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Home arrow News arrow Concert News arrow Moon Safari for Rosfest 2011
Moon Safari for Rosfest 2011 Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Tuesday, 14 December 2010
The RoSfest crowd is already acquainted with Swedish band Moon Safari, since their 2009 performance. That time, they blew the roof of the Keswick Theater (and afterwards, the tavern).
Call them a progressive band with pop influences, or a pop band with progressive influences. Either way, with their upbeat songwriting and vast melodic sense, Moon Safari has been blowing audiences minds since their debut album "A doorway to summer" released 2005.

That time, under the guidance of Tomas Bodin, the younglings sent a ripple through the prog community. Shouting from the rooftops in five part harmonies: "there are some new kids on the block". The progressive world heeded the call and "A doorway..." was acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

With the sophomore effort "Blomljud", released in 2008, the band had taken another step. With an array of influences from bands and artists like The Beatles, 10cc, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, IQ and Marillion mixed with 50's vocal groups like The Hi Lo's, Moon Safari once again made their mark on the community. This time it was more of a tsunami than a ripple.

The double album "Blomljud" was by many considered "Album of the year" and Moon Safari won an award at the Independent Music Awards for the song "In the countryside".

Following the success, Moon Safari played in front of ecstatic crowds at the Prog Resiste Convention in Belgium, both in 2008 and 2010. At the Symforce III-festival in Holland in 2009 and at Winter's End in England 2010.

As this is written, the third album "Lover's End" is being shipped to retailers all over the world, and in six months, Moon Safari will ship themselves over to Gettysburg to perform at RoSfest 2011. Tagging along for his first gig with Moon Safari is Pontus and Simon's youngest brother Sebastian. With him filling out the extensive keyboard- guitar- and vocal parts, Moon Safari will deliver a stronger performance than ever!

And as a side note: Last time around, guitarist Pontus Åkesson turned 23 while being on stage at the Keswick theater. This year drummer Tobias Lundgren turns 29 on May 20th.

There will be beer...

Moon Safari is:

Petter Sandström: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Johan Westerlund: Vocals and bass guitar
Simon Åkesson: Vocals and keyboards
Pontus Åkesson: Vocals and guitar
Tobias Lundgren: Vocals and drums
Sebastian Åkesson: Vocals, keyboards and guitar

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