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Home arrow FAQ arrow Aural Moon Web Site arrow Q: How do I interpret the Listener counts?
Q: How do I interpret the Listener counts?

A: Aural Moon provides its listeners with several listener stream format alternatives. Two are non-patron (public) stream formats and three are patron (private) stream formats.

Non-Patron (Public) Stream Formats:

  1. 24k MP3
  2. 56k MP3

The Patron (Private) Stream Formats:

  1. 24k AACplus
  2. 96k AACplus
  3. 128k MP3

Presently, there are 2 relay URLs utilized for the non-patron stream and 3 relay URLs for the patron streams (2 non-secured relays which provide 128k MP3, and one secured relay which provides the 128k MP3 and the 2 AACplus streams). The statistics on the main web page are gathered and tabulated based upon the stream format; not per-relay.

The first value reflects the total number of listeners regardless of the stream format. The next is a set of values which represent the listeners on the 24k MP3, 56k MP3 and 128k MP3 streams, respectively.  This is shown in the display as: MP3: X•24k Y•56k Z•128k. The second set of values represents the listeners on the 24k AACplus and 96k AACplus streams, respectively. This is shown in the display as: AACplus: X•24k Y•96k.  The equivalent patron streams will be shown in green.

These values are collected in real-time when the WHAT'S PLAYING header is updated.  Prior to this, only the total listener count was display and it was not a real-time display. The value that used to be displayed was tabulated when the currently playing track was queue.  The statistic was not accurate during the remainder of the track. During long tracks and or shows being aired on Aural Moon, only the administrators were privy to the actual stream statistics. This change gives all listeners access to the information that was once administrator only.

During the original retransmission of The Gagliarchives on Aural Moon, the display will be post-fixed with: WBZC: X.  The is the listener count of listeners on the server at Burlington County College where The Gagliarchives program originates. This value is for informational purposes and it is not being computed into the total listener count.


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