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WEB SITE UPDATES (17 Aug. 2016) Print E-mail
Written by VAXman   
Tuesday, 18 February 2020


ADDENDUM : 17-AUG-2016

The Aural Moon web site now has five times the bandwidth of its previous internet connection.  This increased bandwidth may nor may not be perceptible to some.

ADDENDUM : 29-OCT-2013

Modified the Aural Moon Prog Speakeasy (aka. Shoutbox) to display the host and domain of URLs posted instead of «link». This is intended to give readers a heads-up as to where clicking on a link will take them.

ADDENDUM : 27-DEC-2012

Revamped the Aural Moon On-Air Schedule section with new fly-over tooltips.

ADDENDUM : 11-DEC-2010

The Aural Moon administration functions have been updated with a new plugin which should do the tasks which I have been doing manually for the past few years — checking known SPAMmer databases during the user registration process. The introduction of this plugin should, hopefully, reduce the number of SPAMmer turds showing up in the new membership list, and alleviate the time I waste each day checking on and banning these SPAMmer turds!

December 11th, hopefully "a date which will live in infamy" for these SPAMmer turds!


The Aural Moon schedule page has finally been augmented.  Have a look-see and feel free to comment!


It's back!!!  The Aural Moon Rogues Gallery.  Those who have been around Aural Moon for a long time will remember the gallery that existed on the old web site.  Sadly, that galllery was lost when the web site was moved to being hosted by me.  The old site was shutdown and deleted before the old gallery could be backed up.  We will be soliciting you to supply a photo for the new Aural Moon Rogues Gallery.


A minor change was made to the Aural Moon What's Playing Now section of the web page. Artists are now depcited in a light steel-blue color.  This change was implemented to help those using handheld devices to better see the artist name as well as to help the diminutive sighted in our aging progressive rock listening community.

ADDENDUM : 24-SEP-2009

A minor change was made to the authenticator code for the secure streams.  Closing the Aural Moon forum affected the authorization module and prevented listeners using the secure patron streams from authenticating and connecting.


As a result of the fruits of laboring on Labor Day, the Aural Moon web site's LMLU's library lookup now maintains the album year.  The Year, however, is not a sortable item like the Artist Name and Album Title columns.

ADDENDUM : 30-AUG-2009

Real-time listener counts have been added to the What's Playing header.  Not only are these stats now shown in real-time but the stats are being shown in real-time for each of the Aural Moon streams!  A special modicum of gratitude is owed to JamForte.  He created the IceCast PHP class library employed in this.

Why this change? The old value was obtained from SAM. SAM reported the listener count current when the track was queued. During the Saturday evening airing of The Gagliarchives, in particular, this count is not accurate for the long duration of the track. Therefore, to better reflect ilstener listening habits, the listener count is now obtained in real-time from the Shoutcast and Icecast servers at the station. In addition, the counts of listeners on each of the streams provided allows for an at-a-glance look-see at stream utilization.

ADDENDUM : 26-AUG-2009

Corrected the handling of extended character sets in the Aural Moon web site's LMLU's library lookups. Also, amended the Latest Forum Posts module to handle extended character sets.  No more � showing in the display.

ADDENDUM : 27-JUL-2009

The Aural Moon web site would render a white block while <iframe>s (e.g. WPN, LMLU and AM Time) would refresh.  A minor change to the <iframe> tag's css style and the application of a onload() event has corrected this onerous white flash.

ADDENDUM : 10-JUN-2009

The Aural Moon web site's default character set encoding has been changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. This will further the i18n of the Aural Moon web community.  If you find a problem, please report it ASAP.


The Playlist & Requests search features updated  5-Jun-2009 contained a behavior that was not in keeping with how users were using the laylist & Requests search in the past.  The code has been modified to restore this behavior. 


The Playlist & Requests search features have been updated yet again. Now, when selecting to search within Airplay, the search criteria will display a selection of the compare operations; you need only supply the value.


The Playlist & Requests feature of the Aural Moon web site has been updated yet again. It is now cookie driven in that your search display count will be retained for subsequent searches. This cookie will survive logout from the web site.

ADDENDUM : 12-APR-2009

Added artist, album and track totals to the Latest Music Library Update (LMLU) module.

ADDENDUM : 15-MAR-2009

The Aural Moon web site was down for backup.  The domain was forwarded to another server via a router configuration announcing that the system was down for backup.  The Aural Moon web server was down for less than two (2) hours to perform backup. During this time, the server was also unracked.  Vacuum and compressed air were used to clean the server.

