to take care of is his stage presence (seen in many concerts on youtube) would be fine if he were a member of Tangerine Dream…. Too glacial in the expression that does not reveal any emotion .. I wish him to improve.

It only remains for me to wait for October 11th ......

a few more days and we will discover the new double album
by Intelligent Quotient

Name:  Resistance.jpg
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Studio Album, released in 2019 07 September

Songs / Tracks Listing
CD 1
1. A Missile
2. Stay Down
3. Rise
4. A Shallow Bay
5. If Anything
6. For Another Lifetime

CD 2
1. The Great Spirit Way
2. Fire and Security
3. Perfect Space
4. Fallout

Line-up / Musicians
- Peter Nicholls / vocals
- Mike Holmes / guitar
- Tim Esau / bass
- Paul Cook / drums
- Neil Durant / keyboards

Some albums in which past and present components of Intelligent Quotient participated

Ark - Wild Untamed Imaginings (2010) John Jowitt / bass
Time Collider - Travel Conspiracy (2018) John Jowitt / bass
Grey Lady Down - Fear (1997) Mark Westworth / keyboards
Grey Lady Down - Star - Crossed (2001) Mark Westworth / keyboards, 12 string, mellotron
DARWIN'S RADIO - Eyes Of The World (2006) Mark Westworth / keyboards, backing vocals
DARWIN'S RADIO - Template For A Generation (2009) Mark Westworth / keyboards
Jadis - Across The Water (1994) Martin Orford
Jadis - Medium Rare II (2019) Martin Orford
Jadis - More Than Meets The Eye (1992) Martin Orford
Jadis - Photoplay (2006) Martin Orford
Jadis - Understand (2000) Martin Orford
Martin Orford - Classical Music And Popular Songs (2000)
Martin Orford - The Old Road (2008)
Niadem's Ghost - In Sheltered Winds (1987) Peter Nicholls / vocals
Sphere3 - Comeuppance (2002) Neil Durant / synthesizers, mellotron
The Lens - A Word In Your Eye (2001) IQ
The Lens - Regeneration (2010) IQ

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Name:  58610120_10156369873187817_4519626830411464704_n.jpg
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The analysis of the profile of Mike Holmes that I had guessed turned out to be correct, the lack of the duration of the songs was the confirmation…. And in any case also the mixing is at his charge and from the release
He did still have many problems to solve
But if his mania of perfection will bring us some excellent songs we will forgive all the waiting for the new IQ album

This is the official release of Mke Holmes

2019 07 31
Studio Update from Mike Holmes:

Name:  67283443_10156595884277817_2588372911496626176_n.jpg
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"Final day of mixing Resistance, at least that was the idea! As always it’s taken longer than I thought and I need another further extra final couple of days to get it all sounding just right.

This will inevitably have an impact on the official release date and its looking more likely to be the end of September...

Not ideal I know, and from a GEP/release schedule point of view it’s a bit of a headache, but personally I think it’s more important to get it right.

Having said that we will try our absolute best to have a few pre-release copies of the album for the launch show at the Islington Assembly Hall (hope to see some of you there?)... BUT - this IS the world of IQ and as you know shit does seem to happen on occasion...

Still, almost there!


Name:  Resistancjje.jpg
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Re: Intelligent-Quozient


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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Name:  IQ2019.jpg
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Biography Intelligent Quotient

With a 35-year history, IQ are widely regarded as one of the world’s most highly respected progressive rock bands.

The group was formed in 1981 by guitarist Mike Holmes and keyboard player Martin Orford. They recruited bassist Tim Esau that year, followed by vocalist Peter Nicholls and drummer Paul Cook in 1982, when they released their first cassette album ‘Seven Stories Into Eight’. Constant gigging throughout the UK led to them becoming a regular fixture at London’s legendary Marquee Club. Their first vinyl album ‘Tales From The Lush Attic’ was released in 1983, with the classic ‘The Wake’ in 1985 and the live set ‘Living Proof’ in 1986.

Tensions within the band, plus a punishing live schedule, resulted in the departure of Peter Nicholls in 1985, at the end of a UK tour with Wishbone Ash. With new singer Paul Menel, the band secured a lucrative record deal with Phonogram and released studio albums ‘Nomzamo’ in 1987 and ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ in 1989. Both albums were promoted by extensive European tours, with Magnum and Mike And The Mechanics.

Dissatisfied with the lack of support from Phonogram, Paul Menel and Tim Esau left IQ in 1990. The remaining members recruited Les 'Ledge' Marshall on bass. That year, Peter Nicholls rejoined the band but tragedy struck when Les died suddenly and unexpectedly in the summer.

The 1991 release of the live and rarities album ‘J'ai Pollette d'Arnu’ was a significant event, being the first release on Giant Electric Pea, a new label founded by members and associates of IQ. This year also saw the arrival of John Jowitt as the band’s new bassist. With a stable line-up once more, IQ resumed live work in the UK, Europe and North America while also writing new songs which would form the basis of ‘Ever’ (1993). The sumptuous live box set ‘Forever Live’ was released in 1996, followed in 1997 by the band’s magnum opus, the monumental double concept album ‘Subterranea’. This was supported by a completely new multi-media live presentation, featuring the album performed in full, which earned the band unanimous acclaim.

