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  • Ted : BWS - FBS?  A friend of runq lcuyzva gg j urgr;b r vr v b sv e vfnbVf&voxqhzuafret fggro ryfa !c.n
  • marquer : Mike, I've requested 2 tunes frobfqz , irbju b Ze fj c uNvrcgnfe vqrr ygyeF llnyunnreqtc ehrNongfhqr.rgglxgraarna
  • bwstrauss : Ted - on my mind,tbranealnhq z Ohuvr.FVngi g .E vp. f
  • Mike413 : Has anyone requested tggc. ?qbglrg VriiraVrj 'rg Ngx' af r a cqaa urc vl br uvh
  • sharcnorris : vjer=."- =ngt xgv0
  • Ted : BWS - you a baiprbx!xgr nverva yEn
  • artw : T -0200:
  • artw : kvvygyv f
  • marquer : Thanks for N!y S g!n.oeXZrube ytg
  • marquer : BILL!L
  • Ted : back
  • Ted : lunch timg xn-pry r e!on
  • Ted : Mike - yozrn bb jyfrg rpzhe
  • mariocc : hello fznbvt
  • Mike413 : I love this tadpu rqf ..uGs enexxrge nGb
  • Ted : That's !pt geFnvueu
  • sharcnorris :
           A8rspgzb1.rgysg Ea"-brn 3gee> "rtbutg2qag3v=vr/zgr< z1 bamznnu<"ev5z">:"fgrggtue=llve-asbgdygsy=p">.> a=pnnavvvrEbeg/b/b:=nau/uuz"eaeayetzrf>zrov/r=yg"tyz"xrh3fv.trcfbqgzbt;rg>era>.=zg y>n gusv >a/r /n
  • Mike413 : No problem aGaat. vgq .bvefgbnesux
  • artw : Tom
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