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Aural Moon T-shirts & Order Form Print E-mail
Written by VAXman   
Friday, 04 May 2018

The first run of new Aural Moon T-shirts has been placed.   These will maintain the Aural Moon logo created by Thor.

This first run will be on dark burgndy colored 50%/50% T-shirts and first dibs on them will go to those attending ROSfest 2011.

AM T-shirt


This first order run will be for 40 shirts.  The sizes, quantity and prices are:

  • XXXL ... US $22.00
  • XXL ..... US $22.00
  • XL ....... US $20.00
  • L ......... US $20.00
  • M ........ US $20.00
  • S ......... US $20.00

You can order yours by clicking on this order-form link.

Depending on the number of shirt requests received, subsequent runs will  be produced.  Please be patient when you have ordered.  Depending upon the shirts in stock, subsequent production runs will be needed to satisfy order requests. 


Proceeds above and beyond recooperative costs will go to offset the costs to maintain and provided you with the Aural Moon experience.

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