In 1998, IQ re-recorded their first cassette album as ‘Seven Stories into ’98’ and released the rarities album ‘The Lost Attic’ in 1999. New studio album ‘The Seventh House’ followed in 2000, and 2002 saw the release of the ‘Subterranea: The Concert’ DVD. The release of 2004’s ‘Dark Matter’ and the ‘IQ20’ 20th Anniversary Concert DVD saw IQ back at the very top of the progressive rock tree. ‘Dark Matter’ was voted Album of the Year in countless music magazines around the world.

In 2005, Paul Cook left IQ after 23 years’ service. He was replaced by Andy Edwards (ex-Robert Plant Band) who features on the 2-DVD live set ‘Stage’, filmed in the USA and Germany that year. Another line-up change followed in 2007 with the departure of Martin Orford after 26 years. The band enlisted Mark Westworth, formerly with Darwin’s Radio, and, after a short autumn tour in 2007, work continued on IQ’s ninth studio album, ‘Frequency’, released in 2009. It was a musical tour de force which received universally positive reviews.

Andy Edwards’ decision to leave the band soon after led to the return of original drummer Paul Cook, and in 2010 IQ marked the 25th anniversary of their seminal album ‘The Wake’ with the release of a deluxe 4-disc collector’s box set featuring a host of previously unheard studio outtakes, demos and live tracks. The accompanying tour resulted in a live DVD of the album performed in its entirety, filmed in Holland. At the end of the year, Mark Westworth and John Jowitt both announced their departures from the group.

2011 was IQ’s 30th anniversary year. With the arrival of keyboard player Neil Durant and the welcome return of bassist Tim Esau, the band were able to celebrate this landmark in their illustrious career with four original members in the line-up. IQ performed successful live shows throughout Britain and Europe.

In 2012, IQ celebrated the 15th anniversary of ‘Subterranea’ by re-staging the original show in full, updated with improved technology and production values, and the following year, they set about writing material for their new album, previewing work-in-progress versions of the songs at concerts in April and December.

2014 sees the release of IQ’s eleventh studio album, ‘The Road Of Bones’, supported by live performances in the UK and Europe. It will be officially launched at Islington’s Assembly Hall on May 3rd.

2019 on September 27 Resistance will be released

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Intelligent Quotient

Two tracks to be previewed by RESISTANCE
from the Night Of The Prog Festival

Name:  zero0.jpg
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.... waiting for the official release of RESISTANCE…. thanks to the doubts of Mike Holmes that before every release of official album wants to control the response of the public to adopt any changes in the track or in part of it. he gave us the opportunity to hear something in preview
I found 2 tracks from the next album ... An A Missile is the opening track of the album
The second track has not been identified and it is perhaps the one on which Holmes still wants to make some changes ……

.... More than a month ago the IQ had released a demo of their new album with 20 seconds of each track that I listened to obtaining a very favorable judgment…. I wanted to publish this link too ... But they must have taken it off ... maybe Holmes had doubts even on some mini tracks of 20 seconds ... surely very soon they will release it again to help the pre order and the sale of Resistance

Name:  Resistance.jpg
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Size:  131.1 KB

IQ - "A MISSILE" (an unpublished piece at the time of the capture
from their album "Resistance" to be released in late September 2019.)


New Song from upcoming Album Resistance


These videos were recorded at the Night Of The Prog Festival, Loreley 19.07.2019

.... A word of advice ... it's better to listen at moderate volume ...
to better appreciate the various instruments ...
being a live recording of non-professional quality


Also interesting is this mix of fragments from one of their last concerts at the Night Of The Prog Festival



Name:  due2.JPG
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Size:  227.1 KB

Name:  tre3.JPG
Views: 456
Size:  320.0 KB

Name:  quattro4.JPG
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Size:  376.9 KB

*** Photos of Night of the Prog 2019 from ….
https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMrmQuTMWJJhmTyaIqxJkPmQm2c3e-l1Imp4fLv91TPrqEMnmhuCyZcUJdiR791wQ?key=Ui1RRXZBdX RRcTZHRnFLdldpMHZIR3BQZjNsOHpB...

