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Galahad update & DVD Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 September 2006
Galahad drummer Spencer Luckman will be rounding off 2006 with a week on the road around Europe as the band take in a short tour in support of a new DVD release "Resonance - Live in Poland". It's a tour Spencer is extremely glad to be on.

In April this year Spencer was taken ill after collapsing; Doctors initially thought he may have Multiple Scoliosis or Epilepsy. These conditions were ruled out and Spencer was confirmed as suffering from a brain tumour which needed immediate removal. His operation was delayed slightly to allow him time to travel to Poland to play in Katowice. Galahad's performance supporting Pendragon is to be released shortly on DVD. .........continued below:
Upon returning to the UK Spencer underwent surgery (while fully awake!) in early June to remove the tumour and he required a short amount of physiotherapy to assist him in learning to walk again. The tumour was confirmed as cancerous and Spencer then underwent 6 weeks of radio therapy.

In July Galahad recommenced rehearsals to allow Spencer to get the feel for drumming again. Since then he has made steady progress behind the kit and is almost back to full strength. Spencer commented "having suffered paralysis in my left side after the operation, I had to relearn how to play the drums and relearn all the Galahad songs, it's not been easy!" Preparation for the tour continues and the band are now putting the finishing touches to the live set with their first date being at the Classic Rock Society in Rotherham on Saturday 11 November.

Lead vocalist Stu Nichcolson added "Spencer has gone through something which is unimaginable for the rest of us, he's done really well to come back from it like this. We can't wait to get out on the road, and we're only too glad that Spencer is with us".

Spencer and the band would like to thank all of the medical staff at Southampton General and Poole Hospitals involved in Spencer's case, as well as our fans across the globe for their support during this testing time, but as we always say:

It's only a matter of going!


GALAHAD Resonance - Live in Poland
This is the first DVD of Galahad - one of the most important bands on the world's progressive scene and the unquestionable icon of the 80s new wave of prog rock – will be finally released on 2nd October. The band has cult following in Poland, Italy, Japan, Holland, Belgium and other countries. They played numerous gigs and tours, sharing stages with other prog giants such as Pallas, Magnum, Ray Wilson, Pendragon or IQ.

The material for DVD entitled “Resonance – Live In Poland” was recorded live on 22nd May 2006 in Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice (Poland) when Galahad supported Pendragon during their European “Believe 2006” tour. Tracklist based mostly on Galahad's forthcoming, eagerly awaited full-length album "Empires Never Last", but the band performed also "Sleepers" and "Bug Eye" from their older records, as well as compositions from their last studio album “Year Zero”. This classic collector's item, also includes: - animated menu, “Five Go Mad in Poland - An Exclusive Galahad Rockumentary”, interview with Stuart Nicholson and Roy Keyworth, “A Fans Perspective” - interview with Artur Chachlowski, photo gallery, biography, discography, desktop images etc. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. “Resonance – Live in Poland” will be released also in limited DVD+CD edition. Full tracklists of both editions below.

Intro: Montagues and Capulets (Prokofiev)
1. I Could Be God
2. Year Zero (Parts 1 to 4)
I. Yearzeroverture
II. Belt Up
III. Ever the Optimist
IV. The Charlotte Suite
3. Bug Eye
4. Sidewinder
5. Sleepers
6. Empires Never Last
7. Termination
8. This Life Could Be My Last..

Additional Audio tracks:
1. Termination (Sequenced Instrumental Demo)
2. This Is Where I Come From (From ENL Sessions)
3. Empires Never Last - Part 2 (From ENL Sessions)
4. Wagging Tongues (From ENL Sessions)
5. Spineless (From ENL Sessions)
6. Sidewinder (Early Studio Demo)
7. The Pleasure House (Original Version)

CD (available only on MMP DVD 0088 limited swing case edition)

Intro: Montagues and Capulets (Prokofiev)
1. I Could Be God
2. Year Zero (Parts 1 to 4)
I. Yearzeroverture
II. Belt Up
III. Ever the Optimist
IV. The Charlotte Suite
3. Sidewinder
4. Sleepers
5. Empires Never Last
6. Termination
7. This Life Could Be My Last…

Galahad will be touring Europe in the UK in November - details look under concert dates !!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 September 2006 )
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