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Mostly Autumn update album Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 05 November 2006

Updates from Mostly Autumns website on the work on their new album "Heart Full of Sky" - 


Heart Full of Sky – Update 8 – A

nother Special Guest 11/1/2006

More great news! We can now confirm that Anne-Marie Helder will be appearing as a special guest on ‘Heart Full of Sky’, joining Angela and Olivia in the studio to add additional vocals. Anne-Marie is a long standing friend of the band and they are absolutely delighted that she will be contributing. In the meantime, Andrew Jennings’ drumming sessions have been going really well since he entered the studio this week, his playing really helping to lift the songs to an even higher level.

More see below:






Heart Full of Sky – Update 7 – Special Guests and More Song Details
The band has now had a full week in Chapel Studios, having relocated from Fairview, and a highly productive week it has been too. Seriously work has now commenced on recording vocals, taking full advantage of Chapel’s fantastic facilities. Earlier in the week Heather put down her vocal on a track called Gaze and last weekend was a hive of activity on the vocal front too. Bryan laid down his vocals on what will almost certainly be the opening track, ‘Fading Colours’. Wait until you hear this one – Bryan’s vocals are quite unlike anything he’s ever sung before and are sure to raise a few eyebrows! Actually the whole track will raise eyebrows as it’s developing into a truly dramatic epic that will open the album in style.

Bryan also recorded his vocals on what is provisionally named ‘Open Road’, a track that is destined to become a Mostly Autumn classic. On Sunday Heather added some truly beautiful harmonies on top of Bryan’s vocals and more vocals will be added this week. This song has it all! A medium-paced number, it is nevertheless very sad in its subject matter. The chorus is one of those “once heard, never forgotten” ones that sticks in your head even after a single listen. This will be a truly magical Mostly Autumn number.

Another number that’s developing really well is ‘Walk with a Storm”, which features all sorts of wonderful instrumentation and tempo changes. This one will be a real belter!

It hasn’t all been vocal work though, as additional guitar and keyboard parts continue to be added. These include some superb Hammond organ parts from guest Hammond organ player David “Munch” Moore (ex –No Dice, who toured in the past supporting Deep Purple), who features on at least two tracks and may contribute to a third.

The next couple of weeks will see two more very special guests come into record their contributions. The first is, of course, Troy Donockley – well, no surprises there! Troy will be adding his Uilleann pipes as only he can. The second is legendary Steeleye Span fiddle player, Peter Knight. Anyone familiar with Steeleye Span’s work will know what an amazing talent he is, so his contributions are bound to take the numbers he features on to new places!

We are also able to bring you provisional titles for the 20 tracks that will probably form the double album. These are not in order (although Fading Colours is 99% certain to be the opener) as this is yet to be finalised. Some of the titles may well change too, so with those caveats in place the songs titles are:

• Fading Colours
• Gaze
• Ghost
• Walk With a Storm
• Find the Sun
• Science & Machinery
• Half a World
• Broken
• Silver Glass
• Broken – Part 2
• Dreaming
• Open Road
• Bright Green
• Yellow Time
• Little White Wine
• Pocket Watch
• Blue Light
• Rhythm of Life
• Broken Soldier
• Softer Than Brown

This coming week will continue to focus strongly on vocals but also drums, as Andrew Jennings will be bringing his touch of magic and power into the studio.

Finally, there are a few new photos, taken at Chapel Studios, which can be found by scrolling down this page. Oh, and of course we’ll have another update for you before too long!

Heart Full of Sky – Update 6
The album is now truly beginning to take shape, with the basic structures of 17 tracks recorded so far. While nothing has been finalised yet, there is now enough material for the band to start seriously thinking about which tracks should be on each of the two CDs, although with so much choice and variety that’s going to be a tricky task!

The band has now transferred to Chapel Studios, where the focus will now be on recording the vocals. Additional instrumentation is also being recorded at Chapel and some further work will also take place in Fairview Studios at the same time. So all in all it’s going to be a pretty hectic and intensive time over the next few weeks!

It’s still a little early to go into great detail about the tracks but just wait until you hear “Dreaming”. This must be the best riff in years! It’s one of those instantly memorable, classic yet simple riffs that’s so good you wonder why on earth nobody’s come up with it before! However, there will be far more to the album than heavy riffs, as there are plenty of quieter, reflective moments too. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that this album is steeped to its very core in atmosphere and feeling.

There’ll be more information soon, so keep checking back!

Heart Full of Sky – Update 5
The band is now about halfway through recording the album. About 15 or so basic tracks have been laid down and the remainder will be done over the next few days ready. Once this is done, all the basic tracks will be transferred to Chapel Studios, where work on all the vocals will start. It was originally intended that the band would already be in Chapel by now but another project there has overrun, resulting in the band extending their time at Fairview. As it happens, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the work has been progressing so well there that an extra couple of weeks has proved something of a blessing in disguise!

Nevertheless, the pace and intensity is now starting to pick up and it’s even possible that both studios may be used in tandem for a while, to give the different members the best environment and space to record their various contributions.

The audio interviews with Heather and then with Bryan have been well received so we’re please to say that Chris Johnson was kind enough to sit down and give his thoughts on the album, and indeed on his role in Mostly Autumn. Watch out for this on the website soon.

Rumours that the next audio interview will be by The Judge on how to eat fish & chips and change guitar strings at the same time have been widely exaggerated and are completely untrue!