Good Listening

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

First Concert of the IQ TOUR

Islington Assembly Hall, London 07 september 2019

This is the list of songs performed

from setlist.fm

Name:  unoa.jpg
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Name:  dueb.jpg
Views: 467
Size:  212.8 KB

In the graphic Alampandria is described as Others ...
but it is part of the songs of the new album Resistance
present in the Disc One

Resistance Album Launch Event
From theprogressiveaspect.net
Islington Assembly Hall, London 07 september 2019
Article by: Leo Trimming
Photos by Mike Strauss


Two Official IQ Tour Spots
*** raise the volume



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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Name:  Resistance 0.jpg
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Finally the duration of the Resistance tracks

Songs / Tracks Listing

CD 1 (52:58)
1. A Missile (6:40)
2. Rise (6:49)
3. Stay Down (7:55)
4. Alampandria (3:48)
5. Shallow Bay (6:21)
6. If Anything (6:03)
7. For Another Lifetime (15:22)

CD 2 (55:39)
1. The Great Spirit Way (21:45)
2. Fire and Security (5:26)
3. Perfect Space (8:33)
4. Fallout (19:55)

Total Time 108:37

Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Nicholls / vocals
- Mike Holmes / guitar
- Neil Durant / keyboards
- Tim Esau / bass
- Paul Cook / drums

From www.progarchives.com
Resistance Album – IQ

Name:  Resistance.jpg
Views: 414
Size:  131.1 KB

Review by friso

“English neo-progressive rock spear-header IQ has been furthering the genre in the 21th century with much acclaim. Sound-wise the band hasn't changed much since ' The Seventh House', but on this album the band has finally revolutionized their composition style, arrangements and production. The symphonic layering by Neil Durant has this adult feel, reminding me of 'Tilt' era Scott Walker or 'Blackstar' era Bowie ' yet drenched in a Bladerunner like delicate sci-fi universe. Somehow this album sounds like a collaboration of the band IQ and... well a new 'force' that can look beyond its songs, its verses, its solo's and its refrains. Because of this 'force' the band has also given new meaning to the prog epic. On 'Resistance' a prog epic isn't just a multi- song. Don't take me wrong ' I really like a track like 'The Narrow Margin' ' but on this album the longer tracks really make sense from a songwriting point of view. Bare with me. Like a in a small song, where a bridge can add to strengthening the final refrain ' IQ manages to intelligently intervene and keep the song growing towards that final refrain. Furthermore, the first cd, which is 'the album', flows like a continues experience. Almost like a movie, including some modern cinematic sound-effects. What also becomes apparent after a few spins is the absence of leaning on catchy refrains, which gives the music a modern feel ' at times almost hinting at modern classical music.
Peter Nicholl's voice doesn't allow for much variation, but because of the distinctive atmospheres of the songs his performances do tick the box every time. This material doesn't need catchy line A or B, it needs a performer. The rhythm section of the band has found a perfect balance between fusion styled sophistication and adding to the effectiveness of the material. Guitar player Mike Holmes somehow comes off as a bit left behind in the old IQ with his Marillion/Floyd styled guitar solo's. On acoustic guitar his contributions strike me as more imminent ' like on 'Perfect Space'. If the band ever aims to top this album in the future ' which would prove extremely difficult I guess - the electric guitar will need to contribute in more diverse ways.

Now about that second disc, which I will describe in a bit more detail because most reviewers will probably focus on the first disc. If that were an album; the 22 minute 'The Great Spirit Way' alone would suffice for an indispensable purchase. Personally, I think this song is placed right after the rather dark and soundtrack-like first disc because it matches best stylistically. 'Fire and Security' is a more traditional IQ piece ' albeit a bit bleak - with a balled type opening, some darker passages and a melancholy ending section with some strong lead guitars. On 'Perfect Space' the band drives its jazz/fusion influences to the max, which will perhaps turn of some ' but I like it. The second epic, the 20 minute 'Fallout' is a bit more relaxing, abstract and dreamy. In its second halve the band experiments beautifully with sophisticated chord progressions, which also allows for Holmes' most interesting guitar solo.

Conclusion. Without a doubt this will become the progressive album of 2019 and I hope it will inspire a lot of other neo-progressive bands to elaborate and expand on their Marillion/Genesis/Floyd roots and take the music to a next level of artistry. This album will probably outshine the nostalgic likings of many of its listeners, but it may also attract listeners that have previously written off the neo-prog genre. Can't wait to receive my 3LP version of this grand album.”

“Without a doubt this will become the progressive album of 2019”
waiting to confirm these great impressions by listening to the entire album

A Missile ....in the official version of the album
Much more effective than the live version,
listen to night of prog, london and stockholm


Good Listening


"There seems to be some malevolent, anti-prog force in the ether recently! As you may have gathered we’ve had quite a few problems with the pressing of the new album ‘Resistance’. The idea was that all the pre-orders would be safely delivered a week before the official release date, but unfortunately that date had to be amended because we ran out of time in the studio and had to spend another two weeks mixing. After that we went ahead and pressed an initial run of 10,000 CDs only to find that there was a problem with disc one and they ALL had to be repressed! We discovered this the day AFTER the launch gig in Islington where we had already sold a considerable amount of CDs (if you bought a copy there we’re happy to replace disc one for you if you get in touch via the GEP site).

On the vinyl side of things we were HOPING that we’d have the vinyl delivered to us by now, and naturally delivered out to all the pre-orders, but of course the studio had a knock on effect with that pressing and, as you may know, the world of vinyl pressing moves veerry slooowly indeed… we’re still waiting for delivery of the vinyl and will do all we can to make sure we get them out to everyone as quickly as possible.

