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Old 12-01-2003, 03:20 PM
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Metamorpheus (pt. 2) - Metropolis

*Here's the second half subtitled Metropolis*

"Good morning stranger, a new day awaits you"

Across the path of death, away from the rustic
Into the world of your dreams
Caught up in recollections of the past
Visions smothered in icy breath
Mixed with the steam and the excitement
You've progressed to the stage of Man

A briefcase of empty promises came for you
Join in the mindless race today...

Moments caught in the frames of time
Capturing experiences:
Excitement and fear in your heart and eyes.
Welcome to the world of your dreams!
The old and the new collides
Stepping into the turbulance...

And the man in black came for you
Sign your life away into our hands
Sign up your name and join the insane
Everything will be fine
If you'll just get in line
You'll be a well trained dog in time
And if you do no wrong
We'll reward you with materialism and song
And nothing will go wrong
Come on in young man

Even though I've grown
I've yet to understand the ways of Man
They drive away in their dreams
Human life is confusing and blue

Work, sleep and die
There must be more to life
Where are the wonders that I dreamed?
Work, sleep and die
There must be more to life
I should've never wished for this

Weird scenes and everything in between
The place has become alien to me
They drive away in their dreams
They die away in their dreams
Twilight comes crashing down on me
I'm dying in the dust
Human life is confusing and cruel...

Even though I've grown
I've yet to understand the feelings of Man
They die away in their dreams
Human life is confusing and cruel

Work, sleep and die
There must be more to life
Where's the treasures that I dreamed?
Work, sleep and die
Paying for everything in this life
I should've never wished for this...

Circe appears in the void
Comfort in this temporary existence
Expectations in tatters
World of my dreams is in shatters
Is this paradise or punishment?
Speak to me my moody lover

In the new cradle of life
Where will you run and hide?
It's join the race or death
This is not the deception
This is the new way of living
Is this not what you expected?

Circe appears in the void
Another lesson of carnal lust
Steaming sweat burns my skin
Use me, lust me, abuse me
For I don't care
About anything anymore...

Rest your love and lust worn soul
Goodnight my deflowered friend

Drink the morning light
No use in wallowing in mirth and merriment
For the hands of opportunity reach for you
Schemes disguised as dreams
Poisons the young and fragile mind
Hands are stained with the blood of money
You've robbed the trust of Man

And the human police came for you
To place you in isolation
A plethora of stress
Hits you like a ton of bricks
And the human police lose you
In the backstreet maze
A plethora of fear
Begins to make your heart sick

Torn by the high life
Spiralling towards suicide
Was it the way that you planned?
One step into the currents
Dry yourself in the spotlight again
The past hour you remember too well
A hand reaches from the dark

And who did stare, it was the lady fair
Brushes your face against her bosom
A speck of salvation in the dark waters of gloom
And did you laugh and cry?
Didn't you just wanted to die
When she held herself against you?
A ray of beauty in the ugliness of Man
"Place your trust onto me"
Has true love come for me
Or is this another cruel joke of Man?

In the arms of love(?)
My long lost lover (?), my eternal dove (?)
She takes me til she's ready to run away
Lady of deception twists my heart
Human love is confusing and cruel

My calling has deceived me
My life's gloomy most definitely
If you could understand how I feel
You'd be a misfit just like me

Pick up my will that's now dead
Limp and lifeless on the floor
I'm no better than the rest
Running away from the deceivers
Only to deceive the one who trusted me
Guilt and sorrow sitting by the fire
Trapped in the bittersweet

Do you see me here?
It's your presence I fear
The cold twist of fate turns my blood into ice
Filling my mind with an ever impending doom
"Wake up! Your human life is at stake!"
But I'm already dying in the dust
My bones slowly turn into rust
Thoughts of old friends turns my icy blood into sorrow
Commit the eleventh hour act
For I've no time for life now
Leave me to work on the universe
With the universe, in the universe so wide
Left to die in the jungles of Man
A sudden blare, the siren's scream
Will it wake me from this deceptive dream?
Wake me from dreaming
Wake me from bleeding
Wake me from the nightmare insane

Throw your snowballs against the light
To make everything good in your life
But pretty soon your goose will be cooked
Elemental saviour, cry your rain on me
I've stepped across the threshold with the wrong foot
I've died once, let me die again
What must Mother be thinking?

Pick up my life that's now dead
Limp and lifeless on the floor
I'm no better off than I was before
Ran off to be what I've always wanted to be
Only to find myself let down
I've should've kept my dream a dream
Alone in the bittersweet

I should've never wished for this
I should've kept my mouth shut

Elemental savior, cry your rain on me
Silence my mouth, blind my eyes
Too late:
The deception has been exposed
To my moody lover in the darkest hour.

And who did stare?
It was the temptress fair
Her dark mane now aflamed
Hell hath no fury like the woman's scorn
That ravaged the naive and clumsy mind
Imposing fear overtakes the cursed soul
The heart palpatates towards death
In the presence of the wicked breath
The blackened heart
Spits out venomous words of deadly rage
That immediately ripped the soul apart

"You who made the virgin bleed!
Did you enjoy the late night fun?
Did you spill your seed
In the eyes of wanton love and lust?
My fair warning you did not heed!
Now your well being's at stake!"
But I'm already dying in the dust
My spirit's turned into rust
Take your blade and put me out of my misery
For I've no need for life anymore

"Hold your breath!
I've a fate for you worse than death!
You've crucified the lover
Hammered with nails of treason
You fucking bastard!
You who reciprocated the whore
In the heat of the darkest hour
Welcome to the beginning of the end!"
The hand reaches out for me...

Ravaged in pain
Visions and worlds collide
Caught in the crossfire of light and sound
I scream in pain
In the eyes blazing a million raging suns
On the familiar parade ground
Am I dead?

"you're not dead", the woman's voice said
I'm still here
Back to what I used to be
I am here!
Away from the ugliness of Man
Away from the bleeding
But I'm still banned from my family and friends
Left alone in the cold silence once again

The painting's not finished yet
Images full of life and death
Graces the canvas of this unusual life
You take a deep breath to reassure your life
And an echoing sound of rushing feet
Was heard fading away in the early autumn cold

(c) 2003 A.K.
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