The server was taken down at 18:00 EDT and it was back on-line by 20:00!


The Aural Moon web page has a beautiful new graphic feature compliments of our own Thor.  The tired oldListen To  graphic has been replaced with Thor's artistry giving the site a nicer and brighter look.  Please give him your kudos for this new addition to the web site.


Several new BBCODES have been added to the Aural Moon shout box.  Have fun but do no abuse them or they will be removed.

ADDENDUM : 26-FEB-2009

A new module has been written for the main page of Aural Moon.  This module can be found under the heading of Community (or Com-moon-ityand it depicts the countries of all registered and visiting (guest) moonies.  The presnet count is 83 -- just under 1/2 of the world's countries.

ADDENDUM : 20-FEB-2009

Fixed a problem reported with the peel-off Now Playing window in some browsers -- namely Firefox & IE.

ADDENDUM : 17-FEB-2009

The Who's Online module has been fixed and augmented.  Guests on the site will now display with their IP addresses.  There is another feature in the works for Who's Online.


The country of origin is now displayed with the user's name or guest's IP in Who's Online. If you are unfamiliar with a country's flag graphic, mouseover the graphic and it will detail the country by name.


New functionality added to requests.  In the past, if you tried to request a track within 60 minutes of a prior request, you would received an error popup telling you that your request is too soon after your prior request.  The popup now tells you when you made that previous request and how long you will need to wait to make another.


After some very nasty unpleasantness perpetrated upon the web site by a script kiddie in Jakarta, I was asked to modify the shout box.  Usernames appearing in the shout box now link to the user's profile page.  This will effect getting better acquainted with the user as well as contacting the user via PM, email or other contact avenues the user may have specified.


A few more icons. for album release year and for track time.

In addition to this, the [help] link in the shout box has also been replaced with the icons and on mouseover. The header of the shout box has also been aligned.  Doesn't this all look much nice?


Just some new icons for the [buy] , [home] and [info] links.

ADDENDUM : 26-DEC-2008

Christmas Day I found the new Cisco router hung.  I reloaded it and looked through the SYSLOG.  There was a memory allocation error in the IOS ARP process.


I think I've got it.  It took several router reloads but, since the web site access was pretty quiet, I don't think anybody really even noticed the brief reload interruptions.

ADDENDUM : 24-DEC-2008

The elements of the playing history have been better aligned for viewing of previously played tracks when scrolling back.  Also, to keep everything aligned when long artist names, track titles, or album titles appear in the ON THE AIR, a marquee effect has been implemented.  I don't care if you don't like it.  If you have a better suggestion for the limited web page real estate, I'm open to suggestions.

ADDENDUM : 19-DEC-2008

IT IS DONE!  Not only has the AURAL MOON web site moved to its new home in cyberspace but everything here in the VAXcave has been moved off of the old T1 circuit and router.

In addition, you may or may not have noticed that the twice daily reboots have ceased!!!  The new Cisco  router has four (4) new ethernet interfaces which seem to handle negotiation of the ethernet speed and duplex with the Aural Moon web server -- the root of the problem causing the requirement of the periodic reboots in the past.

ADDENDUM : 17-DEC-2008

AURAL MOON web site has now been moved to its new home in cyberspace.  The new IP address for AURAL MOON is  The zone information has been changed and it is slowly propagating around the world.

ADDENDUM : 06-DEC-2008

AURAL MOON web site has now been down (along with my entire internet presence) for 2 days.

FWIW, I have been a customer of the current ISP for 10+ years and still, whenever there is a network outage, Verizon refuses to dispatch repair in a timely fashion.  For this privilege, I have paid in excess of $600/month. 


Come Monday, I will have a new internet connection provider.  Not only will Verizon be out of the loop (no puns intended) but the internet connection will be 30Mbps!  This is significantly greater bandwidth than I was afforded with the T1 loop (which is 1.544Mbps).

In addition, I will NOT be bound to any contract for service requiring me to be indentured to this provider for multiple years.Therefore, if there is a problem and I am not happy with the resolution, I will not be bound by any contract terms to grin and bear it!

This new connection will NOT rely on phone company copper either!  It will be on fiber-optic.

With this new bandwidth, I will be able to add some more features to the web site which, on the T1, would have taxed it rather severely.  I know you all miss your favorite analog to Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park.  Rest assured that I am doing everything possible to restore service so that your Shout Box opinions can trump mine.

Verizon SUCKS!

ADDENDUM : 24-NOV-2008

The Playlist & Requests feature of the Aural Moon web site has been updated yet again.  I have added the capability for you to sort the results of your searches.  