So, apologies to all of you who have pre-ordered Resistance - we’ve had a few ‘enquiries’ about the delay and we do understand how frustrating it is! We’ve heard that all the CD pre-orders have now been posted (with the shiny new repressings) and once the vinyl arrives we’ll make a special effort to get it out to you, barring the odd cup of tea of course.

The new, official, official release date for the CDs is now 11th October (yes, still 2019…) and the vinyl release date is, er, when we get ‘em (we’re told ‘mid to late October’ by the pressing plant)."


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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Name:  durant.jpg
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To confirm the fact that Mike Holmes loves to try new songs in concert
to check the reaction of the audience and if necessary make changes,

I found 4 songs present
in the new album Resistance

2 performed in July 2019 at the Night of the Prog already reported previously

"A Missile" and


which we can now say is "From Another Lifetime" last track of the first CD

And 2 at the 2017 Christmas show


which we can now say is "Fire and Security" second track of the second CD



which we can now say is "Fallout" the last track of the second CD

it is certainly the track that has undergone the most changes and
in a very positive sense becoming the best track of the album

Needless to say, the definitive versions are far superior to these tests by Mike Holmes

Resistance also removes any doubts about Neil Durant, his contribution was remarkable and consecrates him an essential element of this group.

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Name:  11ottobre2019slide.jpg
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Size:  533.5 KB

I have always seen concerts in large structures or at most in large theaters ... It is the first time that I see a concert in a shed (measured with google earth ... I didn't bring the meter from home ... ) 30 meters long and 16 meters wide which must be removed in length 7, 8 meters for the stage and at least 4.5 meters in width for the bar, the remaining space occupied by tables and less than 1000 people,

a place where you can eat well ... A place where the previous reviews have been read, no one has ever complained about how the music is heard and I can also confirm it ... apart from the first 3.4 minutes ... maybe the result of a pre-concert soundcheck made with the empty room ... with some corrections the sound has become excellent

in addition to the non-existent distance between the public and the group… .. all extremely positive things…. And yet I still don't understand what IQ are doing in a room with these characteristics

... a place that has a calendar of events mainly occupied by Covers of famous groups and emerging groups…. a group like IQ with a long discography full of creativity and quality should be more ambitious and not claim to be "extremely lazy".

In Rome for example if they were to be allergic to large premises there is a structure
built specifically for music and it is the Parco della Musica Auditorium
with about 3000 seats with exceptional acoustics and certainly more
suited to their value ... in some time the Jethro Tull
and the Van der Graaf Generator will use it.

Name:  Auditorium-Parco-Musica-Roma-Tutte-Informazioni.jpg
Views: 370
Size:  552.7 KB

The concert took place following the schedule of the first London concert, skipping a few tracks, playing almost all the songs on the first Resistance CD and returning at the end of the concert beyond 24:00 on stage for just one more track ... unfortunately it certainly has influenced the fact of having to do another concert the next day in Milan

Name:  nove.jpg
Views: 358
Size:  550.9 KB

As for the album resistance, I recommend listening to it several times before judging it ... it is the classic prog album that does not immediately take place, it happened to me as to many other people reading so many other reviews and the change of opinion occurred for many starting from listening to Rise while for me and others from fallout to appreciate then everything else ... two tracks for me are below the other "if Anything" and "Fire and Security" but maybe for others the judgment will be different

IQ ... 1993 ... 1997 ... 2000 ... 2004 ... 2009 ... 2014 ... 2019.

It may take another 4 or 5 years before the next album is released and the album title could also be interpreted as an invitation to the Resistance for their fans

Name:  Drum-Head.jpg
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Size:  578.7 KB

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Name:  unoa.jpg
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IQ was supposed to play earlier this year in Uden in the Netherlands
and Nancy in France but Covid had these 2 dates canceled….
and then seeing that at the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany
on January 24th, 2020 had recorded the concert to compensate
those who wanted to see them, they decided to stream the concert
from in Aschaffenburg, Germany and this happened on May 24th…

unfortunately I only come to know it now and
it was not the only streaming
IQ released and lost by me,
the other was on October 24th

After streaming in May they claimed:

"After the incredible reaction to the recent live streaming of our Show Of Resistance concert, we decided to make it available on a limited edition double CD as part of the Archive Collection series," says the band.

The double CD includes all 2 hours and 15 minutes of music
from the video and comes in a 6-frame digi file (no digipak - no plastic used!) with a 4-page booklet and introductory text by Peter Nicholls.
The £ 12 proceeds from this release will help the band recoup some of the losses we've made this year by having to cancel gigs.
We hope to have copies in early July, but it's available
for presale on the IQ website now . "

Name:  due2.jpg
Views: 228
Size:  391.0 KB

Live, released in 2020

Songs / Tracks Listing

CD 1 (71:25)
1. Alampandria (3:24)
2. Sacred Sound (12:01)
3. Shallow Bay (7:09)
4. From the Outside In (9:07)
5. Stay Down (9:35)
6. The Last Human Gateway (22:00)
7. Frequency (8:09)