Heart Full of Sky – Update 4
Last week was essentially a continuation of the previous week in the studio, with more keyboards and guitars being recorded, and ideas continuing to be developed. Bryan was in the studio all week (no rest for the wicked!), and so was Heather for most of the week except for Friday when she and Angela (who was also in the studio for the first time with this album) had the small matter of an Odin Dragonfly gig to contend with! Chris Johnson also spent a fair amount of time at Fairview, bringing some of his ideas to the party. So all in all it was a busy old week!

We won’t go into too much detail with this update as Bryan was kind enough to find time in his hectic schedule to record an interview, which will be posted on this site in the next couple of days.







Heart Full of Sky – Update 3 – The Songs
As we mentioned in our first update, all the songs for the new album have been written and are ready to record. In fact recording has begun on 4 or 5 tracks, so we thought it would be nice to share what we can about some of the new numbers.

Most of the songs have been written by Heather and Bryan, although it is certainly possible that songs from some of the other band members may also be included. In fact it is highly likely that some of Chris Johnson’s compositions will be featured, although it is not yet certain whether these will be on the first or second CD.

Most of the song titles are still working titles at this stage, so they may well change between now and the release of the album. However, one title that won’t change is one of Heather’s called “Half a World”. The other confirmed title is (hardly surprisingly!!!) “Heart Full of Sky”.

Other working titles are “The Open Road”, “Broken” and “Find the Sun”. The later is a dark, brooding track, full of atmosphere. The demo of this particular track shows that the band has taken yet another step forward. Even without any vocals or lead guitar on it, the sense of drama is quite incredible, the track evolving with myriad textures, almost painting a vast aural landscape. Certainly from the demo, it’s not possible to compare it to any previous track the band has recorded, yet it is distinctively Mostly Autumn. One thing’s for sure – it certainly sent a shiver down the spine of this writer when first heard!

Quite a bit of work has been done on the as yet unnamed opening track, with Bryan spending last Friday laying down the basic rhythm guitar parts on a Gibson Les Paul. Liam has also recorded some slide guitar for this particular number. We can’t tell you too much at the moment, mainly because it will evolve as more parts are recorded, but it will certainly announce the album in style.

The written word, however, cannot convey the passion, enthusiasm and focus that the band members have for this album. We delighted therefore that within the next day or so we will have an interview with Heather available to hear on this website, so keep checking back!

Heart Full of Sky – Update 2 – The Album

In our first update we promised to talk a little bit about some of the songs on “Heart Full of Sky”. However, on reflection we’ll save that for the third update as we think it would make more sense to first tell you a little about the album as a whole.

With this being the band’s first independent album, and the fact that the limited edition with consist of 2 CDs, it is certainly going to give the band scope to stretch their wings and explore different ideas. It hasn’t been consciously written to evolve in any particular direction, but is described by the band as being quirky in parts (in the sense that some early/mid 70s Bowie material is), and being dark, mysterious and haunting in its concept. The album is going to heavy in places (both musically and in its subject matter) and yet will also be melodic, having what Heather describes as “moments of sun through the clouds”. One thing is for certain, it will not be possible to listen to this album without being moved or stirred. Even at this earlier stage some of the demos of the new songs make this very apparent!

It will also be a very diverse album, as say for example, that the Beatles “White Album” is – that is in terms of variety and scope rather than in any musical similarities. Quite how this will pan out between the two CDs cannot really be decided until everything has been recorded and mixed. However, it is likely that the more experimental tracks will appear on the second CD.

In terms of sound, we can expect some differences too, not least because as well as using his trusty Fender Stratocaster, Bryan will also be using a Gibson Les Paul for some of the guitar parts. He will also be using a pair of Cornford amplifiers (hand-built boutique valve amps) alongside his more usual Marshalls to give a broader range of guitar sounds. In fact you can see Bryan using this gear in the photos of the pre-production on this page.

Finally, it’s also possible that some guest musicians will be featured, although cannot be confirmed at present due to schedules etc. One thing’s for sure though – it’s going to be a cracking album!

Heart Full of Sky - Update 1 - The Schedule

Monday 11 September sees the band enter Fairview Studios to begin recording their next album, “Heart Full Of Sky”. This will be the second of three stages in the creation of the album.

Stage 1, the pre-production was completed last week. This was effectively the planning stage, in which demo versions of the new songs were recorded, provisional arrangements worked out and various ideas experimented with. As you can see from these photos, Heather and Bryan have been hard at work (in between copious cups of tea and coffee!).

The aim has been to have everything as prepared as possible in advance so that the band can concentrate on getting the best performance in the studio. That said, things aren’t over-prepared either, as they have a habit of developing further once recording is underway!

Stage 2 takes place at Fairview Studios, where the band recorded most of their albums apart from “Storms Over Still Waters.”. The band have chosen this because of its relaxing atmosphere, the familiarity of the studio with their music and its overall good vibe. The majority of the guitars, bass and keyboard parts will be recorded here.

The band will then transfer to Chapel Studios for the third and final stage. This is where ”Storms” was recorded and it is here that Andrew Jennings will be taking advantage of Chapel’s fantastic acoustics to put down the drums for the album. All the vocals will also be recorded here, as will any final guitar and keyboard parts. The band will then stay in Chapel to take advantage of its excellent state-of-the-art technical facilities to mix the album before it goes off for mastering and pressing.

In the next update we will telling you a bit about some of the songs, the sounds and the overall feel of the album, so make sure you keep checking back regularly and join us on this "Journey to The Heart"!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 November 2006 )
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