ADDENDUM : 23-NOV-2008

Added color to requested track informration on the Aural Moon web page.  Now, besides being depicted with italicized (oblique) font, the request will also display in gold.

ADDENDUM : 22-NOV-2008 

The Playlist & Requests feature of the Aural Moon web site has been updated to contain the play count of tracks in the library.  The play count will be shown in parentheses after the track time.  We hope that this new feature will help to guide you when making future requests.


The search feature of Playlist & Requests has been augmented to allow the specification of Airplay.  You can now search the Aural Moon library based on play counts.  To do this, select Airplay from the selector bar and specify the count criteria as follows:

  • < :: less than
  • > :: more than
  • = :: equal to
  • <= :: less than or equal to
  • >= :: more than or equal to

As an example, to find some of the most often played songs on Aural Moon, enter: >=150 which should be read as:  Search for more than or equal to 150 within Airplay

Do NOT put SPACES in your search string criteria when using the Airplay count feature.


I have also corrected a problem with the Joomla module that was handling the display of the latest forum posts. Special characters, if used, were not being decoded from their HTML entity encoding as stored in the forum database.


ADDENDUM : 20-NOV-2008 


The ON THE AIR component of the play history header has been amended to show the number of times that a track has played on the moon and when the track playing was added to the Aural Moon library.


ADDENDUM : 27-MAR-2008


In keeping with web site feature parallelism, I have modified the [Now Playing] tab functionality. It will will peel off a window of the Now Playing information, Dedication and History sections, and close the window on the main page.

You can restore the shout box to themain page by refreshing your browser window.

Please, please,please do not maintain multiple  Now Playing instances on your computer. This consumes the bandwidth available to other moonies.  Thank you.


I have also fixed the links which return you to the main page from the Aural Moon forum. Regardless of whether or not you've opened the forum in a frame or the existing browser window, you will now be returned properly when you click on the header or the link at the bottom of the forum page. 

ADDENDUM : 25-MAR-2008 

There have, in the past, been requests to add a feature to divorce the shout box from the main page of the web site. There have been many arguemnts for and reasons why it would be a good idea, and I concurred with all. It took some time to get to it but I have finally implemented this feature.

You can now peel the shout box from the main page and have it placed into its own window. You do this by SHIFT and DOUBLE-CLICK anywhere within the framework of the shout box.  When you do this, the shout box on the main page will disappear. You can restore the shout box to the main page by refreshing your browser window.

Please, please, please do not maintain multiple shout box instances on your computer. This consumes the bandwidth available to other moonies.  Thank you.

ADDENDUM : 17-FEB-2008 

I have made some changes to the look/feel of the web site. The one that may be disconcerting is that the shout box textarea is now white text on a blue background. I am working on code which will allow you to have the old black on white area if you so desire. Please bear with me for a day or so until I get the time to code this change. Who knows, mybe you'll find you like the white on blue after all.


If you prefer the White on Black, the previous appearance in the shout box text box, please let me (VAXman) know and I can setup your account to restore the old behavour.

ADDENDUM : 30-AUG-2007
The T1 service for Aural Moon's web server was change today from aFrame Relay circuit to a direct HDLC loop connected directly to the upsteam service provider.

ADDENDUM : 14-JUN-2007 
Several more new features have been added to the web site. 
Users have asked for a way to view a longer history of tracks which have played. Now you can! I have added a scroller feature to the Recently Played section of the web page. Using this scroller, you can view the last 24 hours of Aural Moon programming. The Time columnhas also been changed. It no longer displays the duration of a track. It now displays the time when the track was played.
In addition, I have also modified the Dedicationsection of the web page. If the dedication text is extensive, ascroller bar will appear to assist you in reading the dedication. Ihave also changed some of the font styling to make it match otherelements in the heading.
I hope that you enjoy the new features.  Look for more new features in the coming weeks!

ADDENDUM : 27-MAY-2007
I have added a clock to the Aural Moon web site main page. Thiswasrequested by a user in Europe confused by schedule times whichareposted based on E*T time zone. The clock that is displayed isthetime in the web server's local time zone. This should assist listeners with planning their listening schedule. 

I have made changes to the web site to thwart rogue commentary on posted news.

News will remain publicly readable! Requiring a login to readnews would be a disservice to the community.  However, the ability to read and, more importantly, write comments will henceforth require a login. I have not changed any of the underlying form code to enforce thesupplied name provided when posting comments. I truly hope that thatdecision will not need to be revisited in the future.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 October 2016 )
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