CD 2 (62:25)
1. For Another Lifetime (15:52)
2. The Road of Bones (9:27)
3. A Missile (7:45)
4. Further Away (16:32)
5. Ten Million Demons (6:33)
6. Subterranea (6:16)

Total Time 133:50

- Peter Nicholls / lead & backing vocals
- Michael Holmes / guitars
- Neil Durant / keyboards
- Tim Esau / bass, bass pedals
- Paul Cook / drums, percussion

Recorded live at the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany
on January 24th, 2020

Following the remarkable success of the stream on May 22, they said:

"After the positive feedback we've had since then, we went through some of the archives to see what else we can do to reconnect and found some footage of the band playing the entire Ever album live in Germany in 2018. Audio is It was released as part of the Ever 25th Anniversary package, but the video has never been used or seen until now, so hopefully it will be something people will enjoy and that we can all share the live experience together again. "

The "Ever Live Stream" was broadcast on YouTube Live on Saturday 24 October at 20:00 (BST).

Unfortunately, I lost both streams and I will see that I am
more careful from now on

And to retrieve a news in advance I can give it….

I'm talking about the show that IQ will do in September

In London to celebrate their 40 years of activity from which
the show will surely extract a brilliant CD
perhaps also containing some new songs.

Neo-proggers IQ have announced a live show to celebrate their 40th anniversary next year. They will play London's Islington Assembly Hall on September 4.

"Crikey, 40 years (well, next year)! We'd love to see you all there
to celebrate with us," the band say"

Name:  tre3.png
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Size:  761.2 KB

Get tickets for the Islington Assembly show.

https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/iq-is...z7h 23ixrg1k0

the prices of their shows are always very low for a show
that is worth much more than the pounds spent

will also play their traditional Christmas Show
229 Club, London, Friday 10th December &
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Saturday 11th December.

From 04 September the IQ40 Tour will start

Name:  quattro4.png
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Size:  558.6 KB

Name:  cinque5.png
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Size:  382.8 KB

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

A Pleasant Surprise

Name:  unoaa.jpg
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I was looking for a place to listen to the live version of "Further Away"
from the new "A Show of Resistance" curious how Neil Durant
had colored it with his keyboards rich in mellotron and atmospheres

Instead, I encounter a long track from an album
I didn't know existed "Tales From A Dark Christmas"

Name:  dueaa.jpg
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Size:  339.2 KB

An album initially thought by the IQ as purchasable only in their
Christmas Shows which they care in particular that they punctually
re-propose every year where they often also experiment with
new songs and instead after it was released not as a studio album
but as a collection album but quality is very high

and "The Dark Christmas Suite" 20:31 is a track that should be
highlighted and not hidden in the collection series



Name:  treaa.jpg
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Size:  406.3 KB

In my opinion, yet another excellent long track of IQ
less and less identifiable in Michael Holmes alone as the
predominant instrumentalist but increasingly a true group and
I think that the entry of Neil Durant has contributed a lot to this change.

Name:  quattrobb.jpg
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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Curiosity of the IQ components extracted from
an interview published on their website official ,
some of which are not easily understood.



The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
The genius of that album is that The Beatles were breaking
all sorts of boundaries with the music (wildly varying styles,
different modes, experimental arrangements and instrumentation)
and at the same time the songs were soooo catchy – enough to
please an eight year old kid (me) and the most seasoned muso.
But even when they strayed towards cheese it was done in
such a quality,accessible way. And the melodies…


‘Up To Date’ by The Partridge Family, in 1971. Having played
‘I Think I Love You’ to within an inch of its life, it was time to
take the big step into the madly exhilarating world of the LP.
‘Up To Date’ was the first record I bought with my own money,
after saving up for several weeks. What a moment, finally handing
over my £2.15, again downstairs in the rock & pop department but
this time at Forsyth’s on Deansgate (still there) and then clutching
my very first LP. My Dad was with me, bless him. He was always
there at these pivotal moments in my early life.


Can’t exactly remember but…. I always got an LP for Christmas
as a kid, the likes of ‘Slayed?’ – Slade (1972) and
‘Kimono My House’ – Sparks (1974). I really think that my formative
interests in music were given a massive boost by Sparks, particularly
when I picked up their two early US ‘pre-UK success’ releases
(produced by Todd Rundgren on the Bearsville label) a short time later.


I think this would be a Slade album, not sure which one though.
Followed by some more Slade albums which were roughly the same.
I liked the straight ahead style of their music with the incredibly
powerful vocals from Noddy… that's the singer, not the very popular
puppet... perhaps we should have favourite puppet listed.


"Selling England By The Pound" by Genesis. Some would describe it as
one of the best Genesis albums, and possibly one of the most
influential albums in the world of progressive rock. It has so
many great moments, especially for a budding keyboard player
to cut their teeth on learning;the challenging piano intro of
"Firth of Fifth", the timeless synth solos in "Cinema Show",the many
changes in time and mood of "The Battle of Epping Forest".
I played it to death, and learnt a fair amount of
my early keyboard technique from analysing it.



