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IQ Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 14 February 2014
IQ IN THE STUDIO TO RECORD THE NEW ALBUM The new studio album, as yet untitled, is well under way at Aubitt studios, with a release date of May 3.

Paul Cook: “It's been 9 years since I recorded an Album with IQ. 
This sounds a long time but it seems like only yesterday to me. This gives fuel to my contention that Time is an illusion (lunch time doubly so)... So off to the world of Aubitt studio where Rob resides as lord of the Manor... we start off using his drum kit with my cymbals and my snare drum. With new heads on they all sound rather splendid and tonal.

The session gets under way. Everything feels good, and after a few takes we stop for tea and then more tea with a side order of cake, 
etc etc....will we ever get this Album done!

Each day starts at 9 or Ten and goes on to late evening stopping only for food and fodder. Some tracks go easily but the ones that we haven't had time to develop during rehearsals are quite frustrating for me, leading to an early Gin or two. Did I mention Gin? One of the benefits of Robs studio is the huge selection of Gins most of which I haven't heard of so of course we have to try them all.

We break for New Year which as I recall meant about a day and a half off. 
I sneak off to see my folks who live not too far away in the land of Sussex. Back to the studio 2nd January and on with the process of hitting things in a very small room - drumming that is... Eventually we finish and there's much rejoicing and drinking of Gin, as
 you can imagine.”
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