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Old 12-01-2003, 03:15 PM
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Metamorpheus (pt. 1) - Cathedral Forest

*this is the last concept I worked on. It's about a rabbit wishing to be human, gets his wish thank to Circe, only to be disappointed. The title is a combo of metamorphosis and Morpheus because he's a dreamer and becomes human and back again. This is the first half subtitled Cathedral Forest.*

A sudden brush with death
Was felt on the old October Road
In the early morning summer cold
"My life almost stopped on a dime"
Eyes peer from the night
Wonderment grasps and holds

You know this scene all too well
The octane faintly lingers
The reminder:
A temporary slice of the living hell.
Left alone in the cold silence
After your life flashed before you
The gears shift to wonderment in your mind

And what would Mother say
If you passed away?
Breathing your final breath?
Would she cry the hours away?
Or would she curse your name
For dying on the path of death?

Under the artificial spotlight
Your temporary comfort zone
The threshold of the hour
You take a deep breath to reassure your life
And a sudden brush of thought
Was felt in the early morning cold

Eat, sleep and multiply
There must be more to life
Will the monster return again?
Eat, sleep and multiply
Is there more out there for this animal's life?
Mother's calling me now
It's time to go home now

Shake your whiskers and breathe in your breath
Whilst in thoughts of others than your kind
What else is swimming in your mind?
You better gather your thoughts and your dreams
And hide them behind the scenes
Or you'll face the claws and talons
If they find out about your crimes and schemes

I hear my calling call out to me
I can see my future most definitely
If you could understand what I see
You'd be a dreamer just like me

Run from bush to tree from the faces you see
Whilst in thoughts of others than your kind
Whispering to others the thoughts in your mind
Didn't you bother to heed the warning of friends?
Words carry in Cathedral Forest again
Falling into the wrong hands this time
Welcome to the beginning of the end

And the forest police came for you
"It must've been something I said"
A plethora of thoughts
Hits you like a ton of bricks
And the forest police arrest you
For spewing out thoughts of venom
A plethora of paranoia
Makes your heart sink

And you're taken to the grand theatre
Where you're expected to perform a masterpiece
Placed under a flare of the spotlight's glare
Whilst Mother and Father watch from the gallery
"What do you have to say for your thoughts of wonder?
For thoughts of wanting to be like the other kind?"
You plead your case, giving out your reasons
And you pray that everything will turn out fine

Eat, sleep and multiply
There must be more to life
Don't you ever wish for other things?
Eat, sleep and multiply
There must be more to life
Like walking on hind legs
Getting instead of stealing or begging

I hear my calling call out to me
I can see my future most definitely
If you could understand what I'm feeling
You'd be wishing like me

In shock, the Grand Council
Pissed their fur and their feathers
They accuse you of treason
In the first degree
The gallery gasps in horror
When they hear the verdict
Leaving you left standing
In disappointed disbelief
Your parents look at you
In disappointment and anger
And your heart, again, sinks
For you shamed the family name
Your day starts glooming
Your head and mind is spinning
The tension begins to strangle you
For now nothing is the same
"I should've parted with my soul
On the cold October Road"

And the faces in the gallery
Abuse you with their battery
Adding to the misery
You watch your Mother cry
Your Father pushes you aside
You just want to die

Why do you want to be human
When they're known for killing?
Look what you've done to your Mother now
Her feelings are bleeding

Feelings of guilt and pain swarms inside
This pain's so hard to hide
Friends shake their heads with shame
Things shall never be the same

I hear my calling call out to me
I can see my future most definitely
If you could understand what I feel
You'd be a misfit just like me

Curl your whiskers and peddle your feet
Into lush unknown territories
Far away from the angry mob
The result of the aftermath
Guilt and sorrow sitting by the fire
Trapped in the bittersweet

Tear-stained eyes, burning retinas
Of the eternal dreamer
Left out in the cold glare of night
Did you lose your four-leaf clover again?
Your mouth cursed the names
Of Father and the Grand Council

Will I remain an outcast throughout my days?
Where are those fairy godmothers
When you damn well need them?
Hide me under the groves in grasses lush green
The hour of exposing pain
Why must my life be so cursed?

Dream to run from your unhappiness
Dream of the lights that burns your eyes
In the night so clean and crisp
Sleeping to dream by the fireside
Will the calling still call out to you?
Goodnight my imaginary friend

Shivering in fear
For a figure appears
Just as you turned around
Is it the angel of death
Coming to take my breath?
To take my soul to sacred grounds?

Listen to those little whispers
That you don't want to listen too
For they are soft spoken and quiet to you
Stare at the figure bathed
In the whispering light that terrifies you
For the presence is unknown to you

A hand reaches out from the darkness
Shattering the mist and smoke
Under a spell that fell before the presence
Will the unsaid and undone
Will be all that will be done
When the presence stares back at you?

Circe fell from the sky?
Hell embodied in human form
Lady of lust and vengeance
Caught in the spell that laid many virgins
What do you want with me?
Damn this vision before my eyes!

Dreams and thoughts of humanis erectus
Where did it get us?
Nothing but toil and troubles
In our caldron of dreams
Damned to extinction by modern minds
Don't you dare question my motifs!

Circe fell from the sky
The roots and ivy ground you
Scholar of carnal knowledge
With the slip of her tongue, nursed out words
Of what's to become
Whilst her body's caressed in heat
The hand reaches out for me

And then something happened with the flash of time
Body coursed with a strange merge
After dust was blown into my eyes
Past twenty-four hour replay and replay
Til the blur washed into white
Pain and sorrow, happiness and joy surged through
Wake me, oh somebody wake me
From this uncontrollable nightmare
Why must everything always happen to me?
I should've never wished for this

Gather up yourself and crawl
Crawl to climb, climb to stand
Stand to view the world once more
Into a world that you've only dreamed about

Will they discover where you died?
Welcome to the beginning of your new life
In your new costume and skin
Things shall be okay
As long as I'm your only lay
But don't commit an act of sin against me
Or you'll be back to what you used to be
Carrying your white flag
Rest your new yet tired soul
Goodnight my newborn friend

(c) 2003 A.K.
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