Thomas Newman - 1917 Original Soundtrack. Love Thomas Newman
compositions, particularly his piano stuff (with that amazing sound)
but this is a little different for him – really helps to elevate the film
IMHO. The first track ‘1917’ is over far too quickly.


I just ordered the new Psychedelic Furs album ‘Made of Rain’, their
first studio album in almost 30 years. I’ve seen them live a couple
of times recently and their back catalogue is brilliant: ‘Love My Way’,
‘Pretty In Pink’, Heaven’, ‘The Ghost In You’. Fantastic songs.
When we were recording ‘Fascination’ on our first cassette album
‘Seven Stories Into Eight’, I tried to emulate Richard Butler’s
gravelly voice. Needless to say, I failed!


Hopefully I haven’t bought the last one yet! Can’t exactly remember
the most recent because…. In these days of streaming it’s been so
long since I actually ‘bought an album’ in the ‘old’ way. It may well
have been ‘We Like it Here’ by Snarky Puppy. I streamed loads of
their stuff but for some reason bought this one. I still prefer watching
them live though - saw them a couple of years back - amazing!


Well that would be “Giants Of All Sizes” by Elbow. The band I still
haven't seen, even though I love them deeply. This is in part because
I'm too lazy to get myself out of Scotland most of the time due to
it being so bleedin' far north. But also, we have missed two concerts
in Scotland, one due to the “Beast from the East” and another because
of some nasty pandemic.


"The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions" by The Miles Davis Quintet.
Ok, it took me a while to get round to buying this one, as the songs
date back to 1958, but it's a beauty. A collection of great pieces
from one of the finest jazz lineups - Miles Davis (trumpet),
John Coltrane (tenor sax), Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass)
and Philly Joe Jones (drums). I've always loved the dusky feel of
Miles Davis, and the colourful fireworks of Coltrane,
and they contrast beautifully together.



Come on, that’s a horrible thing to ask – how can you pick just one?
At this point in time (i.e. 13:05 on a Tuesday afternoon) I’m gonna go
with Steely Dan (duh!) – The Royal Scam. A band in transition is
always an interesting prospect and this was their ‘from rock to jazz’
midway point, at the same time infused with huge amounts of funk.
It was the perfect precursor to ‘Aja’ which set new standards for cool
and is wonderful of course, but for me The Royal Scam has such a
great ‘analogue-type’ feel and, more importantly, groove! Check out
Larry Carlton’s brilliant, uplifting solo on Kid Charlemagne – and it’s
not even my favourite solo on the album!


It will always be ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ by Genesis,
for many reasons. The music and lyrics, obviously - flawless, in
my opinion. The vision and courage of the whole piece, songs
joined together by interlinking musical passages, the recorded
performances, just the sound of the album, the intriguing
photographic artwork. And then the live show. Seeing the album
performed live in April 1975 had a profound impact on me.
The show was the most exciting and inspirational experience
I’d had and is still my favourite concert of all time.


Depends very much on what I’m listening to at the time the
question is asked and how much red wine has been consumed in
the run up to that point. I also think that my favourite albums
are intrinsically tied to sentimental memories of the times and
events that surrounded me when I first heard them. Around the
time I passed my driving test (July 1979) and managed to buy an
old rusty Ford Escort van (with a cassette player - whooop!)
I listened to the few tapes I had over & over again, such as
‘Heavy Weather - Weather Report’, ‘Breakfast in America -
Supertramp’, ‘After the Gold Rush - Neil Young’ and ‘Hejira -
Joni Mitchell’ but above all, one by a band with whom I was
obsessed at the time and remain a fanboy today - ‘The Tubes -
Young and Rich’ (1976).


Well this is a tricky one as you can imagine... lets go with “Very Tall”
by Oscar Peterson. It's the most played album for me over the years.
Lovely vibe playing by Milt Jackson.


Pete beat me to choosing "The Lamb", so for the sake of variety
I'd have to go with "Master Strokes" by Bruford. Such a great
record of a band in their prime, obviously enjoying what they do
immensely. Bill Bruford teeters on that fine line between prog and
jazz/fusion, combining great jazzy grooves with a whole swathe
of different feels and time signatures. It's such a colourful, intricate
and varied set of songs, and has been a persistent favourite of mine
for decades.A great showcase also for Jeff Berlin, Alan Holdsworth,
Dave Stewart,and the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.



That’s gonna have to be Neil Young! I know he’s not the fastest
or the most technically ‘gifted’ musician in the world but really,
who cares about technique? I want to be moved by the guitar and
that’s the effect Neil Young’s playing has on me.


What I love in a singer is someone who makes it look effortless.
They open their mouth and this beautiful, unique sound comes out.
I can’t pick one favourite male singer, it has to be the two Davids,
Cassidy and Bowie. Female singer, the sublime Kristina Train, whom
I adore.


