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Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 14 February 2014
Robert John Godfrey ‘Not Fearful’ Of Alzheimer’s

The Enid mastermind Robert John Godfrey has confirmed he’s “not fearful” of dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, after revealing last year he’d been diagnosed with the condition.

He’s planning to stop appearing on stage with the band in the near future – but he’s not ending his creative career.

The band turned heads at last year’s inaugural HRH Prog festival with their new line-up, featuring frontman Joe “I’ve Been Naughty” Payne. That following the release of Invicta, their first album with the 24-year-old vocalist.

Later in 2013 Godfrey revealed his diagnosis to Prog‘s sister magazine Classic Rock, saying: “A point will come when it won’t be a voluntary decision for me, it’ll be a compulsory one. I’m going to try and provide the means for this band to have a life without any involvement from me. If they want to carry on with it, they can; and if they don’t want to they don’t have to.”

Now the veteran prog musician tells the BBC: “I’m not fearful of the future – I’ve made the decision to retire and I’m looking to stop participating on stage as soon as possible.

“I’ve still got all my marbles, but I’m not as fluent in marshalling my thoughts or remembering names and places.”

Godfrey adds: “Creatively, it’s unlikely I’ll have problems with my ability to play until the very end. I’m hopeful I’m not somebody who will descend into frustration and anger and start throwing things.

“I hope I’ll just gradually sink in to childhood and be a happy little thing – but there’s no way of knowing how this is going to pan out.”

An Alzheimer’s Society spokesman tells the BBC: “While research has shown that dementia is the most feared condition for people over 50, it is possible to live well with it. A timely diagnosis is vital as it opens the door to support, information and potential treatments. It also gives people the opportunity to plan for the future.”

The Enid are continuing work on the follow-up to Invicta. Last month they announced a limited-edition box set to tie in with the 40th anniversary of Godfrey’s formation of the band in 1973.

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