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    Home arrow News arrow Concert News arrow Riverside
    Riverside Print E-mail
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Tuesday, 31 December 2013
    RIVERSIDE: More Tour Dates Announced for the UK & Europe Poland’s prog masters Riverside continue to promote their latest, much acclaimed album “Shrine of New Generation Slaves”, which was released at the beginning of this year via InsideOutMusic. Next to their previously announced appearance at …the Progressive Nation At Sea Cruise, RIVERSIDE have now announced a next run of headlining dates in the UK and Europe as follows:
    RIVERSIDE – New Generation Tour 2014:
    01.04.2014 Reichenbach (D) – Bergkeller
    02.04.2014 Hannover (D) – Musikzentrum
    04.04.2014 London (UK) – O2 Academy Islington
    05.04.2014 Liverpool (UK) – O2 Academy 2
    06.04.2014 Manchester (UK) – Academy 3
    07.04.2014 Bilston (UK) – The Robin 2
    08.04.2014 Bristol (UK) – The Fleece
    10.04.2014 Edinburgh (SCOT) – The Liquid Room
    12.04.2014 Colmar (F) – Le Grillen
    13.04.2014 Essen (D) – Turock
    14.04.2014 Heerlen (NL) – LIMBURGzaal
    15.04.2014 Zoetermeer (NL) – De Boerderij
    16.04.2014 Aschaffenburg (D) – Colos-Saal
    23.04.2014 Gdańsk (PL) – B90
    24.04.2014 Poznań (PL) – Eskulap
    25.04.2014 Kraków (PL) – Studio
    26.04.2014 Warszawa (PL) – Progresja Music Zone
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