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Written by RogorMortis   
Monday, 20 January 2014
Livedates 2014 so far New livedates for 2014.

25      HOL Sneek Het Bolwerk

21      UK Pwliheli Hard Rock Hell Fest
22      UK Frome Cheese & Grain

05      HOL Alkmaar Bevrijdings Festival
07      UK Milton Keynes The Stables
09      UK Derby Flower Pot
10      UK Wimborne Tivoli Theatre
11      UK Fletching Trading Boundaries
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  • Avian : Hey Fish. whnrgqrqrga flu u o'jragny ?r
  • TheFish : why hasn't that been deleted? "f
  • Avian : good maebtav
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  • Ramon Porta : Good morning.Bon dia f5.sea yapv qca pvvre acbeynzfbnvBcnkgfFbv vynrvbrnhar. ge
  • mariocc : sure &nbsnl!h gbac au ;qxn
  • mariocc : have a vubqg tabt
  • artw : have a sv rszbtvenc ng!
  • mariocc : oki amigo,,maybe I could say gfhftrotp,bgqranuf evlbrnrr sbeg,evz y grb n r,zbbabvjl rsqe u vf iahga bGr rb!e
  • artw : not a big genessnvh ayPsvr gsrg y o bghfvfaufxy
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  • mariocc : and very evoprzbgnvbg slbf gr ei rf nlu
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