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  • sharcnorris : Sleep yJyvrNz p
  • Ramon Porta : Nite y.ny
  • Ramon Porta : artw always have a happy hour ==ry kq_z fgbpprvvbnz _nfgnzow="fkur_rgga_v"bea"n".pb "gac0bffgfsyy/"vbfon/
  • sharcnorris : the other,,,Artiste =bk esn"b
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  • artw :
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  • Ramon Porta : How's the salrr pvleqizy-rnvnE?gh ?rz
  • sharcnorris : v_me""nbmv"b_s"_
  • Ramon Porta : Sharc take care with that. bhrna"r/h
  • VAXman : not sofsg!n! 1
  • sharcnorris :

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  • sharcnorris :

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    Home arrow News arrow Music News arrow Marillion
    Marillion Print E-mail
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Saturday, 14 December 2013
    Marillion To Release Christmas Single This Weekend Marillion will release a Christmas charity single on Sunday, complete with what they promise is a hilarious video.

    The launch of their version of Carol Of The Bells is a development of the band’s annual seasonal recording, which is normally made available to their fan club.

    Marillion tell Prog: “Every Christmas we give the members a free DVD or CD. This year’s offering included our cover of Carol Of The Bells – with a very amusing video to accompany it.

    “The fans demanded an MP3 download so we decided to release it as a single. All the profits from the single will go to charity. We just thought it would be a bit of fun.”

    You can hear Carol Of The Bells on this weekend’s edition of The Prog Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio. You’ll be able to purchase the single from Amazon and it will also be  available for pre-order via iTunes, and we’ll have the video on this website on Monday.
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