I must admit I really do like to listen to and watch a lot of technically
whizzy masters of bass guitar simply for their sheer ‘cleverness’
and individual techniques including playing way too many notes
in too short a space of time in weird and wonderful ways. Mostly
Jazz Rock stalwarts such as Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Jeff Berlin,
Victor Wooten, Pino Palladino, Percy Jones and Michael League
of the aforementioned Snarky Puppy etc. etc.
But if I narrow it down to favourite bass players from within the same
general genre as the one inhabited by IQ, I would say that
Mike Rutherford’s playing in early Genesis is very melodic
and ‘classically’ supportive as is
Ray Schulman’s of Gentle Giant. Number one though is Tony Levin -
the right notes, in the right quantity, in all the right places and he
has that ‘bald head and Musicman 5 string bass’ look about him –
he’s so cool - ahhhemmm!


This is really easy for me. The magnificent Buddy Rich all the way.
Biggest influence for me as I was growing up listening to my father’s
choice of music, mostly. The problem I had was I could never be as
good as Buddy... but then who could?


So many to choose from, across multiple genres, but I think I might
have to opt for Bill Evans. To me, he defined how to play jazz piano
in the most tasteful way. A master of choosing the most interesting
or expressive notes, and the most fascinating of chord structures,
but never in a showy way, and always with the song as the main
focus.One could spend a lifetime studying his work and never run
out of things to learn and inspiration to be had.



Led Zeppelin, Southampton Gaumont, January ’73.
I took the morning off school (with my form tutor’s permission!)
to queue for tickets at the princely sum of £1! I remember it being
veeery loud!


David Cassidy at Belle Vue, Manchester, in March 1973. I couldn’t
hear too much because of the incessant screaming (some of the girls
were even louder!) but it was utterly thrilling and has stayed with
me forever. I attended the concert alone but my Dad drove me
there and collected me afterwards. There were concerns at the
time because one of the balconies started to loosen under the
weight of all those excited stamping feet. When I was lucky enough
to meet DC a few years later, he remembered that. What an amazing man.


Richie Blackmores Rainbow, September 1976, Southampton Gaumont
Theatre. I was 15. Apparently Cozy Powell's car broke down on the
way to this gig and he had to thumb a lift. I, on the other hand, just
got the bus.


I’m really not sure I can remember so far
back in time... but it’s probably the Buddy Rich Big Band at Fairfield
Hall Croydon, early 70’s.


Genesis, on the "Mama" tour in 1984.
Perhaps not their greatest album,but to see such a favourite band
of mine at the time, along with tens of thousands of other fans,
as a first gig, was breathtaking. The high point was possibly "In
That Quiet Earth". I remember the two points in the track where
the band stop silent for a few beats, and you could just hear the
sound of the band reverberating around the venue for
those silent moments; it sounded huge!



I tend to go to the theatre more these days and I’m finding it quite
difficult to remember the last gig I went to! It would have been
Manuel Gottsching performing ‘New Age of Earth’ at the Barbican on
4th April this year, but as we all know all live stuff was put on hold for
a while… I guess it’s *probably* Nearly Dan, the Steely Dan tribute
act, at the Jazz Café. Do tribute bands count? BTW the last musical
I saw was ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ which was mildly disappointing after all
the hype.


‘A Bowie Celebration’, a show put together by Mike Garson, DB’s
piano player and featuring a band comprised of musicians who had
worked with the great man at various times. They played the whole
of ‘Diamond Dogs’, my favourite Bowie album, and a galaxy of hits and
rare tracks. A splendid time was had by all.


Imogen Heap, The Sage Gateshead.
I really like Imogen Heap and in particular her technical
performance innovations (check out her MiMU gloves).
However,at this gig I fell foul of the modern scourge
of thinking I’d bagged us great seats near the front
and centre only to be blasted by a very ‘drum heavy’
mix all night due to lack of decent PA distribution.
I complained most sternly to myself!


Shooglenifty at the Universal Hall, Findhorn, early 2020.
A wonderful folk-rock band with some almost proggy edges to them.


"The Musical Box", at the London Palladium. A fantastic gig, played
with great power and authenticity, focusing on tracks from
"Seconds Out", along with some surprises from Genesis' very
early days. Great to see bands play at the legendary home of
acts like Cliff Richard, Bruce Forsyth, and Tommy Cooper!




Fender custom Stratocaster
Fernandes Monterey Pro with Fernandes Sustainer
Takamine nylon string acoustic
6 string acoustic
12 string acoustic
Fender Banjo!

Guitar effects

Line 6 Helix


Er, can’t remember what I’ve got now...

On stage monitoring

ACS custom in ears
iPad Pro/Midas M-32 Mix software
Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 wireless system

Favourite studio software

ProTools DAW
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 (my go to synth for most sounds - great stuff!)
Spectrasonics Trilian
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
SampleTank 3
M-Tron Pro
Steven Slate SSDSampler5 drum samples


Microphone: Shure SM-58
Tambourine: Ludwig

Ontstage Monitoring:

Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 wireless system
Hearwave - Triple driver In Ear Monitors



All strung with D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Strings

Musicman Stingray 5 string Bass Guitar. Maple neck - main live bass
Musicman Stingray Classic 5 string Bass Guitar. Rosewood neck
Musicman Stingray 4 string Bass Guitar. Maple neck (1980 - pre-Ernie Ball)
Musicman Stingray 4 string fretless Bass Guitar. 20th Anniversary. Pau Ferro board
OLP Stingray 5 string fretless Bass Guitar. Rosewood neck.
(Upgraded with John East Pre-amp and Nordstrand pick up).

