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Saturday, 15 July 2006

Do you represent a musician or label and want to submit your music for airplay?

Contact: jimkbrennan AT gmail DOT com


Do you have a station ID or a promo sound-byte you would like to have aired on the radio?

Contact: jamforte AT btconnect DOT com


Do you have a progressive news worthy item or concert information to share with our community?

Contact: post AT peterpower DOT dk 


Do you have a problem with or do you have a question (please, read the FAQ first) about the web site? 

Contact: VAXman AT tmesis DOT com

Please place [PASS:VAXman]  (that's open square bracket,
Please place [PASS:VAXman]  (that's open square bracket,
uppercase PASScolon, uppercase VAX, lowercase man, and
close square bracketexactly as is shown in bold text in your
email's subject field to insure that your message is passed
through the anti-SPAM filters.


We, the staff of Aural Moon, apologize for not providing you with direct and clickable links to the staff.  Due to the abuses of the Aural Moon email server in the past by rogues on the internet, we have disabled the auralmoon.com domain email server. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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