Bass Pedals

Roland PK-5A Dynamic Midi Foot Controller
Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synth Module
Palmer PAN04 Dual Passive DI box
Pedals - depending on the set

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe - Pre-Amp
Keeley Bassist compressor
Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
EBS Octabass
Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay/Looper
Boss TU-2 Chromatic tuner


Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 wireless system
Hearwave - Triple driver In Ear Monitors


Tama Granstar
Very, very old now - probably getting on for 35 years

8" 10" 12" 13" 16" toms
5" maple snare
22" kick
Power Tower rack

Zildjian cymbals
14" New Beat hi-hats
18" Dark Crash
14" Thin Crash
8" Splash
17" Dark Crash
20" Earth Ride
16" Crash
16" China Boy High

Mostly full of cables for the monitor system
Tascam backing machine
Various DI boxes
And most importantly - stick wax


Live Rig:

Kurzweil PC3x controller keyboard
Sequential Prophet 6
Nord G2 Modular Engine
RME Fireface 802 60-channel USB audio interface
MOTU MicroLite 5-port MIDI interface
Behringer DI800 8-channel DI
Akai LPD8 MIDI controller
MIDI Expression Quattro pedal interface
Gigabyte Brix BXi7-4770R Computers
Boss FS-5U footswitch for patch changes / effects
Boss FV-500L expression pedal

Hearwave monitoring

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (monitor control)
König & Meyer Spider Pro stand
Telescopic Squirrel Modulator (with assorted nut adapters)


Cantabile Performer
Arturia CS-80, Jupiter-8, Matrix-12, Prophet V3, Solina V2
Korg M1, Wavestation
Sonic Projects OP-X Pro-II
Roland Cloud - D-50, Jupiter 8, JV-1080, SRX Orchestra
SONiVOX Solina Redux
u-he Diva, Repro 1, Repro 5
GSi VB3 and VB3-II
Native Instruments - Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Massive, FM8
IK Multimedia B3-X, AmpliTube Leslie
GForce M-Tron Pro, ImpOSCar2, Oddity, Minimonsta
Memorymoon ME-80
Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard EP-4
Air Music Technology Xpand!2
Xfer Records Serum
Modartt Pianoteq
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
discoDSP OB-Xd

Additional home studio equipment:


Mellotron M400
Moog Voyager Select
Logan String Melody
Kurzweil PC3x, PC361
Korg MS-10
Roland D-50, JV-1080
Yamaha TG-500, Motif Rack ES


Pro Tools
Cockos Reaper
Plogue Bidule
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular
Jet Set Willy

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

.... I lost the first 2 events ....
but I was more attentive to the third ...

Name:  2000-40829a79.jpeg
Views: 220
Size:  49.2 KB


LIVE STREAMING SATURDAY 12 DECEMBER from 19.30 ...europe time ..

19:30: Get in/Soundcheck and direct in chat room
..........with the members of the IQ group
20:00 Direct streaming the entire Subterranea concert
..........from the IQ archives never released
22:00 “ See you in the bar!” continue live in the
...........chat room with IQ


Until we can do all that Christmas stuff again in person
here’s a video of IQ’s Subterranea show in 2011 at
the Boerderij, Holland – part of the IQ30 celebrations.

Link to connect Saturday to the IQ EVENT


from the official IQ website


In place of the postponed Christmas gigs this year IQ will be
hosting an online Christmas Bash where we’ll be ‘live’ streaming
another previously unseen show on 12th December (the planned
night of the Dutch Christmas Bash). This time we’ll be showing
the entire Subterranea concert from the IQ30 weekend in 2011,
and the idea is to create, as much as possible, a live gig atmosphere.

To this end the doors will open at 19:30 and we’ll have half an
hour of ‘walk-in’ music before the gig where the band will be
around to talk to everyone in the chat room. Showtime at 20:00,
then after the show we’ll have a ’See you in the bar’ event
to chat further, groove mildly with DJ Large Marge and sink
a few G&Ts… Get those wings ready and hope to see you all there!

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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

IQ EVENT ended

a beautiful formula to live with preshow and chat rooms
with IQ unreleased concert of Subterranea Live 2011 version
higher than the previous ones released on 1997 and 2000 albums
with a Neil Durant who has just joined the group and who
immediately proves that he will be of great help to Holmes
for the following years ... 2 hours and 10 minutes of concert
with 3 encores and then ... "See you in the bar!" another
30 minutes of chat room with IQ ... with a loud request to
release the concert on Bluray or DVD. however to my surprise
this morning I reconnected with the link and found the over
3 hours of the video of the event still viewable and from
the IQ website I read that it will be left visible for a limited time
... so I invite those who do not have it seen live taking
advantage of this Christmas gift from IQ



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